With Closed Eyes

It’s funny, one day your happily ignorant and the next day you find you were built to fall within an unspeakable nightmare. More so maybe you were not so ignorant you were just blind to what was right in front of your face.

One way or another however your eyes will be opened, whether it is on your deathbed or your shown the truth.

Ironically my eyes were opened with my ears. This story starts on the 21st of June of 2014. I was going to boarding school in Oklahoma. The name of this school was Oakhill Academy, it was simple brick with a Windows dotted about the building and was completed with three floors.

I had just walked into my home room and taken a seat by my group of friends, well there was only two of them but still, I’d have taken them over 10,000 Morgan Freemans.

“Hey there brotherman what’s the plan,” Jed said in his mild southern accent.

“Oh shut up with that nonsense, I mean honestly Jed we go over this all the time, ‘brother man’ is a stupid saying,” said Hannah in her strong British accent.

“All I’m saying here is if your daddy is so rich why and the hell did he pick a little bitty hick school,” Jed replied cheekily.

“My daddy is from here you damn ape,” Hannah said heatedly.

“Why London, he’s an okie why move in the first place,” Jed said smirking.

“He met my mum while he was on a vacation,” Hannah said.

“And he quit his job for a girl?” Jed said.

“That’s what you do when you find love,” I said pulling a deck of cards out of my pants pocket.

“Thank you Morris,” Hannah said looking at Jed in victory.

“Hey man le ma shuffle,” Jed said.

“Fine, no counting,” I said as I tossed him the cards.

“Seriously though we’re the hell are we hanging after school,” I said.

“Why not my flat, my parents are out,” Hannah said.

“For f**k sake Hannah they are called apartments here,” Jed said.

“Oh piss of,” Hannah said.


“He’s such a bigot about other countries honestly,” Hannah was saying as she opened up her apartment door.

“I’m right here!” Jed said in protest.

Her vacation apartment was honestly bigger then most small houses 2 beds 2 baths and a large kitchen with an equally large living room.

“How long are your parents gone,” I asked.

“Until tomorrow,” she said as she lit a cigarette.

“Ya know smoking before you hit 18 stunts your development,” I said.

“Piss off, and you know how you always say you don’t believe in ghosts?”

“Oh not this crap Hannah,” Jed said.

“Look, you said you would believe with hard proof, I’ve been timing this thing down to the second, and every night it sings a lullaby,” Hannah was shaking by now.

“S**t I was expecting small talk not ‘hey a ghost sings to me’,” I said.

“I want to confront it, and I was not going to alone,” Hannah said.

“What time does it sing?” I asked blinking water out of my eyes, which was an odd reaction to paranormal talk I had.

“In a few minutes, it’s very soft you have to be standing in my room to hear it.”

“You are so screwing with us Hannah,” Jed said.

“I wish,but I’m not and I’m scared Jed so can you either stop talking or not be a d**k for once,” Hannah said near tears.

We made our way to Hannah’s room, she stopped outside her door.

“Go if you want to, but after I clearly heard her I’ve been seeing more ghosts than just her-”

Hannah was cut off by a soft hum.

“Close your eyes, close your eyes for if they witness me this night I will make you an unwanted surprise,” it sang over and over.

I pushed past Hannah and opened her door, to find nothing.

“No Morris please,”Hannah said grabbing my arm.

“I said close your eyes,” it said.

“What are you.”


This times it was stern and at more than room level.

“Morris – Hannah stopped talking and it became so quiet I could hear her peeing herself.”

A hand rested on my right shoulder.

“As you wish,” a voice whispered in my ear.

I shut my eyes and kept them shut tight.

“Very good.”

“No no please-” it was Jed’s voice but it was cut off by the sound of his scream and then that stopped and all I could here was Hannah whimpering.

I opened my eyes and grabbed Hannah and started to drag her out of the room,but something had a hold of her, I saw only its hand, it’s wicked black hand holding onto her ankle so hard I heard her ankle snap.

“Morris! Please don’t let go,” Hannah said hysterical and in tears, the room smelled like blood and sweat and urine.

The thing yanked Hannah out of my grasp, past her door, and the door shut.

I stood in the hallway hearing her scream, and I was ashamed that I was too scared to go In the door.

Her screams turned into gurgling and I sat there with closed eyes.

  • Edz

    10,000 morgan freemans? 👀

    • Edz

      Sounds a little racist there pal

      • Nastalgicphsyco

        If you go out of your way to find racism, then it is you who is racist

        • Edz

          Lmbo how am i racist you make no sense… And further more its in plain sight… So yea you make no sense at all… Or shall i report it?

          • Nastalgicphsyco

            So if I mention a man of African descent, that’s racism? No you went out of your way to make a remark about racism when the definition does not apply to this, so report it if you must but it only shows you lack intelligence and don’t truly understand what racism is.

          • Nastalgicphsyco

            And furthermore more, it was compliment on Morgan Freemans character, saying it was a close match of would I rather meet 10,000 Morgan Freemans or have my closest friends, and if you mean racism is dropping all ties with your friends because Morgan Freeman is black, then again you lack basic intelligence and reasoning skills, I think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough today, so good bye.

          • Edz

            Embarrassed no not at all.. Your just to funny.. Your giving more and more evidence to report you… So keep going

          • Nastalgicphsyco

            I don’t care if you report me, you clearly don’t understand what racism is, and you act like it will do something, they will read it determine that it is not racist and in the end the only thing that will happen is that you failed, so ya do it I would simply love to mck you for your failure and stupidly.

          • Edz


          • Nastalgicphsyco

            We done here

    • Rebecca

      I don’t get it

      • Edz

        10,000 Morgan Freeman’s ( blacks )

        • Rebecca


          • Edz

            Thx for?

          • Rebecca

            For Telling me what 1,000 Morgan Freemans is

  • Scott Krotz

    Not bad, could have used a bit more build up though instead of straight to the point.

  • Kirah Peyton

    Ok, so why were y’all so focused on the Morgan Freeman part when that is only the beginning of the goddamn story!

    This was a great story. I really liked it. It got a little creepy at the end. At first I thought that Hannah was just bullshitting. But that thought turned around real quick.