Slenderman 2017

You all heard the stories of Slenderman, how far it dates back, but no one knows how it really started, cave paintings and other Egypt writings only tell a story of a demon encounter called a Slender… The true story of Slenderman will date back in 1977, lets take you back and tell you how Slenderman became what he is now.

A father named Charles Winston owned a camp, and his house was built out over the side of the camp, and his daughter always went to it every summer, she loved to learn from her father, and her and all the kids played a lot with her father, playing games, having contests, etc.

But one year at camp there were new kids that came to camp, older than the daughter, and they particularly picked on her for fun. The father did not know of this because he never seen it happen, nor did she tell her father. Then one day those group of kids decided to prank her but it went into a terrible accident afterwards, she was dead. The group of kids decided to hide the body into the woods hopping no one will find her.

The next day the father was worried that her daughter was missing, so he went out looking for her. Through the woods he checked, but couldn’t find her, he searched and searched but still couldn’t find her. One night Charles was washing the dishes and he looked out his kitchen window, and out there near the woods he saw his daughter, he ran out there but she walked out into the dark woods, so he chased after her in the woods calling her name. She disappeared from his sights but he kept going deeper in the woods. As he got deeper he saw something laying on the ground, it was a body, he got closer, and when he was up at the body he stood there balling in tears seeing his daughter laying there dead. He dropped on his knees and picked her up and held her close, releasing anger and sadness, then everything went dark, darker than dark, and behind him was a tall black figure speaking with him through his mind, in Charles mind he wants revenge on who did this, the demon figure took that as an offer and turned him into something very sinister, very tall, faceless, a black suit and red tie, head and hands white. Showing no emotions he looked over and saw his daughter’s spirit, even though he hasn’t any eyes, the daughter spoke to him, saying that she knows who did this.

The next day during the evening the kids were telling some campfire stories as Charles was speaking to the police about her missing daughter, the he went over to the fire to tell them he was getting in early, and to make sure they put out the fire when they are about to go to bed. As it turns to night each kid starts going inside the cabin, only three was left out still at the camp fire, as they talk they hear something out in the woods, two of the kids went out there to see what it was as one stayed at the fire.

They both walked deep in the woods to see what was there but they saw nothing, one started to walk back to the fire while the other stayed to take a leak, but a quick Yelp leaped. The other kid heard it and looked back to see his friend was gone, he thought he was playing a prank so he went to look for him around where he was last. He stopped and said, “This isn’t funny so knock it off,” then blood dripped down on his shirt, he looked up the see his friend’s head hanging on a limb, he screamed and started running back to the fire, but something grabbed his leg and pulled him deeper into the woods.

The kid at the fire heard the screaming, and debated to go out there to find them, so he went to find the other kids in the cabin to help, but when he went in to was dark, and got up to one of the beds, no one was in it. He went up to the next one and no one was in it either, then he went to the next one, and the next one, none of the beds had kids in them, he backed away slowly and he bumps into a tall figure, when he turned to look he saw a tall figure wearing a black suit, a red tie, white pale face, but he had nose face, white pale hands, and something else, something dark was creeping out of his back, the kid ran and screamed, trying to find the head camp counselor, and he bumped into him.

The kid was telling him what was going on then he noticed something, it was like black octopus arms coming out of his back, the he was dragged from his leg and hung up, as he turned hanging he saw that the counselor has changed, it was the tall dark Slender figure, and before he could scream the man’s face went from faceless to a mouth forming, opening so wide with sharp teeth, then bit the child’s head off.

The camp was closed and burnt down most of it, now that anyone enters the camp he will follow you, and he will kill you, and if you find all 8 notes that his daughter left for you to find, you will find her body and her spirit will kill you. Even if you try to find out what happened to the camp, or what happened to his daughter or Charles, he will kill you… The Slenderman.

  • Andrew

    The grammar is poor, the plot is simple, it’s as tho a 7 year old crapped out a story and threw it at me. Worst creepypasta…. No, worst story I have ever read.

  • EricDraven

    I am sorry but I must be honest here: The story was bad, grammar was really bad and the plot was told so poorly. I hope you work on your writing for your eventual future stories.

  • Simon

    Even in the year 2017 there are still people writing stories about Slenderman. Please, be original. Also, put some actual effort into your stories.

  • Giulia

    So, you know people are gonna complain just because this story is about Slenderman, and you don’t even read it before publishing it?
    I wish I could say the plot was interesting, but you didn’t even mention the Slenderman’s powers! I could replace it with any random monster and this story wouldn’t change a bit.

  • Ally

    The grammar was so horrible that I was having a hard time understanding it. Seriously, the plot was horrible too! I mean, come on, if you’re going to make a Slenderman story, make it good. And if you’re going to make ANY story, for God’s sake PROOF READ! You didn’t even mention Slenderman’s powers! And about the plot, it was EVERYWHERE. Please practice your writing for future stories…

  • 🐱 Tori Smith 🐢

    Love Your Slender Man Story He’s My #1 Favorite Creepypasta Character

  • I.wierdon_lowkey23

    I really liked the storyπŸ˜„πŸ‘……but there were some misspelled words in it. Um, there were also some wrong grammar but overall I love the beginning, middle, end, I love how you told the characters interactions and how at the end you told a dare not to go to their camp.πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ