The Missing Ones

“Come on, don’t be scared,” Samantha looked back and said.

I scoffed, “Why are we even here?”

“So you can grow some balls Kevin, maybe then you’ll treat a girl correctly,” Kelly muttered, walking past me.

“Someone’s jealous!” Samantha said, giving attitude as she grabbed my hand and tugged me inside.

I stepped through the doorway. The halls were echoing with each step we made on the shattered glass below our feet. I felt the cold air pass us, as we walked into the lobby of the prison.

Kelly started acting weird, “Isn’t this where Leroy worked?”

“Who?” Samantha and I asked as we looked at her.

“Leroy Semons? The missing janitor that worked here? He disappeared 7 years ago, right before they abandoned this place,” Kelly began expositing to us, it was strange she knew so much. Why would anyone research on The Eastern State Penitentiary? We kept walking, passing by several cells, kicking different poles and chains, before we began to feel an awkward draft rush past us. Kelly had stopped and picked up something in one of the rooms before Samantha pushed me against the wall.

“How about we ditch her… we could go and have our own fun in one of the cells…” she whispered in my ear.

“We co… what’s that?” I said, my voice shaking as I pointed down the hall, staring at an oddly placed shadow that showed just barely in the flickering light. She turned and I knew she had seen it too.

“Let’s go, now,” she said, rushing past me headed in the way we came, Kelly had came out and joined us in our escape. She didn’t question anything, she just helped us run. We passed by several rooms and cells. One of the rooms had remains of a corpse laid against the wall, a rusted knife next to them. I kept running, barely making good feet placement as I nearly tripped on several oddly placed benches.

“I don’t remember this…” I said, as we passed back several cells with ropes and chains scattered on the floor inside. The halls felt cold, so cold that dew was along all the walls.

“You never remember anything,” Kelly said, a deep tone in her voice.

“You’re the one that wanted to join us, so quit being so rude,” I exclaimed, attitude being very apparent in my voice.

“Yeah whatever,” she replied, sarcasm making up most of her tone.

“She’s such a bi..” Samantha begin to say until she was cut off by Kelly hitting her in the back of the head.

“I’m a what!?” Kelly yelled, anger with her fist clenched. I moved fast, and pushed Kelly up against a wall, the sound of metal clattered against the ground. A loud explosion rang out as I looked down at the source of the sound, a revolver that appeared used and rusted was sitting there, smoke leaking out the barrel. Kelly kicked me in my gut and scrambled to get up, grabbing the revolver and turning, Samantha had gotten up and was running towards her. I sat there, struggling to breath as I stared helplessly. Kelly cocked the hammer and shot one bullet, the sound piercing my ears as I saw blood splatter and Samantha fall down, lifeless. Blood was pouring out of the hole on her forehead, a puddle forming.

I caught my breath and ran to Kelly, ripping the gun from her hands and throwing it down the hall. I punched her once, twice, and a third time. She spit out to the side, a shard from her teeth coming out with blood formed around it. I stood up and stomped on her throat. It made a weird crack sound as blood splatted down onto the ground. I kept stomping, moving from her throat, and up to her head. I stopped after seven or eight stomps, her head was flat and she wasn’t breathing.

I was covered in blood and a puddle was forming where her head once was. I walked towards Samantha body and began to sob, before I heard footsteps. I turned back and before I could recognize what I was seeing, I was lifted up and slammed against the nearby cell bars. The large figure stood over me, before turning back to grab the gun. I moved quicker and grabbed a rusted metal bar nearby, standing up and slamming the pole into his back. The crack of bones breaking echoed through the halls. He fell down and I rose the pole over my head, sending another slam into the back of his head. I heard a pop and instead of hitting him again, I stabbed the pole down into his skull, blood spurting out. I bent over and grabbed the name tag that fell off his uniform. It read, “Hello, my name is Larry Semon” and I instantly felt chills. I began to run towards the exit before I heard someone yelling to stop. I instantly stopped and before I could say anything, I was surrounded by several cops. They were all pointing their firearms at me, and I felt fear strike down.

“Lay down and drop your weapon!” The first officer yelled out. I felt confused and looked at my hand, and instead of the name tag, there was the revolver in my hand. I began to panic, as I looked around the lobby, feeling the stress in the air. As I bent over to set down the gun, I heard one large crack and felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I fell down and put my hands against the wound in my gut. I felt my arms get forced around and pinned against my back. I was placed into handcuffs as paramedics showed up.



July 23rd, 1978

The Arrest of The Decade:

Local man, Kevin Haynes was arrested at The Eastern State Penitentiary, on charges of trespassing. It seemed like a regular arrest until Kevin started making movements of aggression. Later, Kevin was telling officers his story. He stated he had came with two other people for “fun”. Their names were Samantha Linbow and Kelly Hibane. He stated they had seen a weird figure and tried to run out the building. Apparently a fight broke out between the girls and Kelly had opened fire on Samantha with a .357 revolver. A single shot was fired and killing Samantha. Kevin then fought Kelly and brutalized her to death. Kevin was then attacked by the mystery suspect and in self defense, Kevin had also murdered the man. His name was Leroy Semon and had been a janitor for the prison for 19 years before it’s shut down. Kevin was placed inside of solitary confinement and will be psychologically evaluated. The reasoning, no bodies were found, and both girls have no record of existing, while Leroy has been missing for seven years.