The Blood Rose Phantom (Offenderman Proxy Child)

Hi, my name is Arin Zaomi, I’m not like other kids how do I know that? I don’t even know, I guess is because of the ‘thing’ that I seen for almost the rest of my life.

It started when I was just a little girl about 6 years old. I was playing in the woods that is just in front of my house. I was hugging all the trees there, well I guess I am a tree hugger, anyways I don’t know that when I was running through the woods that I was getting further away from my house. I have just noticed, I was scared but then a pale like creature come to me it has a tentacle on it’s back and it was wearing a black trench coat it has no nose not even a mouth, it said,

“Are you lost little girl?” the thing said in a dark raspy voice and I said, “Who are you?” at that time I know this ‘thing’ is a monster, “Don’t be scared.” “I am Offenderman,” the thing reach his hand out to me gesturing for me to take his hand.

I was hesitate, all that I was thinking was home, “Can you take me home?” I said. The thing replied, “Yes,” without any moment I took his hand, his skin was not human like and it’s fingers was so long like his arm and legs. The creature then take me somewhere, I just hope that the creature take me home, we took a walk with him holding my hand, after a few minute of walking we get to this rose field, it was beautiful, “This is your place,” he said. “What do you mean?” I said I was confuse I look around me and saw a mansion about 1 miles from the rose field the creature caught my glimpse and he said, “That is where I live, wanted to go there.”

“No, thank you. You said you can take me home,” I said he was in silence. “Please, take me home,” I said with a ‘please’ in my voice. “Alright then but you have to promised me to remember this words, I will never leave you and I will always be there but you don’t see up close but you will see me in the corner of your eye.” Just then he snap his fingers, and I blacked out, the next thing is I woke up on a grass and I was in front of my house, the creature does take me home and I see on the left was a rose I pick it up and it has a brown tag it said remember me – O. I guess O is a short form for Offenderman and then my mom calling me, “Arin is time for dinner.” “Coming mom.”

After I had dinner I go to my room with the rose and took a closer detailed at the rose it was different about it, the colour of red is not a normal red rose it was rather a crimson one and then I got an idea I go to the kitchen to get a container fill it with water and get upstairs I put the container on the table and I take the rose and soak it.

I was shock because… the rose bleeds, it just like someone soak the rose into a pile of blood I took the rose and the colour change into a black rose what does it mean? I think to myself, the question got me thinking on to late at night, by the way I can’t even sleep my parents… they are fighting again, because of my dad returned home late again and my mom was so mad at him because he didn’t even care about his own family, he only think about his work.

Afterwards, I fall asleep with my parents fighting I have already use to it. It is not a healthy and a happy family in fact I wish we were.

End of chapter 1

  • IronMosquito


  • Jennifer Lawson

    Not bad but needs alot of grammer work and proper sentences

  • Adam Warlock

    Trying to read and understand this story has caused me to lose the will to live. One look at this and you can clearly see that the world’s educational systems have failed miserably. Instead of water boarding people in an interrogation they could use this here. All they’d have to due is
    read it out loud. Five minutes of reading this anybody would crack