Dead Eyes

Mom always said that you were her precious. I noticed how she took more care for you than she did of me. She was the one true saint throughout all this madness; she trusted you, and you threw it away like a… like a piece of unwanted love.

I sit here now writing in a small pool of my own blood, waiting, hopefully, for someone to come by and see me, but we all know that that will not happen. In my mind being trapped in this god forsaken basement riddled with nothing other than the stench of rotting flesh and blood would be the last place to stay for me, yet something holds me strong here, tugging and pulling, saying, “Not yet. just stay awhile longer.”

Is it the way I see the world, now only to realize that where I am at this moment is the safest for me? I don’t know exactly. The reason I’m writing this is that no other man, woman, or child can make the same mistake with their beloved. No matter how safe you feel with anyone, including family, have your small doubts, keep them in the back of your mind, more and more you’ll start to realize how the innocence of a small boy or girl can turn into complete evil.

My brother, Daniel, has a lot of very special characteristics, ones that you don’t see on an everyday person. In actuality he’s one hell of a human being, ranging from his awards and certificates to accomplishments in everyday life. I looked up to him, idolized him, maybe not as much as others, but it was still there.

Mom, Cheryl, is a very wise woman, always thinking past what people say or do, trying to put herself in the shoes of others to understand more. Sometimes she even seems more reluctant to show affection and love to us, rather to her ideals and studies.

As for my dad, he is not a part whatsoever in this, if you want to call it, story…

As I am Eric, I won’t talk about myself all that much, I quite don’t know myself anymore to be honest. All I know is that I was the “odd” one out, the child that would eat lunch by himself at school in the cafeteria, or stay in his room most of the time reading books, trying to pass time. It was never fun though… There was never any fun in our house, an almost similar tone to the infinitely ticking clock, as if time was taking a Sunday stroll.

That day… that one day when it all happened so fast, too fast for anyone to say or do anything, not even knowing why or how, all we could do was protect the ones we love. 6:42 AM; the alarm rang and woke me up, time for school.

Waking up with a disgruntled look on my face, I went into the bathroom to freshen up. 7:08 AM; one bowl of delicious cereal. 7:26 AM; time to leave for the bus. Stop. Realized that Daniel was outside, which is unlikely because he wakes up about an hour after me. He was shirtless, wearing blue and white striped boxers, and out in this freezing cold of hell… I only saw his back, but it was more than enough to tell me that he was acting very strange, much like he was in a trance.

Then suddenly I see a girl appear right in front of him. This girl looked like no one I’d seen before, with the darkest of hair and the most luminescent of eyes, almost like a silhouette, but devilish in a way. Daniel then started to kneel in front of her, staring up into her transcending eyes, those chronic pale white eyes, dead eyes… The shadowed girl then bends over and gave, what looked like to be, a kiss on the forehead.

Daniel pulled his head back all the way, as if he was given the best feeling in the world and was letting it out. Instantly he lets out a full scream of hatred, almost to the point where I thought he would break his vocal cords. The sky turned into a dark depressing hue of purple and deep blue, almost like a mythical thunderstorm. I yell out his name, “Daniel! What are you doing get your a*s inside!!”

He didn’t respond. Instead I heard my mother yelling and screaming from upstairs calling out for help. I look back to see if Daniel was still there, but he was gone. I rush to her bedroom door but it was locked and wouldn’t budge. I yelled out her name multiple names, “Mom!! Mom what’s going on?!?” She just kept screaming over and over again, these blood curdling screams would always haunt me forever.

I tried smashing down the door but it still wouldn’t move. My mom still screaming, I yell in anger as I try to break down the door that was holding me still in my way. With one final blow I knock down the entire door completely, and I see Daniel holding onto my mother’s throat as she screams for her life. A burst of righteous moral sent me charging towards my brother, tackling him to the floor.

He rebounds quickly and pushes me with such force that sent me to the other side of the room. I felt my arm and some ribs break during the process. I get up, and made the decision to try and save myself. As I leave the bedroom, I hear Daniel scream, “DO YOU LOVE ME NOW?!?” and my mom’s screams come to a halt. He choked her. With his bare hands he choked the life out of our mother. I dart out of the room downstairs with a broken arm, broken ribs, and tears running down my cheeks.

I rapidly look around for a place to hide, and found that the basement was the best decision. I go down into the basement and lock the door behind me. It was dark, only a dim light bulb illuminated the room. I sit down, exhausted from the immense pain that I was in, only to find out that I had just locked myself in this house with my own killer brother, if he was even considered my brother anymore…

I sat down in this basement for what has seemed like three days in my own blood. I constantly hear scratching noises coming from the door above the stairwell that leads into my kitchen. I also began hallucinating, seeing, even smelling, my mother’s rotting corpse in the corner of the basement. I knew it wasn’t real, but my god it felt like my mother was right there. I could even say that I saw her body twitch sometimes. Now I lay here, just looking at my mother’s defiled rotting body, listening to that scratching noise near the door.

My mouth, dry as the Sahara Desert, my stomach, the feeling of being punctured by a knife constantly, and my arm, the bone aching pain… I know couldn’t handle this much longer, I would die from thirst and hunger, but what could I do exactly? I’m not the man that would make it in the end of a horror story. This is reality, whether you think it is or isn’t.

I’m trapped, in an endless hell, in my own nightmare, my own fear. I sit here, just waiting in silence, until suddenly, the light bulb diminishes. No light… I hear movement coming from the corner of the room. Oh god, it couldn’t have been my mom, she’s dead, everyone is dead… Then the door from upstairs breaks open clean. I’m just sitting here, listening, more attentively than ever before in my life or these past three days.

I’m staring at the darkness, trying to make some figure of anything that’s in front of me, but it seems hopeless. I can feel myself fading away, ready to pass onto a higher life, hopefully before nothing else reaches me. The sense of dread was overwhelming, I took into consideration of my accomplishment in life, only to realize that I did nothing special, only regrets were made.

Until, my feet start to tickle, like something was playing with it. I look at my feet, then look up, only to see my brother’s and my mother’s dark figures in front of me. I cry in fear of my life, the life I wish I had before all this happened, my own world… Now, all I see in front of me are those luminescent eyes. Those pale white eyes, staring at me, at my soul. Those Dead Eyes.

  • Kateastrophe

    This is a true creepypasta at it’s best.

  • SkullNboNes

    Very nicely done