The Outside World

I live in a small, countryside village in the middle of nowhere. In fact, our village is so small that only about two hundred people live here. The only thing that connects us to the outside world is a small train station and a poorly maintained dirt road. We rarely get news from civilization and TV doesn’t properly work here. So we usually talk about local news. Trains, by the way, only come about every 2 to 4 months.

However, I’ve noticed one thing about the trains. They’ve stopped coming. It’s been seven months since the last one came. I’ve asked one of my friends if he has noticed the same thing. And he has. The issue is actually getting kind of serious as our local grocery store (and pub – my friend joked -) is running out of supplies. Because of this, I planned a journey back to civilization.

I got into my car, started up the engine, and began driving to this small town (which was the closest to our village) called Rickmansworth. The journey was uneventful. But in a strange way. When I got to the M25 motorway, I didn’t see a single car. It was really weird. I thought there was going to be hundreds of cars, but not a single one popped into view.

When I finally arrived at Rickmansworth, there was no sign of human life. The streets were empty, the roads were empty, everything was empty. I stopped near this pub called The Halfway House to inspect my surroundings. But that’s when I noticed a woman looking out of her window. She looked both confused and terrified. I went over to her house and knocked on the door, before asking ‘Hello? Is anyone in there? I would like to ask some questions about what the ruddy hell is going on!’

But before I could start my second sentence, a blood curdling growl roared through the street. I looked into the direction of where the sound came from, and nearly screamed out of fear. There, was standing a person (or what was left of him) on the road. Dried blood covered him, while skin hung from his body, revealing bone and muscle. His eyes were missing, and his mouth was just a line going from one side of his face to the other. In that line, where hundreds of damaged looking teeth. Though the teeth did look damaged, they still looked like they could do serious amounts of damage.

I looked at the woman in the window. She mouthed the word: Run. And that’s what I did. I ran straight for my car, closing the car door violently behind me. Shoving my keys into the ignition, I went as fast as I could. Away from that thing.

But as I turned the corner, thousands of those things ran after my car. I was in such a hurry to get away from them, that I ran several over. But that didn’t seem to stop them. They just kept running. Though at least two that I had ran over were crawling to me.

But I wasn’t looking at the road, which was a bad decision. I crashed and flipped my car over. It took me a few seconds to realize what had just happened. I crawled out of my broken windshield, getting up quickly and began getting ready to run. But I smelled petrol. I carried an old Zippo lighter with me everywhere I went just because my friend was a smoker. I took it out and looked at my wrecked car and saw the oil spilling on to the road, while those things were getting close. I threw my Zippo lighter at the car, hoping it would explode.

I was thrown back by the explosion. And when I looked back, I saw those things on fire. But I couldn’t hear anything. Just a loud, annoying buzzing sound. Some guy opened his door and screamed at me to get in. Though I couldn’t hear him, I knew what he was saying.

I’ve stayed in his house for some time now. Those things are on the roads again. However, bodies still lay scattered from the explosion. Rotting. The guy told me what happened. Apparently, these things came from nowhere. They got everywhere. In London, Glasgow, everywhere. And that probably means my village as well.

  • Burlierbard

    Loved it do a sequel please!!! 5 stars

  • Shinjitha Narayanan

    Expected it to be a bit longer… Loved it tho…

  • Shogunate

    Please do a prequel.

  • Alissa Isley

    That user o-o

  • Nancy

    It seems like a snippet of what should be a longer story, but it is well written.

    • Daniel Di Benedetto

      I agree. It definitely could’ve led up to the climax more. Still, it was a good read, and was written well.