The Girl With the Heart Shaped Locket (Damien’s POV)

What’s going on?

Before I get into anything too weird, I wanna set a few things straight. I’m Damien. And I’m not scared of anything. Well maybe cats. And one of friends. We will call her S. She secretly loves another friend. We will call her K. She won’t say anything and threatened to skin me if I said anything. So I swore my silence.

Imagine the scene. It’s a graveyard at 11ish o’clock. Music bopping people dancing and everyone’s having a good time. What I would give to be there right now. For all I know, I’m in hell or space. Oh. I’m getting ahead of myself. You have no idea how I got here do you? Let’s start from the beginning.

This was the night of K’s 18th birthday. We decided to go to the local graveyard and have a party as sort of the whole “K is a big strong girl who can handle herself” type vibes we decided would be cool.

It’s around 10:30 at night and we had most of the people who were gonna go with us. Someone suggested a Game of Ghost in the Graveyard (which is a game like hide and seek but in the dark. The seeker gets a flashlight and everyone else is in the dark). It was decided that K and I were gonna be seekers first. She didn’t mind and I said whatever. We waited the allotted 60 seconds before heading out to find someone. The first person we found was another friend of ours. I’ll refer to her as Z. Then 30 seconds later we stumbled across a girl. Maybe 14 or 15? All I knew was she was too young to be out by herself at night.

The girls, Z and K, went back to get some soda and some chips for the girl. She then asked if I wanted to see her locket. In hindsight I should have said no. But I didn’t have much of a choice I guess. I said yes and she pulled out a heart shaped locket. Red with gold inlays. That’s all I saw before darkness.

So now here we are. I see a light. Maybe it’s a way out? Let’s hope. I just wanna go home. I am so tired of this darkness. Its deafening. This is goodbye. Unless for some godforsaken reason this isn’t over you won’t hear from me again.

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading. I’m gonna be hopefully releasing the other 2 POVs around the same time. I appreciate the outcome and the reactions from the community. This really helps fuel my writing as this is the first time I have done something like this.

  • CSGO

    Short and sweet, I actually liked it and the other one though, can’t wait to read the next one when it gets published.

    • Kitsunae_Kazida

      Thank you. The next one will be the same. I’ve got a huge combining story coming tho so it hopeful can alleviate the fact the povs were more or less the same. I’m insanely happy for feedback that these have gotten.

  • Jai Lynn

    Great story keep it going

    • Kitsunae_Kazida

      I Will! Thanks for reading!

  • Venus Neely

    I just read all three! Love it!! Looking forward to you next stories.