The details included in this story are very loosely based on real life experience, paranormal or able to be scientifically explained I do not know, now of course some details will be added, left out, or changed to protect the identities of the people within this story, sincerely.

“Can I please go with Betty mom”, I said. Our camper had just been set up in a crowded RV park at lake Murray. I had been dying to see my assorted family. My 3 cousin’s, Nick, Aarab, and Brenan, Brenan’s girlfriend, his daughter, and mother in law.

“Boy your like clock work, we were just talking about when you were going to ask,” my mother said as she chopped onions with an amused look on her face.

“Am I really so predictable dearest mother,” I said cheekily.

“More so then a teenage girl,” my step dad said.

“Ask your aunt,” mom said.

I opened the door to the trailer and stepped out onto the loose gravel of the plot, to which the rest was surrounded by loose trees, and beyond that, the mossy green lake.

I didn’t even bother asking my aunt. I knew she would say yes, so I walked the dirt path to the docks were the rest of my family was. They were hogging the entire dock to themselves, smoking cigarettes, jumping in the water and just talking.

“Hey man what did your mom say,” Aarab asked me as I walked up.

“She said yes,” I responded

“Oh ya that’s what’s up, don’t you be a leaver like ma daddy was,” he said laughing like an excited chimpanzee.

“Yo daddy was no good dirty rotten pig stealing, eater of gorrila p******g,” I said grinning at him

“That s**t made no sense,” he said

“I know huh, but it made you think didn’t it, what time are we leaving this place.”

“Probably pretty soon. Your step dad cooks like he’s a mentally disabled Rugrat with down syndrome so before dinner,” he said laughing once more.

“My mom’s gonna b***h at all of us,” I said.

“Your mom’s a sweetheart,” Brenan yelled sarcastically from the water.

“You jumping back in,” Nick said approaching us.

“Please his fat a*s can’t climb the dock to get back out of the water,” Aarab said.

“Hey man I’ve already done it once.”

“I know huh, but for real I was worried you were gonna have a stroke and drown the whole time,” he said laughing.


Brenan drove the hour drive back to his mom’s house to drop me and Aarab off.

I got to kill the craving for a cigarette and I got to b******t, but once I got to sleep at Betty’s house, that’s when things got weird. I’ll say I’ve always been a skeptic of sorts never truly knowing what I believed. I’ve not always known about ghosts, but what made me believe is coming back to my room to find my gaming character in different positions. Sometimes the people I game with would ask me why I made such weird noises, like an RC car moving. The RC car that stays on my chair previously and was now on the floor. These events rarely happened but they happened none the less.

But what made me truly believe in ghosts, is the month stay I had at my aunt Betty’s.

I slept on the couch in the living room, and my sleep was interrupted. My aunt rolls her own cigarettes and had a bag of tobacco sitting on the coffee table. I woke up to the sound of someone digging in the bag, this shook me to my core but I passed it off as mice or some other critter of the night.

Before I could sleep again I had an overwhelming feeling like I was being watched, but I ignored it. The next thing that happened sent me running for the light switch, it felt as though someone ran a finger down my arm.

I opened my eyes and scanned the room, and I saw the outline of a bald man standing by the front door. I jumped up to turn on the lights which where in the kitchen, and I saw him again this time by my cousin’s bedroom door, but once I turned on the lights, he was gone.

Needless to say I slept with the lights on that night.

I awoke the next morning to Betty rolling cigarettes.

“Boy I didn’t think you would ever wake up,” she said.

“Ya me neither,” I said, “what time is it?”

“Noon,” she said pulling back the slide on the tobacco injector.

I debated whether or not I should tell her about the startling experience, but decided against it as there was a good chance I might have just imagined the whole ordeal.

I pulled the rolling tray towards me and slobbily filled the injector with tobacco and have asleep put on the paper tube, the result of course was the world’s floppiest cigarette.

“Don’t let your momma catch you doing that,” Betty said as I lit it.

“She’s 200 miles away,” I said.

“I know one thing Aarab better get his a*s up. He’s got to go get the truck back from Tammy because I’ve got to go pay bills,” she said while lazily browsing Facebook on her tablet.

“Why not pay them online,” I said.

“I don’t know how to do that s**t,” she said laughing.

I got up and around and walked to the bathroom to relieve my bladder, but as I walked through the middle storage room to avoid waking my cousin, a sense of dread filled me and the door behind my creaked shut. I sped up my walking and made it to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me this time, but as soon as my finger touched the lever to flush the toilet, the door behind me creaked open, just slightly. There was no way I was walking back through that room, so I went through my cousin’s room, not caring that his dogs would bark as soon as I turned the handle.

To my surprise Aarab was already awake.

“Sup f****r,” he said with an Xbox controller in his hand.

“Nothing much,” I said as I took a seat in a chair beside his bed.

“Your mom wants you go get the truck.”

“F**k I’m in a live game,” he said.

“Your mom’s gonna be pissed if you don’t,” I said.

“Ya take over for me will ya,” he said handing me the controller.

As soon as he left the room, the lights shut off, as did the Xbox and TV.

I was scared, one night and I knew what happened in the dark.

The sound of scuffling met my ears. The only frightening part was the sound was coming from under the bed. I bolted for the door and a half second before I flung it open, something grabbed my arm, but the light from the kitchen obliterated any hold it had over me. I walked through the kitchen and sat on the couch, surprised I found no marks or bruises.

It shocked me, but I knew if I mentioned any of it I would be treated like a Looney, so I kept quiet.

The first thing that came to mind is why in the holy hell did the ghost only mess with me, and not the other members of the House.

This made rise to two possibilities, either this thing was mine alone or they knew and didn’t want to say anything, both were equally unsettling.

Aarab pulled in and Betty immediately got up and went out the front door, right as Aarab entered.

“Well s**t don’t even say bye,” Aarab yelled to Betty.

I weighed out the options I had and finally decided to talk to Aarab about what I had witnessed.

He listened with a blank expression.

When he finally spoke his tone was soft.

“See the problem is I’m not technically allowed to tell you, but you already know half of it,” he said, “your mom’s side of the family has a ghost that follows different members around, your mom had it, grandma and her brother had it, it picks certain people to feed off of, and your mom told us not to tell you because she was afraid you would excite it.”

“Wait but what about your mom,” I said.

“It wasn’t interested in her, see my mom never played with the supernatural, yours however was a bit of a dip s**t.”

I decided to ignore the poke at my mom and said, “Wait but you said Grandma had it.”

“And it chose the child that was more easily influenced, since your mother liked to f**k with a Ouija board,” he said.

Everyone had heard the stories about my mother dabbling with wiccan and other rituals, but hey she was a kid.

“Wait so what the f**k do I do?”

“Don’t piss it off,” he said.

At that moment the lights cut out to a thick darkness, and labored breathing started in my ear.

“Too late.”

  • Samson Horne

    Ended way too abruptly, multiple spelling errors. I was actually really enjoying the story but then it ended so abruptly that it actually kind of made me mad. Add more to the story or a part 2!

    • Nastalgicphsyco

      Don’t worry I plan on a part 2

      • Samson Horne

        Whhhaaattt, let’s go!

  • Rwby Garnett

    Part 2 should include what happens next, if there is more to the story 😀

  • Richard Cutright

    Couldn’t finish it. The grammar errors are too abundant. I don’t say this to be insulting, but to hopefully promt you to edit this, or have it edited. Seemed a decent story. Good luck in your future works.