Beware of The Laughing Man

When you hear his laugh, it will be the last thing you ever hear, before no one will ever find you again. Many people throughout history have encountered this entity. None has lived to tell the tale. I alone am the sole survivor and don’t know how much longer I can hide before it finds me, but if I am going to die, my story must be heard.

It started with a glass figurine. It was a glass clown I had picked up as an anniversary gift for my wife. Oh god why did I get that damn figurine… I found it in an antique store I passed by from time to time after work. The man in the store was very reluctant on selling it to me. He warned me that it had a cursed history behind it. I didn’t believe in curses, and ignored the warnings.

It had black sunken in eyes, a red nose, and a creepy outstretched smile that could make the hairs on your neck stand like spikes. My wife was an avid collector of antique clown figurines and this one by far, was the most unique I had ever seen. Needless to say she loved it, but that night… the maniacal laughing began. I thought it was in my head, until she heard it too.

I went downstairs to check it out, assuming someone was trying to rob my house. I heard her scream in bloody murder. I quickly ran upstairs to aid, but once I got there it was already too late… her body was torn in half, her torso on the bed blood and guts falling out of it, and her lower half was on the other side of the room with a trail of blood all over the walls and carpet as if it followed the separation of the bodies.

It had no eyes when it gazed upon me, a spine chilling shriek in its laughter, long spikes down its spine, skin that looked the same texture as leather, and a huge outstretched smile with two rows of razor-sharp teeth like a shark, and its skin color on its face, looked the same as a clown, but it wasn’t painted… it was apart of the skin which was pale white. He stood about 7 feet tall with a scrawny body, lengthy arms, and long massive claws at the end of its fingers.

I ran as fast as I could and drove thousands of miles away. Police have accused me of her murder, the FBI are even looking for me, but I loved my wife and would never have done that. Oh god… it’s too late. I can hear the laughing again… beware of the laughing man, I am the only survivor and witness, but no matter what he will… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

That was the end of the journal entry. Names have been hidden for the protection of the families of the deceased. The parts reading ‘HA’, were found written in the blood of the man who wrote this. They found his head ripped off and placed on his table with a huge smile carved on his face. His mouth stuffed with his own dismembered arm. The rest of his body was never located.

  • Koopicoolest

    Gore does not = scary

  • Twist

    You jumped into the action way too quick, not much of a backstory or leading up up to the main event. You could have added some strange events leading up to the the bloodbath like things going missing or movement in the night