The One


Kids generally don’t like going to bed for many different reasons. Whether it be a show or fear of the dark or simply don’t wanna sleep, there’s many different reasons but not for me. I have a truly horrific reason to not sleep. In order to actually understand, i have to start from the beginning. Back when i first met…him.
It started when i was but a young boy just moving from our old home to some place all the way in california. As a boy i never really made friends so it was just me and my imaginary friends. They each had their own voice and only i could see them, like every other imaginary friend. My dad worked late at some company and my mom was out a lot so it was always just me.
One night as i was tucked into bed, my mother kissed me goodnight and turned out the light. As she left the room, i heard a creak as if someone stepped onto the hardwood flooring outside of my room. I figured it was my father getting home from a late night’s work. Whats strange is that he never came into my room and I never heard any doors open. As i shrug it off, i turn over in my bed and slowly doze off.
I woke up sometime during the night, considering it was still dark out. It was purely silent all through the house when the sleep finally clears from my head. Out of nowhere I see something standing there, staring at me. It looks like a tall shadowy figure with what seems like white lights as eyes. I know this is a dream, it’s just gotta be. I quickly turn on my lamp on the nightstand and it just disappeared.
“I knew it”i tell myself, trying to get the strange feeling out of my system. I stay up the rest of the night, worried on if that was really a dream or not. The morning comes and I keep the strange dream hidden. It went as a casual day and for the next few nights, i never saw the figure. That all changed the night my father never came home.
That night I kept hearing voices, whispers that are just consistent and don’t make sense at all. I try to ignore it but the only thing I understood from them was “this is your fault”. It was late and my father never did come home so I just believed he was gonna work the rest of the night. I eventually fall asleep but was waken by a shrill.
It came from my parents room so it had to be my mother. I jumped, hoping this was just a nightmare and that it’ll end soon. The shrill stopped almost instantly. I was scared to see what happened so I just layed there. Frozen in fear yet my curiosity soon took over and I went to walk to the room.
I walked to the door and there was an unusual chill. I grabbed the doorknob and had a chill go down my spine. I slowly opened the door and turned on the light, what I saw was absolutely horrifying. My mother, or better yet what’s left of her, was cut and parts were missing. Her face however was the creepiest part, it was just a smile and happy eyes. It seemed as if she wanted this. I feel to my knees in the dark thick blood as I weep into my hands.
I guess my next door neighbors heard me and called the police because sure enough there was sirens around my front lawn and people rushing in. The next thing I know, I’m at the police station with a blanket wrapped around me. I must have blacked out because I don’t remember riding here at all. I see officers all around. I sit in silence until I start hearing the voices again. I screamed for them to be quiet and everyone in the building and stared right at me as if i was crazy.
That’s when i saw him, the shadowy figure from my dream but this was no dream. I saw him point at me and that’s when everything went still and everyone stopped as if time itself has froze. He slowly made his way towards me as I struggled to move. Once he got to me, he towered at least a foot over me. He bent down so his face was to mine and all i saw in his eyes were death, my mother and father, everyone i know and love just dead. He put his finger over my mouth and whispered into my ear “there’s no point in trying to fight, you’ll eventually join them”. As he faded away, a single voice went in my head and it said was “soon”.
It’s been 6 years since that day but i remember it like it was yesterday. I still occasionally hear the voices but they don’t talk as much. As for the shadowy figure, i still see him in my dreams and all he tells me is “one day, just not today”. I live with fear wondering when the day will come and it keeps me up for day upon days. I hope this message gets to someone because as bad as it is, the only way he told me to rid of him is to spread the message. Maybe now this will finally be over with but heed this message. He will come. He will kill. You must be ready.

  • dany

    So….i will dream it too?