Sleep Paralysis

Author’s Note: I actually was disappointed by my last story that I had made, so here is one that relates to everyone the most.

I live in a 2-bedroom 1-bedroom house where one room is my actual bedroom and the other room is my set-up for working on assignments at school and entertainment. The set-up I have are the following; a PC monitor, printer, console and controllers, a desk to hold my printer and PC, with a television where my console is plugged up, and a couch for relaxing purposes. I am also in college, so we have quite a bit of assignments passed down to us to complete within that month, however I had stupidly decided to goof off from by focusing my attention playing video games and watching movies from my couch.

While exhausting myself with energy drinks and pulling an nighter to get most of it done, I had decided to give myself a 20 minute power nap before I continued. My bedroom was just as simple as my set-up in the room across the way with a television with cable, remote, desk, closet of clothes, posters, lamp, and an alarm that always glowed the time with a typical clock font. Before going to bed however, I decided to set my alarm for 4:50 am, which was 25 minutes in advanced, five minutes to lay down and try to sleep. I fell asleep within five minutes from setting my alarm but I seemed to be awake the entire time, it still felt like a dream however, but every muscle in my body was stiff as a log. I could see my bedroom like a 360 camera, where I could zoom in and out of my view from time to time. I told myself, “This is kind of cool, this must be what sleep paralysis is.”

In this state of dreaming, I had looked around the bedroom so many times as if an hour had passed by. However I quickly thought to myself, “Shouldn’t there be a demon of some kind that is suppose to make this experience ‘scary’?” Then right after I said that, I could see a women with black hair appear from what looks to be flames colored black. The eyes on the entity appear to be pitch black and the shirt appear to have dark red blood stained as if they were smeared on the shirt. It had sharp nails almost like spikes on them with blood dripping down from each tip. I looked at it for what feels like centuries until it started walking towards to me with its broken legs, looking at the legs, it appears that the foot of the leg has a bone sticking out as if it were broken, yet it could walk just fine. The eyes had seemed to only pan towards mine, but what was more shocking were the teeth. The teeth alone were yellow, a bit cricked. The teeth were sharp and pointy, like the blade at the end of a spear. It started opening its jaw wider than anything I had ever seen. Out of pure desperation, I screamed as loud as I could, a blood curling scream that was sure to even wake up my neighbors, yet that scream I had produced was just all in my head.

I could not move a muscle, and this “thing” was moving faster towards me, until, it stood next to my face right where I was sleeping. My head was near the side of my bad, so just seeing this “thing” suddenly licking his yellow teeth with the motive to do harm towards me was so scary, I had screamed for an even longer time and ever so louder as if I was about to die. It had climbed on top of me holding me down, with its nails digging into my skin making them bleed from my arms. Next thing I knew, it had decided to bite off a portion of my face. While I don’t remember seeing any gory details from this attack, all I remember from this was it was pitch black, however, I could hear the sounds of meat being torn from my face as if it were eating me alive. That’s when I was finally able to wake up a minute before my alarm went off, I felt too scared to even move away from my bed. I just kept thinking about what I saw, at that point it had left me in a state of shock where I felt so scared to leave my bed. Eventually after 10 minutes had passed by, I had gotten up from my bed to get an energy drink from my fridge and a water bottle to drink. I only remember this story because I have another set of assignments that are due, and I am afraid that I might experience the same thing a year later again.