The Cabin

I bought the house a couple weeks ago and I’ve grown quite comfortable with the setup so far. I’ve always felt a bit weird every day I came home. There were signs that said ‘Beware’ and ‘Go Away’, like the usual when you don’t want to interact. It seemed a bit odd, since the house was located halfway into the woods next to town, but I never took notice. The land owners before me died outside of the house, including the daughter, so that put me at better comfort. My boyfriend was the son of the couple, he never liked to talk about them though. He told me that the bodies were never found in the woods. It didn’t bother me much, after all,  I was just a teen and didn’t really care. I still don’t know the story of how he survived while the rest of his family was murdered.

When I finished packing, I invited my boyfriend over, who was more than happy to move back to his old house. The house was about a mile away from a lake. The first day we moved in, I decided to go to the lake. When we got there, my boyfriend’s expression grew grim at the sight. I asked him what was wrong, and her gave me the story of how his ex had drowned in the river one night.

After a while we went home and settled in. A few more days passed, and the terrible feeling never left. It felt wrong in the house, like someone was watching me. I shrugged it off and headed back to the lake with my boyfriend. We stood at the edge of the lake for a while until my boyfriend went back to the car. Fifteen minutes passed and I started to get worried, since we didn’t know the forest that well. I decided to head out to find him, and found myself lost in the forest. It was getting dark outside as the sun went down over the trees. A cold breeze rushed through me, sending chills down my spine.

I peered into the dark, noticing a light ahead in the trees. I traced towards it, desperate to get away from the dark. When I reached the light, I realized it was from a cabin. The cabin had broken windows, and cracked, rotten wood. I banged on the wood door, no answer. I tried to push it open, and the door flung open, sending me showering in. I stood up and jumped as the door slammed behind me. I tried the knob and it wouldn’t budge. I peered around the musty cabin and almost puked with dread.

In the middle of the cabin stood a table, with six chairs, four of which were taken by the worst thing in sight.  On the four, sat an old couple, a young girl, and my husband’s ex, all stitched up and rotten like dolls. They were all seated, ready for a dinner they will never eat. The door shook behind me and I dove for a cabinet in the kitchen. The door opened and I could hear footsteps walk towards the table. A chair pulled out and someone sat down with the stitched up dead. I started to tear up as the man raised his voice and yelled, “I know you’re here. Come join us for dinner!”

A chill ran up my spine and tears streamed my cheeks as I realized it was my boyfriend.

“I know you’re in the cabinet, come on, get out.”

I shook with fear as I heard footsteps walk towards me and reach for the handle. The cabinet opened and I saw my boyfriend’s twisted face peer into mine. He smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the table. I sat in the chair, fear gripping my chest as he sat down on the other side. A few moments passed before my boyfriend smiled. All the bodies turned towards me and lunged. They felt cold as they held me down on the floor. My boyfriend stood up and held a knife to my throat and said, “Welcome to the family,” before sliding the knife through my skin.

  • Cheers to Creepy Things

    This is so good and creepy!

  • Creeper

    Good story although there’s always room for improvement : )

  • Marso

    It’s a good story. The ending is twisted and the whole thing is easy to understand. I’d say that you should describe the feelings of the narrator more to make it feel more human. Other than that and accidentally saying “husband,” it’s a really good story and was enjoyable to read.