The Brightest Smile I Ever Saw

My name is Zack and I’m 16 years old. I’ve never believed in stuff like this until recently. My family’s just moved to Texas, but what happened back in Maryland last year is something I’ll never forget. I guess I should start from the beginning.

It was my first time living on the east coast and we moved in there in the middle of the middle of the school year. It was my first day and I was struggling with my locker. I get startled by a hand on my shoulder. I jump and turn to see a girl. She had shoulder length blonde hair, black glasses, eyeliner, dark red lipstick, a gray shirt, black jeans, black/white converse high tops, and a leather jacket. She looked like your classic emo except for her blonde hair. And her warm smile. “Having trouble? I can give you a hand.”

She must have mistook my confusion for fear.

“Don’t worry, it’s fake leather.” She chuckled with a smile that crinkled her eyes at the corners. I managed to mutter an “Oh.” What a way with words I have. “Shy. I get it, don’t worry.” She assured. “Need a hand with that?” Her voice was beautiful. “Yeah, I guess.” I handed her my combination and she stepped up to my locker. She did it the first try. “There you go.” Our gazes met. “Um, thanks. Hey I never caught your name.” She picked up her bookbag that she set on the floor. “Luna.” Luna extended her arm for a handshake. I shook her hand and I could have sworn I saw blood on her arm. Luna let go. “I’m Zack. Zack Williams.” She smiled. “Nice to meet you, Zack Williams.” And she walked off. I didn’t see her for the rest of the day. When I got home, my mom was home. “Hi honey. How was your first day?” “Good.” I said. “I met this really nice girl named Luna.” My mother’s face turned white. “Oh that’s nice. When I was your age I went to your school and my best friend’s name was Luna. Crazy, right?” I saw how uncomfortable she was. “I guess.”

For the next few months, Luna would meet me at my locker every day. I learned her last name was Kolvitz. Throughout that time I noticed odd things about her. I never saw her with anyone else. She never wore bright colors. I only saw her in the morning. The dates on her papers were never right.

Then came the day she disappeared. April sixth. I waited for her at my locker and she never came. I was late for first period. I figured she was sick. But after a week I went up to the office and asked about her. “My friend Luna Kolvitz had been absent for a week and I was just wondering if you could call her house and see if she’s okay? I’m worried about her.” Luckily, I’m friends with the secretary. “No problem. What was the name?” “Uhh, Luna Kolvitz.” She got a box of student information from under the desk and started looking through it until a confused look crossed her face. “Her card isn’t in here. Let me check the online database.” She blacked at her keyboard. “Umm, there are no students here named Luna Kolvitz. The last person who attended this school with that name went here twenty years ago.”

When I got home I asked my mother where her old high school yearbooks were and said it was for a project. I went into the attic and got the box she said they were in. I opened the yearbook and started turning the pages. When I got to page three my heart stopped. It was a memorial page. I didn’t even need to look at the name or picture. I knew who’s it was. I knew I couldn’t believe it unless I saw it. Printed on that page was the words “Luna Kolvitz, beloved sister, daughter and friend. 1985-2002” My gazed wandered to the bottom of the page. Cause of death. Suicide. The word echoed in my head. I finally brought my self to look at the picture. I saw a girl. She had shoulder length blonde hair, black glasses, eyeliner, dark red lipstick, a gray shirt, black jeans, black/white converse high tops, and a leather jacket. And the brightest smile I ever saw.