Our Worst Enemy

All I heard were the screams and desperate pleas of my victim as I shoved the knife through her heart. My third victim this month, and my one-hundred and forty-seventh victim since ten years, when I first started murdering at the age of seven.
Don’t think of me as rude, though. What can I say for myself? I have to kill or be killed, so I choose to kill.
My victims deserve death…sometimes. It depends on what my customer thinks of their actions. I’ve had a few hookers, drug dealers, rapists, and murderers killed, but I’ve also had targets as innocent as infants. The people who come to me, asking for me to kill, are the ones to blame. So don’t blame me, for I am just the messenger.
Anyways, I’ll explain what’s going on right now.
Some creep gave me a job to kill an unfaithful lover (a classic murder job). I just got back from eliminating the target and outrunning the mindless cops. Now I either wait for another job or agree to do the ones that have already been requested.

In my small, dark office, I look on my desk and notice a folded note, written by anonymous. I pick it up and begin reading.


I have a job for you. If you oblige and eliminate the target, I promise you will be rewarded greatly. If you’ll agree, the target’s details are on the back.

“No name…” I told myself.
I honestly wasn’t surprised from the idea of this person keeping their identity secret. Almost half of my customers either don’t tell me their name or use an alias.
“All depends on the victim. If I have to kill another h****r, I’m throwing this request away. Killing sluts. Not. Fun.”
I turned the paper over, looking at the back for details.
“So the victim is some creepy person who caused suffering to many innocents – guess that deserves death…huh. Her name is Mono Asuke?”
The name is so familiar. Where have I heard it before? It’s not the name of anyone I know. And just so you know, my name is Kita Osuko, so it’s not me.
“I know this name, I’ve heard it before, so many times…”
What the hell, it’s not like I care about anyone anymore. Remember the hundred and forty-seven victims? Four of them were my mother, father, and two brothers. If this ‘Mono’ is a cousin, sister, or friend of some sort, I’ll still kill her with ease.
“Look at that, anonymous provided me with information on her whereabouts. He’s already done half the work for me, I like that. Tonight, after midnight, she’ll arrive at a small inn, room 2A.”
The clock had just struck 11:36. I’ve decided to accept this murder request and kill this ‘Mono Asuke’.
(At the inn)

I have just arrived, renting the room 1B. Inside the small room, I am reviewing my work, when suddenly, I get a call.
Against my better judgement, I answered my phone.
“She’s here.”
He hung up.
I think that this was probably my little friend.
“‘She’s here’….was he or she talking about Mono?”
I get up, then decide to investigate room 2A.

As I approach the room, which was just down the hallway, I get a strange feeling. I don’t like it at all. I’ve felt this way before, but this was a memory from ages ago. After realizing that no one was around, I slid the knife out of my jacket’s sleeve.
Getting closer and closer, I begin to feel dizzy and slightly nauseous. I want to turn around, but something is calling to me. I feel it coming from that damnable room, from Mono Asuke.
I forced myself to continue. Keep going, keep going, don’t give up now. I need to find the truth behind this freak.
There’s the door. Behind it, I know the familiar stranger was waiting. I open the door, and my heart stops at what I see.
A girl standing there. Black hair, reddish eyes, and pale skin.
“Eliminate the target. Eliminate my enemy.”
I plunge the knife into Mono -the true Mono’s throat.
Police report: case 45

The corpse of the killer behind 147 murder cases was found in room 2A of the Eastfield inn, which happens to be where the first four victims of the murderer were found. Judging from the crime scene, the killer committed suicide, since there was nothing in the room but a mirror just inside the door. The murderer’s identity was revealed to be Kita Osuko, however her history has revealed her real name to be Mono Asuke.

Investigator Cody Mokotcho finished writing his journal entry, then picked up the crime scene photos. After seeing the corpse’s piercing, souless red eyes, his heart began pounding. His breath grew short. A voice, the voice of Mono, perhaps? It screamed from within his skull.
He dropped the photos, then put the gun to his mouth.
“Our Worst enemy is actually ourselves…”

  • Local1diot

    I liked the plot twist at the end, and I like the concept as well. This could have been executed with more backstory and personality though. There’s no real emotion to the story if you get my drift.