The Cabin

I watch in fear as the huge black nimbus draws closer to my house. to my small cabin. I wasn’t always afraid of storms. I used to enjoy them. enjoy the peace but this house changed that. there have been two storms before this. both shook me to the core.

It was a good day I think to myself as the day started off bright and sunny. then I saw the rolling black clouds draw towards my house. there’s going to be a incoming storm I think to myself watching the black clouds draw close. storms always calm me I think. I smile as the huge, black clouds encase my cabin. I lie on my bed on my back, calmly listening to the storm, when I hear a crash behind me. a crash from in my bedroom. I look around from my bed wondering what could have made the noise. I didn’t see anything so I look up at my ceiling. and that’s when i saw the bloody hand prints appear on my ceiling. I watch in fear as the blood dribbles onto my face. I run as soon as that happens. to the bathroom. I shut the door and turn on my light.

there is a odd, comforting thing that comes from light. a oddly calming thing that comes as soon as the light turns on. the way it seems to banish away all our fears. all our monsters. the way it seems to encase our inner demons. eventually the storm passed. eventually. the final crash of thunder and crackle of lightning before it died down bringing peace into the house once more.

I forget what happened during the storm as a month passed on without incident. then the next storm drew close. that was a month ago now.

I was lay in my bed struggling to sleep when the next storm drew close. the sounds of thunder however made me tired and I started to fall into a slumber by the sounds of the storm. I awakened to a searing pain shooting through my mack. I stand up and go to the bathroom to look in the mirror. what I saw terrified me. three long gauges were slashed into my back cutting deep. the blood had dried up on the sides but I came to the conclusion that this malevolent spirit was not messing around. and so I searched for the cause of this spirit.

before I could find the reason. to this spirit the next storm drew near. and so we reach this point. the nimbus draws close towering over the house. I was walking down my hallway when it came. I watched it draw close. that was when I heard growling behind me. I started to run when I heard that my heart racing. the growls follow me to the stairs before stopping. as I walk down the stairs I hear screaming all around me. I run hard hearing these screams and I run out the house. the screams. seem to be even louder when I exit. I run to the car and realise my keys are still in the house. I am not willing to go back I mutter running. I find a nearby cave and take shelter inside.

eventually the storm dies and I go to the entrance only to find it has been blocked. I try to clear it but can’t.
days pass with me screaming for help. at least until my voice went hoarse. now I lie here awaiting my death. hoping death comes quickly.

police report:
today we found the body of a young man in a cave close to a small cabin. it is assumed that this was his house. the body was ripped to shreds. and there was no evidence except a few sheets of paper beside him telling a story that is unlikely.

verdict: case closed.

  • Heather Robinson

    Spelling could use some work..

  • ThatOneGuy

    V ditto

  • Pasta Pander

    It’s gr8, but the incorrect capitalization triggers me.

  • Mr. Phase

    It was, well, a story. >~>
    The spelling needs a huge work by the way.

  • Eagle

    Doesn’t really make much sense to be honest. The storm seemed to be more of the star of the story. I would’ve just left out the beast out all together and let the storm itself be the monster. Plus, like everyone says, the grammatical errors and misspelled words were a shame.

  • Eagle

    Then again…you could leave the storm out and let the some what paranormal beast shine.

  • Rose Morrison

    Interesting premise, but the mass of grammatical errors, poor punctuation, bad spelling and non-use of capitals made it hard to read.