The Charlie Charlie Challenge

Just recently me and one of my friends discovered this game which is called “The Charlie Charlie Challenge”. So, we thought like its just a joke kind of thing which wont happen at all. So, when we were in college next day i was anxious to try it believing its just fake.

It was the last bench where we were sitting and we closed the window behind us tightly and took out the piece of paper and completed the set up for it. Then i said “Charlie Charlie Can We Play?” Twice nothing happened i spoke it few more times nothing happened but just when we were gonna leave it assuming that are belief was true the pencil deflected first a bit towards NO and then completely towards YES. We were completley shocked seeing that and we became like a statue with our mouths open for a few minutes but then we ended it but not in the proper way we tore the paper and broke the pencils and threw it out.

Then after 2 lectures or so we went to 2 or 3 benches ahead as there were few guys in the class. While the lecture was going on my friend saw a shadow behind him in the white board but when he turned there was nothing he again turned towards the white board saw the shadow. He got freaked and we decided not to do it again but…..

Everyone in class now knew about charlie and asked us how to do it and what it is. We didnt want to but had to tell them. They told us to do it again forced us to do it so we agreed to do it again. Now we were four guys sitting on a table in a lone classroom. But we didnt knew it would go this wrong.

So my friend started this time Charlie Charlie Can We Play the pencil moved to YES. The next question we asked that was are you there in this room? The pencil moved to YES. We said if you are in this room show us a sign of it. The pencil moved to YES amd the window of the class literally opened we were scared now and wanted to end this we asked charlie charlie can we stop? The pencil moved to NO. We asked this many times but it went to NO. Then a chair behind my friend moved and then we couldnt resist but ask Are you sitting on that chair? Pencil moved to YES. We again asked can we stop it still said NO.

I said my friend ask him that does he want to hurt us? My friend said he isnt gonna ask that but then he asked it the pencil moved onto YES. Then a loud noise came from somewhere we were completley freaked out. We again asked that can we stop it finally went to YES. We destroyed the pencil and paper.

But it still kept haunting my friend he kept seeing those black shadows and laughing everyday when he was alone at his home and the sound of the swings moving even at late night when there was no one sitting. He didnt say this to anyone except me but it kept haunting for a few months but then few days later he heard a sound while he was with me he saw the same 2 pencils which we used that day and then it poked in his eyes and eventually he died.

Though its really based on my real experiences


  • Festgameimg

    Wtf I’m scared now someone hold me

  • Sammantha Ellyn Soto

    That was real. Oh heck no
    Dont mess with any of that

  • Aey_sr

    Wth!! The last line scared me more than the Story!!!

  • Simon

    To answer your question, it was not good. Like, at all.

  • ∆_R.H_∆

    Even though it’s your first creepypasta, I thought it was a nice touch to use the Charlie Charlie challenge. It was an awesome post! Just one thing though.. did the other 3 dudes die aswell? Because they were playing the game too.

    • SuperDemonKiller

      No as the person who starts it is person who is at risk

  • human

    The second part you said wimdow instead of window but the story is good

  • Cyrah

    I liked it but the ending was too abrupt.

    • SuperDemonKiller

      Okay thanks for the tip will take care of that in future

  • MegaCatDragon

    Wish you could have explained a bit more how the ritual went, and what was on the paper, but good story.

    • SuperDemonKiller

      I added a featured image from that you can see what was on paper

  • Adrienne Black

    Not bad..ended too quickly..but I see where you were going with it..

  • Ellpa Elgae

    Not too good I’m afraid. It hardly made sense. ‘They told us to do it we didn’t want to but they forced us to do it so we decided to.’ What? You decided to do something that you were being forced to do? Every sentence was a run-on, there are no commas, and it was just plain boring to me. Also, you may want to work on description, because the shadow part was confusing, the first game part was confusing, and pretty much, in my honest opinion, the whole thing was bad. I don’t care if you’re an amateur, if its your first creepypasta, because there is no way you can’t do better than this.

  • Jay

    Yes I have tried this challenge. It works and you can talk with the demon but if you don’t say a goodbye in a proper ritual manner, then the demon will haunt you for days. Its not harmless though but will make you feel his presence.

    Talking about the story, It is overall a good plot and I’m sure you would be writing this on the go as I can point few grammatical mistakes. I would love to give you a 5 star rating. Cheers.

  • Simon

    Oh, this freaking thing again…