Siren Head

Author’s Note: Second story of an upcoming SCP monster, I’m not doing an scp foundation document on the creature, but worked up a story that fits the bill. Hope you enjoy

It was a cold afternoon, maybe around three maybe four o’clock in the afternoon, I was on my way to work about to start my midnight shift. Normally I go to work at nine, but because my boss said I would get paid for cleaning up shop before my shift begins, I reluctantly said yes. While driving to the gas station I worked in, I had my window rolled down to feel the fresh breeze. Then suddenly I hear a faint, “help”, in the distance, followed by sounds of screaming. The sound seemed to be cutting to the forest which is just 4 miles from my job. I decide to park the car to check out the noises I heard.

Where I lived, there were houses 10-15 miles apart from each other, so it wasn’t a surprise to me when I see there was no houses from my left and right sides. I get out the car, and start looking for the source of the sound. Not soon after what feels like an hour of looking around, I come across a fence that says keep out. I didn’t know why at the time it was there, so I decided to hop over the fence to investigate even further. After walking across the long narrow dirt path, I come across a shirt. It looked like a black shirt with a fainted logo of a skull, something a teenager would wear if they were 16 maybe 17. I walk further and find blue jeans that was sogging in what looks to be blood. Now I was frightened, but I didn’t “high-tail” it out of there. My couriosity got the better of me and decides to move forward.

That’s when I find the ID of a kid. Anthony Jacob was his name, and the ID said he was age 17, male, born June 9th, 2002. That’s when I realized, that’s the same kid my manager put pictures of in front of the door, a “missing kid” under the name Anthony Jacobs. As I was gonna leave, I hear the faint voice again, “help”, I run towards the sound with a huge amount of questions in my head. As I finally arrived to the source of the noise, I froze in shock. A skinny black figure with speaker phones on the head, teeth inside of the speaker phones, and long hands with sharp finger nails was standing about three stories high. It had sharp teeth, but what was strange, is the teeth were inside the sirens on its head. As it came closer to me, I ran off. I had a bad feeling for what it might do to me if I stick around. As I was running, I had forgotten the path I was taking and decided to hide between a tree.

As I can hear the sounds of what sounds to be a radio, and a man speaking on the other end, that’s when I realized, while I was driving, I heard the same radio that I tuned in to, on my radio. Before I could give it much thought, a deer walked in on the creature looking for me, and the “thing” rips the deer in half with a bunch of organs, limbs, and liver all coming out with the follow of a large amount of blood, then eats the deers organs with its sharp yellow teeth. It seemed to be picking each individual organ or liver with its long hands and fingers, and eats the deers organs like a grape. Shocked in horror, I immediately start running and decided to run as fast as I can. But I think the creature heard me because, I now hear the same footsteps coming closer, followed by different radio stations, except one sounded like a man screaming in terror, followed by the sound of bones being crunched and sound of skin ripping. As I got into my car, I started the car to instead go home. Once I was there, it was about 9:30. I closed all the lights, shut my curtains and windows, and decided to go to bed.

The next day I decided to move out of this town to a more city filled environment. As I was driving to the new place, I would be staying in with the truck right behind mine. I roll my window down for the last smell of this mountain filled environment. I can hear the sound of my boss in the distance saying, “Come over here James, and let me give you a raise.” Only my boss knew my name because I don’t talk with anyone else in this town. That’s when I realized, the sound was coming from the forest. I tried calling my boss, but he wouldn’t pick up the phone. As I was driving passed the gate, I could hear my bosses phone ringing in the forest where I had met the very thing that stalked me last night. That’s when I knew, I, and this other missing kid would not be the only victims of this terrifying creature.

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    Woah, this is amazing!

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    Creepy but a good story