The Last Night

I swear I loved her but she tried to kill me. I would have given my life to her if she didn’t want to take it. Her stare though, her very sight was like it wasn’t her. I promise you if you saw her in that state you’d want to run and get as far away as you can the only difference is I didn’t run.

The last night I remember with my gorgeous wife was the same night I got the worst memories of my life. We laid in bed like most nights and watched movies and laughed with each other till the clock struck twelve. The lights flicked on and off and went to a light glow then she sat up straight at stared forward. I looked at her and tried to ask her what was wrong then I saw her white eyes with blood running down her eyes.

I sat there for a while just looking at her partly because I was shocked but mostly because I felt my spine shake. She slowly turned her head and in that instant time slowed down and when I saw her face I just knew I was looking at the devil. She screamed at me and twisted her head at me. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door I heard her scratching at the door and breathing like an angry animal.

I sat in the bathroom for hours trying to think of what to do, after all she was my wife and I didn’t want her to go away forever. I thought of our memories together and knew I had to try to save her and if need be kept her contained until I found a cure for what ever was wrong with her. I ran out of the bathroom and held her down and got my tape on my dresser and tapped her hands.

I reached for the door and I heard my wife’s shaky voice breaking saying “Baby what’s going on?” and started to cry. I ran to her and held her and explained what happened then she got silent and sniffed my neck. My wife bit my neck hard leaving bite marks running with blood. I grabbed the phone and called a priest to try to help and what felt like forever the priest arrived.

As soon as the priest stepped into the room his eyes turned white and ran with blood. I tapped him up to the bed and got bit again, on my shoulder this time. I looked outside and looked on the other side of the street at my neighbors window. I saw her on top of him moving her body that I assumed was making love till she looked up and her mouth was covered with blood. I tried every station looking for a breaking news post but on every single channel had people with white eyes with blood running down their face.

I ran outside and tried to hear something or any kind of noise but all I could hear was silence, the type of silence that triggers something in your head to run but I didn’t. I got my shotgun from the basement and waited out the night on the porch. Dawn came and I grabbed my wife and drove us to the mountains in an old log cabin. I never knew that night would be the last night the world was alive but now dead in utter silence, no birds, no animals, not even a breeze, just silence.

  • Tapanga

    Well that was dark

  • 123KidZ

    The 3rd paragraph is my mom after not finishing chores lol

    • Tapanga

      Thats my mom when u piss her off and dont clean the house or when i talk to someone she hates. And forbids me to talk to (im almost 17 )