Spacecraft 13

Overpopulation was always a big problem back on Earth. However, big space companies like Nasa made giant space-stations that could hold about three thousand people each. They made about 50 of them. Other companies followed. One of the stations could apparently could hold up to a million. In total, though, three hundred and fifty-five were made. Anyways, lets stop talking about how many there were.

I applied to one of these stations. It was called Spacecraft 52. It was made by a company called SpaceLives. We (the applicants) were given multiple tests. Like physical and mental tests. A month after the tests, I got a letter saying that I passed. A few days later, I boarded a rocket that would take me to my new home.

When I got there, it was huge. Houses lined a road where fusion powered cars drove down and up the road. The whole space-station was basicaly this cigar-shaped object, though there were things like solar panels sticking out. I entered my new house when I saw a piece of paper labelled “Job”.

When I read the letter, it said that my new job was janitor. The job was located in a different space-station called “Spacecraft 13”. Yes, a strong, smart person like me has a job that cleans up streets for a lot of money (yeah, they do pay a lot for you cleaning up things.) Oh and before you ask, the space-stations have little spacecrafts that fly you to different space-stations.

When I got to the space-station, it was much bigger than the one I lived in. My first place I had to clean up was a shopping centre. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I cleaned and cleaned. And that’s what I did all day. All day, every day. Fly to space-station, clean, fly back home, eat, sleep, repeat. Well hey, they still payed me a lot.

On what seemed to be a normal day, I woke up to my alarm clock buzzing and the sun shining into my bedroom window, which looked deep into space. I got dressed, walked through the usually empty streets of my space-station, and waited until my spacecraft would start up and fly me to the Spacecraft 13. While flying through space and looking at Spacecraft 13, I had a strange, unnerving feeling. The Spacecraft felt… empty. When I arrived at the spaceport, no-one was there to greet me. But it got even stranger when I went to the street.

Usually – by the time I arrived – the street would be full. But when I got to the street, not a single person was there. I began walking around, trying to find someone, but when I didn’t find anyone, panic began to set in. I started to knock on random houses’ doors. Not a single person would answer.

But then I got to a house. I knocked on the door, trying to get someone to answer. But instead, the door creaked open. I slowly began to make my way in, forgetting that I was now intruding. I began checking every single room. Opening doors and looking for people. I opened every door until there was only one left.

My mind began freaking out. Telling me not to go in, but curiosity got the better of me. Still, I knew I would see something that would scar me for life. Opening the door, I saw a horrific sight. There, lay a disfigured body of a person. Bite marks covered the body, which was paler than a sheet of paper. The blood was sucked out completely, and the thing is, the bite marks were not even human. The bite marks also had a pattern. They were all in circles.

I stumbled, sick, out of the house. Holding my balance became a hard thing to do. But just as I was going to go to the police station, a horrible screeching sound rattled my body. Infront of me, stood a big humanoid creature, taller than any human I knew. It had no nose, grey skin, black eyes that looked like they belonged to an insect, and – worst of all – a mouth that went in spirals, with teeth surrounding the entirety of the mouth.

I bolted out towards the spaceport, hearing that thing chase after me. But not just a single thing, I heard many of them give chase. When I arrived at the spaceport, to my surprise, I saw a person standing near the spaceport gate, which allowed for spaceships to leave and enter. I realised he must have been the person who let me in in the first place.

He was holding something in his hand, which he aimed at the spaceport lock. It didn’t take me long to realise what he was holding. A pistol. Usually police officers had them.
‘No!’ I shouted at him, before hopping onto my spacecraft and, just in time, closing the door.

A single bullet. A single bullet destroyed the gate, throwing out everything into space. The person, some spacecrafts, and those things. My spacecraft was not thrown out as it was held firmly in place by special mechanical arms.

I felt the space-station start to plunge back to Earth, maybe because the sudden destruction of the gate had altered the orbit of the space-station. It didn’t matter though. I knew I had to get out of there. I pressed on a button, which released my spacecraft from the mechanical arms. It was thrown out of the spaceport. I began moving my spacecraft into different positions so it would plunge into the US mainland. A shield of fire began to develop around my spacecraft. I looked across to the space-station. It was split into different parts, all were engulfed in a shield of fire, just like my spacecraft. I could sometimes hear screaching.

I woke up in a random field, my legs broken as a part of my spacecraft lay atop of them. It had broken apart while re-entering. I could still see parts of the space-station burn up in the atmosphere.
When I told the story to officials, they called agents in black suits to talk about the event with me. The agents told me not to tell anyone about what had had happened.

I woke up in my new house. It’s been years since that event had happened. I flick on my TV. My jaw drops at the article.
‘It’s been four years since Spacecraft 13 plunged back to Earth with only one survivor, John Conofield. It was believed that the space-station crashed because of a malfunction. However, body parts of reptilian-like creatures were found inside the space-station’s research laboratory. The research chamber survived the crash as it was the most protected area in the ship. Though, the door to the chamber was found destroyed as strange bite marks covered it.

Onto the news of-‘