The Fear of Love


As the lonely night crept with fear Jane  later on the bed tied to each side. As he  stood over a table with tools and weapons all over it he started to wonder “Would you like a few last words or do you just want to get this over with.” said Jeff The Killer with a big grin on his face “ahhhhh.” said Jane crying in fear and with a nod “fine you have one minute!” said jeff slowly lifting the chain put of her mouth “please no I’ll do anything just please don’t kill me.” said jane crying at every word she spoke “Fine you have three choices choice could get my silly long smile 2. you could die with nothing 3. you could become insane and be my girlfriend / killer.” said jeff. Jane looked parolized at the requests and decided to take the less painful “t…. h…..r……e……e.” said jane unhappily with her request “Ha ha ha OK give me a hour if you don’t mind I need to make you insane with me so you will enjoy the sight if death!” said jeff. Jane started crying wondering why she would do that.

.  .  .  . ONE HOUR LATER

“I’m back so you just stay put and you can scream if you want no one will hear anyway because this will hurt!” Said Jeff smiling with his big bloody grin “o…. Ok.” Said Jane with tears in her eyes “now let’s get started.” Said death by smile. As he put a pill in her mouth to swallow hand then she slowly started having crazy thoughts than “BA DUMP BA DUMP” her heart was racing “THAT will make your eyes black and that will drive you insane but this little tool with make you scream this little needle will make you squeel like a pig and this ice pick will make you pass out.” Said Jeff  “just get it over with plz!” Said Jane in fear “fine the tool first this with go on you lungs and brain and with one tap it could either parolize you or you could go insane ready!” Said Jeff  “yes!” Said Jane in fear “PACK TAP TAP” Jame slowly moved her hands and then a whisper in her head said kill kill so she listened and headed for a knife but failed to get up “You were lucky to get the kill voice but no knife for you!” Said Jeff . Jane glared at him then looked up at the sealing “Do you know why I’m in this world?” Said Jane but jeff never answered “ready for the needle.” said Jeff then he just pushed it in her arm and pushed the top down and slowly the liquid went inside her vanes then through her whole body “Your hair turned black .” said Jeff with a sweet smile and Jane smiled back “now I thought you would scream but you didn’t so here goes the ice pick and if you pass out you have failed the prosses and if you stay awake you have accomplished it “PICK TICK TACK” Jane’s eyes later opened and she slowly stared at him with a big grin “why am I in thus world?” Jane said clueless “You are here to be my love and to kill with me.” said Jeff “OK I will not break that promise than.” said Jane as she broke the bobwire that held he body down and leaned up to him to kiss him “you have a mark the bobwire has become a marking.” said jeff. then he slowly leaned forward to kid Jane more and more than he stopped as a voice in their heads said wait till later and go kill “We should go I see people are spying on us I want to kill them so let’s go.” said Jane “No you go and make your first kill.” said Jeff smiling. Jane left the basement and walked up stares and killed all 7 members of her family in silence “Jane?” said Jeff worried “THUNK THUNK THUNK THUD SLAM” “Ya baby everything is fine don’t worry I’ve killed seven with not a peek of words came out of their mouths are you impressed.” said Jane smiling at her love “Yes baby you did better than any beginner.” said Jeff as he leaned over and kissed her then he grabbed her hand and dashed up stairs to the bedroom. As he slammed the door open her threw Jane on top of the bed and slammed the door and the room was full of silence. as night passed and she awoke before him she ran to the counter in the room “I’m scared of loving him!” said Jane. Jeff slowly got up without Jane noticing and he grabbed the knife and grabbed with the knife at her throat “Now we will finish the process!” said Jeff “No stop don’t I don’t have to die I’m just scared of love!” Yelled Jane “Love is nothing!” said Jeff “But I’m afraid of loving ……. YOU❤!” said Jane with slight tears rushing down her face as she slipped from his grasp and she ran to the corner and cried there as she turned more evil her eyes we’re black with black smoke swaying out of them “I.. I’m sorry.” said Jeff as he dropped the knife and rushed to comfort her “I’m sorry don’t cry plz!” said Jeff with tears rushing down his face “No plz don’t cry I still love you!” said Jane as she turned around and clutched him tightly “So plz just don’t leave me!” said Jane making eye contact with him “I won’t ever leave you because I ….. I ….. I love….. you to I love you to much now!” said Jeff crying “I love you to.” said Jane as she leaned forward to kiss his lonely lips “Do you promise not to go.” said Jane crying “I promise.” said Jeff in tears. They both clutched each other closely and the never let go until….


“How could you do this to me jeff!” said Jane “You made a promise and you broke it how could you!” screamed Jane in tears. Jeff had stabbed her in the back minutes ago “So we could be together forever!” said Jeff with a smile “You pro….miss…..ed you would never go but you lied because your drifting away from me!” said Jane “All I can see are tunnels one is light and one is dark “You have a heart so pure that you can decide your future heaven or hell.” said god’s voice Jane dashed towards the light “Please take me!” said Jane in tears “Jeff the killer my love he had lied to me and he stabbed me in the back!” said Jane in tears. As she slowly titled her head up “Then you shall come with me.” said god than she suddenly turned into all white be she still had black hair and black smoky eyes but her wings we’re grey a mix of black and white and so was her dress but she shined the lightest glow out of all the angels “You shall live happily and in piece.” said god with a smile.

As years passed by Jeff could no longer see Jane in his head and she never came back that is why she feared love it was because once you love someone and they make a promise to never let you go they stab you in the back (not literally ) and they leave you and they never return. So let me ask you this, do you fear love or do you abuse love? Do you use love as a mental illness or as how it should be used?

  • Alexia Steveson

    Dark man. Just dark.

    • rafif arkan

      Well, at least you understand da story.

  • so is Jane died ’cause Jeff literally stabbed her in the back with a knife or what?

  • Netor Ananab

    Wait, what? Instantly smitten by Jeff, he says/does something random, and she cries about him not loving her? Kind of like Anna from Frozen. Also, how would the Christian God let her into Heaven, telling her to (somehow) ‘live’ happily, even after she murdered seven freaking people and wed Jeff the Killer? Um…

  • Simon

    Seriously, this is freaking gold!

  • Zoe Zombie


  • Zoe Zombie

    Two words for you; LOVE IT!💖