It feels like a thousand needles for every square inch of my body, covering everything, while I try to run on a side-walk of a sunny place. There are few people, but the only ones have no eyes and a smile temple to temple.

I run, but the ground feels like wet cement mixed with quicksand; no progressive steps, but the contestant feeling of being pulled towards death. I am always chased by a man who has no face, only a black hood, and really long bony hands.

I hear my name, and also feel it buzzing in the base of my skull. I look to the left to see how many houses I’ve passed, but I’m always in the same spot, staring at the same house: one floor, broken down shack house, with only door and one window, giving light to the abyss leaving the question in the air if somebody is lurking just beyond.

I can never move, yet my mind can go a million miles an hour thinking nothing but every, any and all thoughts of pure darkness and loss. I can never get away… and even when it ends I’m back to the regular nightmare.

  • trixie