Teddy Bear – Part 2

As the life drained from Miranda’s eyes, she saw a face with no figures standing behind her deceased son. After she was gone, Teddy all but laughed as he untied the thread from his mothers throat, but this was not the laugh of a little boy, or even a teenager, it was the laugh of a monster that even the most experienced officer in the government as a whole couldn’t possibly hope stop and it wasn’t coming from Teddy. The figureless figure took the boy by the arm and fled with him to the forest, laughing all the way. The boy wasn’t scared, although he thought he should have been, by this figure and allowed the slender form to engulf him in the long snake like tentacles emitting from its back and he nulled off to sleep.
When Teddy woke, he was on a strange cot in a strange place, again not as scared as he should have been.

“Hello?” he shouted curiously.

“HE’S UP! EVERYONE COME HERE!” shouted the young man that was hidden in the shadows of the dimly lit room. All Teddy could make of him was a white blood stained hoodie. And again he wasn’t scared.

“Who are you?” Teddy asked confused as the man slowly walked closer along with footsteps of many people outside the door. The man in particular was very perplexing to Teddy as he had large eyes, and black hair, both of which are normal until you take into account the disturbingly large smile plastered across the mans face, cut into his flesh.

“I’m Jeff the Killer. But just call me Jeff. You might have heard of me. I am pretty famous!” the man said excitedly, opening the door for the rest of the houses occupants to enter.

First to come were 2 children, just older than Teddy, he would later come to know them as Sally and Ben. Next was a man about the age of Jeff, this was Eyeless Jack or EJ. Afterward were a set of three men, the proxies he would come to find out, Ticci Toby, Masky and Hoodie. A tall and thin clown was the next to enter, this was Laughing Jack, or LJ. And finally, the tall, faceless slender form who would come to be known as Slenderman.

As each one of the creatures introduced themselves, Teddy became more and more at home in the mansion. He came to realize that the people were his friends, and they would be there and protect him at all costs. These people would be his family even though he had murdered his own, and nothing could take him from them or them from him. He would make sure of it.

By this point, Teddy had abandoned everything he thought he knew and welcome his new knowledge with open arms. The monsters under his bed were real and he was so happy that they were because they had saved him and assured that he would never worry or be sad again.