Arbatian Mental Institution Ch.13 Revenge

Lenny drops down as glass splinters into rainfall across the recreation room, clients scream as glass hits their bodies at various locations. Lenny rolls under a table and looks around the room nervously.

“What the hell just happened!” He looks around confused and scared.

Delkatov begins to run to the double door, he lunges forward shattering the doors into pieces. The bronze statues fall to the ground breaking apart into multiple fractures. Mrs.Cranston jumps up and locks her sights on the creature. He runs down the hallway ignoring her, the floor shakes as multiple demons come rushing in.

Dr.Arbatian sits in his office lighting a cigar as a light earthquake rumbles outside. He smiles and takes a puff. “So it’s time huh? Well, can’t live forever I suppose. I’m ready my old friend.”

Three creatures turn and jump the counter pouncing on Mrs.Cranston. Two hold her down while one breaks her ribs apart pulling them outwards as they snap like frail tree branches. It pulls her heart out and shoves it into her mouth violently digging it’s claws into her face, lacerating her mouth into a strew of raw ribbons.

In his office Dr.Arbatian takes one last taste of his cigar and exhales as his body forms into a pile of ashes.

In the recreation room Lenny starts to stand up when the doors break off the hinges. Creatures of unimaginable horror come flying in. Some crawling on the walls, few on the ceiling. One runs up to Kiel, its body morbidly obese. The skin seemed to be covered in oil or grease, its head was a blank mannequin.

The skin atop it’s head separates and widens while picking up Kiel and the wheelchair, large daggers for teeth slither out forming a mouth. He raises Kiel above and drops it. Its teeth start to grind and pulverize both Kiel and the wheelchair into a dilapidated mangle of meat and metal.

A pale thin creature grabs a girl screaming trying to run away, it pulls on her tangled hair peeling her scalp back. She falls down as the demon bores its hands into her eye sockets cracking her skull in into two broken halves. Staff and clients alike are ripped apart as the floor becomes a lake of blood, body parts and intestines splatter on the walls and floors.

One man staring at a teddy bear is devoured by a large beast, it bites down popping his spinal cord out of place. It rears back swallowing him whole. With the creatures belly being transparent, the man is seen dissolving through the stomach acid.

Lenny tries to run but his legs turn to jello, he falls to the ground and tries to crawl backwards. In the midst of all the creatures, one walks between them looking like a normal human, except for a tight laceration in it’s face. He walks towards Lenny as it opens up revealing a dark yellow eye.

Completely naked, it slithers fingers into the chest and pulls skin back. Exposing his insides, Lenny sees darkness in the hole. Pink veins shoot out wrapping around him He fights back gripping the vines but they burn his hands like acid, his hands sizzle while skin slides from them like melting cheese.

Quickly the veins burn into his body squeezing tighter, slowly breaking down layers of tissue and bone. He drops to his knees screaming. Falling sideways the veins begin to lure him into the void wrapping around him like a security blanket. Lenny shakes and twitches, the veins steadily getting tighter. Smoke and an unpleasant aroma of cooked meat linger from his withering body. Lenny’s right eye pops halfway out his skull as his body is slowly swallowed into the gap. The demon’s skin closes back up afterwards as Lenny’s fingers disappear into the slit making one last attempt to reach out.

Delkatov runs through the reception area on all fours, Nurse Penny gasps as he breaks the desk apart running through it. Her and the other staff flee down a hallway cornering themselves. One of them grabs a nearby staff like a shield as urine trickles down her calf.

Delkatov inhales a deep breath and exhumes heavy fumes of fire. The heat is so intense and swift that they melt and fuse together in a large puddle of forged burnt flesh and charred bone.

Two staff come out of Wing E after locking another patient up, after standing up from ducking under the board they freeze in fear. An array of demons run towards them. An eruption of blood and shards of bone flow from the frenzy of feeding monsters as they circle around whats left of the two bodies.

Other demons come running down the hallways ripping doors off the hinges and jumping in mauling the individuals. Lola sits in her room as the stink of death begins to linger in, she rubs her stomach as Delkatov rips her metal door off.

“I just don’t care anymore, I’m ready.” She says in-between tears.

Delkatov walks in lugging his heavy body, it then drops to one knee. In a hoarse voice it replies, “Princess Lola, we’ve come to save you.”

  • Ayemdee Music

    All that’s left is the finale!

    • Ray Ramirez

      About tp submit it, hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do

  • Amber Izer

    Fuuuuuuck! What a twist. I still can’t predict this story. I love it!

    • Ray Ramirez

      Just wait until the end! Lol

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    Very nice.

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      Thank you, better death for him than E wing huh?

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    I have chills. I am extremely sad about Kiel though. πŸ™

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      I know he all got the shaft

  • Brayden CSGO

    WHAT A TWIST! Probably my favorite 5 part+ creepy pasta series. I honestly hope this goes on into like the 30s or mid 20s! Good job, writer.

    • Ray Ramirez

      I wish it could but this wasn’t even supposed to last this long, this was kind of just a side series to show certain events leading up to the next series. Part 14 will be the end of this, I’m glad you like them though.

  • Aaron Garland

    I need morrreeeee!! Lmao

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      I’m on it lol

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    Yes, Lenny finally got what was coming to him! But poor Kiel….dammit it’s just so sad about him. Now I’m really dying to find out how it ends!

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      Find out by tomorrow πŸ™‚

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    More please

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      Last part should be posted by tomorrow, I submit it some hours ago

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    When this series ends I will have nothing left to read😣

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      Nonsense, plenty of amazing writers on this site. Bedtime and No end House are freaking awesome. If you’re interested in anything I have to post I have more stories and series I plan on submitting eventually. But thank you for liking my work πŸ™‚

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        I’ve read those and there not as amazing as this series can’t wait to read more from you

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          I’ll post more when I can, thank you for liking this so much!

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    need the rest… why cant i have an army or demons fighting for me 😢😢. anyway such a plot twist

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      Would be kool huh lol

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    What a fabulously gripping series. So well written and thought out. It’s dark, gothic, creepy and frightening, just perfect. A huge well done to the writer. I am so looking forward to more. Brilliant job.

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      Thank you for that, I appreciate it:)

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    YES! That was epic! I love this whole series. Part 13 though, WOW awesomeness!

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      Thank you! Glad you love it πŸ™‚

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      I started posting a prequel on here, it’s called AMI 2

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