Dear John

Dear John,

Hey there did you have a good day? Excellent, I was watching the news today. Lots about how a serial killer is on the loose. People like that are just horrible. How have they not hunted down and found the guy. Everyone is really stressed and scared. I really don’t know what to do to stay more safe. So make sure to lock you doors and windows. How are you holding up, with this whole ordeal? Even though we are in a dangerous situation we should stay calm. Remember our secret code we used to put in our letters? Even though its been so long, you should remember to capitalize the first words in your sentences.

Can’t remember the last time we met.
After my meeting tomorrow want to have lunch? Love the steak burgers at that one restaurant we ate at. Let me see, I think it was the fast-food place around the corner from my work. Possibly I just remembered it wrong. Oh well we will find somewhere to eat.
Last time we ate together you spilled mustard on your shirt. I laughed so hard, I think I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day. Could you also lend me a hand next week? Emily is moving out and I really want to help here out.

How is old spud doing, is the old dog eating right? Under the porch was his favorite napping spot if I remember correctly. Randomly I’ll hear him bark once in a while. Running after a squirrel probably. You take care john and I hope you do that favor I asked you.

Sincerely your neighbor,


  • Giulia


  • Bravo! Excellent job. Minor grammar mistakes, but quite an amusing short story.

  • John Mays

    Zzzz. Boring

  • Destenie D’Laine Valles McCoy

    “Help he’s here. Call police, hurry.” It’s code not grammatical errors

  • DudeNuke

    -Author here- yea I just thought of putting a code in all my stories. This was a test to see how difficult it would be

  • Sara Dale

    Took me a minute to get it, but overall good job!

  • Amy

    Had fun “breaking” the code. Good job 🙂

  • Julia

    Where is the code? I can’t see it

    • Rose Morrison

      Oh dear! You are even given instruction! The capital letters at the beginning of each sentence?! Sighs!!

  • Rose Morrison

    A good little “cryptic” story.

  • Urang Leo

    Awesome. Need more of this