Silence is Deadly

Something felt wrong. It was quiet, to quiet. She knew the beast couldn’t be trusted when he was silent. Something was definitely wrong here. She slowly crept out of her bedroom, inching slowly down the dark corridor. Careful not to make a sound or she could alert the beast of her presence.

She made her way to the last door on the left. She could see the faintest of light spilling from beneath the door. No, she thought, this is wrong. Slowly she continued forward. Every step a risk she was taking of being detected by the beast.

The closer she got to the door, she started to notice a crunching sound from the other side of the door. Oh god, she thought. I knew it something is definitely not right!

Suddenly there was a skittering of feet scattering past the door. She froze, did it know she was just outside its door? Could it sense her presence? With one final breath to steady her heart she rushed forward grabbing the handle of the door and in one swift motion she pushes it open!

“Ahha!” She yelled, “I knew it you turd!”

Her three year old son giggled as he tried to unsuccessfully hide the cookies behind his dresser.

“Mom!” he giggled, “You’re not supposed to sneak up on me like that!”

“And you sir,” she replied, “are not supposed to have cookies before dinner! I knew you were up to something the minute I realised how quiet you’d been!”

*Any mother can agree, a quiet toddler is a terrifying and dangerous toddler! 🙂 Thanks for reading hah

  • EmFred92

    Aaaah the peaceful story of motherhood

  • Cherish Fultz

    I knew it from the beginning

  • Puddin Tane

    “She” needs a name. Otherwise, it was good. You had me going.

  • teresa robinson

    Great story! Very true as well!

  • FallenSaint

    Ummm, great story as i was very focusing in the horror thoughts in my head the i started laughing 😅

    Great work, appreciate your work.