The Cabin

Once there was a beautiful cabin in the woods. A very nice couple wanted to fix up the cabin and have their own little hideaway in the woods where no one could find them. When they bought the home, the homeowner didn’t want them to go inside while he was present. The couple figured he was just acting weird because they were around. So once they bought the cabin, they went inside immediately after the old homeowner left and found nothing inside except for kitchen appliances and a jar in the refrigerator that said “Open Me”. Surprisingly enough, the electricity was already up and running, since the refrigerator was cold. The wife- Emily- found the jar disgusting, but the husband- Victor – found it interesting. Emily asked Victor to throw it away, but against her wishes, he kept it.

Every day Emily would go to work, and shortly after Victor would too, but not until he gazed at the mysterious jar that came from the cabin. One day he called in sick because he mustered up enough courage to open the jar. Victor opened the jar and something came out of it so swiftly that he barely saw it. He thought it was just a small bird or a mouse, for he lived in the woods. Victor saw a goo that smelled like a different dessert every minute and looked like someone had caught a child’s dream of rainbows and unicorns and bottled it up in this very jar. Little did he know, he just unleashed the worst demon in the Underworld. For the next few days, everything was normal. But then Victor had felt as if something was always watching him, following him. Emily was as happy as can be. But she started to get nervous because Victor was acting paranoid lately.

The next few weeks were terrible. Victor was getting weaker and weaker. A couple of months after he opened the jar, he was so paranoid about what seemed to to be nothing. Emily was thinking about admitting him to an insane asylum. About two days later, after taking Victor to a specialist, Emily had decided to send him to Athens Lunatic Asylum. She drove him there the very next day but when they walked inside of the hospital, it looked extremely full. Emily asked the head doctor if he was sure they had enough room and staff to take care of Victor. The doctor said, “Of course! We have a room just for him. Just for security and safety reasons, we ask you to stay behind. Visiting days are on the third Wednesday of every month. I hope you get home safely! Goodbye!” The doctor wheeled Victor down the hall so fast that Emily couldn’t even say goodbye. She sank to the floor and started to cry. As soon as she stopped crying, someone approached Emily and asked her for the first year’s payment. She said, “Oh, I almost forgot! Thank you for reminding me! Here is one-hundred dollars. I will mail the rest.” Little did she know that was a patient that she handed the money to.

As Emily was driving home she saw a huge accident happen and she pulled over to help. Emily went over to the overturned car and saw that everyone was either dying or already dead except for the baby who wasn’t harmed at all. Instead, she was smiling and giggling as if she enjoyed the whole incident.

Emily ended up taking the baby home, and put her in a crib Victor made for their future baby. Emily wanted to research the asylum more so she looked on Google and found out Athens Lunatic Asylum had closed in 1993. She wondered why so many people were there if the asylum was closed. She clicked on a different website and read that the asylum is extremely haunted because of the 64,000 people that died from 1874 to 1993. Emily realized she left Victor in the care of ghosts that gave inhumane treatment to their patients!

Emily went to check on the baby and but it wasn’t there! In it’s place was a doll that looked exactly like it. She heard cooing sounds coming from the basement and wondered how the baby got down there without crawling out of her crib and falling down the stairs. Emily went downstairs and turned the light on. She didn’t see anything yet, but she still heard cooing sounds coming from the laundry room. She heard the basement door close and the light started to flicker. Emily had never been in the basement before because Victor was the one who normally did the laundry. The light turned off and she couldn’t see anything. She now heard an evil laugh instead of the sweet baby cooing. She tried to run upstairs, but she tripped over something and couldn’t get back up because she could no longer feel her legs. The last thing she saw were little baby hands and glistening white teeth dripping with blood. No one could hear her scream because she lived in the woods where nobody could find her.

Victor was “cured” by being brutally killed by the ghosts’ extreme procedures such as freezing, shocking, kicking and lobotomizing. He and many other patients are rumored to still be roaming the halls of Athens Lunatic Asylum.

Another couple had wanted to buy the house for the same reason as the last – They wanted a secluded space all to themselves. They saw a freshly dug patch of dirt and figured it was a gardening bed. They went inside and in the refrigerator was a jar that said, “Open Me.” The wife said to to throw it away, but the husband kept it.