The Asylum

*Two men on the video, Rick and Marcus, watching a video on a screen.*

Marcus: “My name is detective Marcus. I just want you, Rick, to tell me what happened in the Westbrook asylum.”

Rick: “I already told the doctors and the FBI but I’ll tell it again. I was a YouTuber doing a recording live stream at the asylum.”

Rick (on video): “Sup guys, it’s Rick from Rickthefinder and welcome to my livestream. I got my three best friends to help with this special hunt.”

Marcus: “And I know what you’re all thinking (Rick what do mean by… hunt?). Well, let me show the haunted Westbrook asylum. Let me read this chat, stop? No no don’t do it? Let me remind you all that Rickthefinder faces the impossible all the time so don’t worry.”

Rick (on video): “Alright, we arrived at the giant old mossy doors, let me look through this dusty glass window.”

Rick (on video): “Wait guys, do you see that a light is flickering at the end of that corridor? That means it must be legit. We gotta get in there man.”

*Struggles to open the door.*

Rick (on video): “We all gotta push it. Ready? 1… 2… 3…”

*Door swings open.*

Marcus: “Then what happened when you opened the door?”

Rick: “A disgusting putrid smell washed over us like a poisonous wind gust.”

Marcus: “What were the names of the people with you?”

Rick: “Joe, Billy, and Bob.”

Marcus: “Okay, continue with your story.”

*The view changed completely to Rick’s video.*

Rick: “Alright we’re in… oh god what’s that smell? Oh man… Billy vomited. Okay everyone, gas masks on. Alright so everyone we got a little surprise for you all… an Ouija board to contact the spirits.”

Billy: “Woah, I did not agree to an Ouija board. I read about that stuff. You gonna summon a demon man!”

Rick: “Dude calm down. Everyone knows the Ouija board is fake. Alright Billy and Bobby set cameras upstairs. Joe, you come with me to set up the board.”

*12:35 am.*

Rick: “Alright guys, still no activity. We’ve been here for 2 hours and we gonna start with the Ouija board. Everyone promise to never take your hands off the triangle thing.”

Billy: “I still think this is a stupid idea, I swear.”

Joe: “I swear.”

Bob: “I swear.”

Rick: “And so do I.”

Rick: “Okay let’s begin… Are there any spirits with us?”

*The planchief begin to shake underneath their fingertips then went very quickly to, ‘Yes.’*

Billy: “Guys, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Rick: “Calm down Bill, it was just Joe or Bob.”

Bob: “No, it wasn’t me.”

Joe: “It wasn’t me. We thought it was Rick.”

Rick: “Guys, we swore not to move or take our hands off the triangle thing. Let’s just continue.”

*At this point Rick transferred the livestream to the GoPro and put the GoPro on his head.*

Rick: “If there are any demons or spirits here, give us a sign…”

*The door behind Billy that was wide open, slammed shut with insane force. They all scream.*

Rick: “What the hell was that?”

*The planchief moved at fast speed spelling out, ‘Your death.’*

Billy: “We gotta get the f**k out of here right now.”

*Rick quickly grabbed Billy’s hand before Billy moved it from the planchief.*

Rick: “We gotta keep playing and close the game. Are you a ghost or a demon?”

*It quickly spelled out, ‘Demon.’*

Joe: “No, Billy’s right. We can’t do this. Let’s go, Bill.”

*They both left the game and attempted to open the door. It wouldn’t budge.*

Joe: “It… it’s blocked.”

*The planchief quickly spelled out faster than before. ‘You shall never leave.’*

Rick: “Well, they’re out. It’s good that you still in Bob… Bob?”

*He sat staring petrified at an empty closet that was too dark to see in.*

Rick: “Bob… Bob! What’s wrong man?”

*He slowly pointed at the closet.*

Bob: “He’s watching us.”

*After he said that, they all looked at the empty wardrobe. They saw two blood-red eyes staring back at them. The entity lunged at Bob and grabbed him by his neck at unbelievable speed. He tried to fight him while they try with all their might to break the door down. The demon looks at them. He hoisted bob in the air and threw bob at them. They dodge and Bob’s body goes through the door with great force of impact. He breaks the door, he impacts on the wall across the hall. They all stare petrified at Bob’s body. The amount of nails and splinters and blood. He struggles to look at his friends and says with his last word.*

Bob: “R-Run.”

*They all ran at top speed down the hallway, in one of the open doors. The entity grabbed Joe’s leg and dragged him into the dark room. And as they’re panting and running, they can hear the screams of Joe and the mutilation of his limbs being torn off. They jump down to the 5th stairwell and they keep running to the next. Billy was lagging behind because he’s asthmatic. He fell to the ground grasping for his inhaler then Rick remember he left his inhaler in the van. Rick turned around and hoisted Billy on his back and kept running. His coughing and weesing was getting harder and louder. Rick set him down on the ground.*

Billy: “What… are… you… doing…?”

Rick: “I am so sorry, Billy.”

Billy: “W-what?”

*Rick ran off down the hall crying, hearing Billy crawling and screaming.*

Billy: “Noooooo.”

*Rick finally reach the 4th floor stairwell but it was waiting for him. He slowly back away and it dark misty form dissolved into Billy. Rick stared confused as it came toward him.*

Billy: “Why!? Why did you leave me to die?”

Rick: “I’m so sorry.”

Billy: “Oh no you’re not. But you will be, Rick, you will be…”

*Billy lunges at Rick at some type of super speed and grabs him by the neck.*

Billy: “I will make you sorry… Do it demon… what are you waiting for? Kill him!”

*His arm turns into a black mist like sword and drives it through Billy’s eye. Billy fell out of the black mist demon then the demon said with his disemboweled voice.*

Demon: “No one commands me as for you!”

*He throws Rick out the 5th floor window. Miraculously Rick survived the fall but sadly his legs didn’t. So he crawl out to the middle of the street and passed out from the blood loss of his broken legs.*

*Video back to Rick and Marcus.*

Rick: “Then I woke up here. Look I’m not asking you to believe me but I know what I saw. I have video proof even, but the GoPro was destroyed in the fall.”

Marcus: “Thank you for your cooperation, that’s all I need. Oh wait, there is one more thing… Come close.”

Rick: “What?”

Marcus: “You show that video to anyone, (eyes glowing blood red) I’ll kill you next.”

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