The Woman

I bet you have seen her…

The woman, the one that you never got to get a good look at. Most people just brush her off as a shadow or a trick of your own imagination. But I’m certain she is real… because I know her story.

She’s always with you, from the day you were born. She keeps to herself- well most of the time at least. I’ve never seen her face, but neither have you. She follows you constantly, never making a noise and never touching you. I know you have seen her. A dark shadow just out of sight. Most kids see her; she is the reason we fear the dark or the reason we cover ourselves while sleeping. She walks swiftly and never stays long. She quickly flashes in and out of existence. Just outside of what you eyes can see. Maybe her long hair can be briefly seen, or her hand around a doorway. A dark shade seen out of the corner of you eyes, and when you turn to get a better view she is gone… but trust me, she’s still near you.

I recently had seen her, but she didn’t stay long. My parents had left me alone in the house while they traveled to visit my sister in san francisco. I lived in Pomona, which is not the best neighborhood in California. I had already locked the doors and made sure the windows were closed. The constant sound of the people on TV and the presence of my dog next to me kept me feeling safe. I never felt scared alone in my house and took advantage of it by staying up late, watching movies, and stuffing my face full of junk food. Even at night I was always happy which is not a likely thing for a 12-year-old… but I was a weird kid, I kept to myself and didn’t really like people.

This moment in my life was the beginning of my realization; the moment that lead me to believe in her. She is not mine alone, she follows everyone, she is even following you… but never mind that, back to the story…

I had been laying on the couch staring at the television, the urge to sleep was growing so I decided to turn the TV off (my only source of light) and attempted to fight my insomnia. Thinking happy thoughts and plans for the next day- wait did I just see something… no it must be a shadow through the window. My dog got up, sniffing around with wide eyes and her ears up, I guess she saw something too… no, now I’m sure I saw something, I lifted me head up from the cushions with a nice creak from the wood floor under the couch. I barely am able to see some light coming through the window, creating a small light patch on the floor. Now I’m getting scared…

I was nervous placing my left foot down on the cold wood floor, fearing a monster under the couch would grab it. My imagination made me even more sacred as I thought that I saw a dark figure in the rooms corner, A shuffle on the floor around the light patch… I knew the location of the light switch, which was a few long steps away from the couch I was now sitting/laying on. I moved my right foot of the couch and placed on the floor next to my other foot, a small creak sounded as I put my weight on them. Slowly pushing myself up, I was now standing in the deafly silent room. It was so quiet I could hear my own breath like an echo. Suddenly a feeling of being watched surrounded me, sending chills though my spine. I was frozen I can see the shapes moving just out of sight and slipping into the darkness before reappearing in another location. I couldn’t move I didn’t even blink. But what I saw next made my blood run cold.

A darker shape more defined, darker, and more detailed slowly emerged from the entrance to the living room, I had stopped breathing and didn’t move my eyes from the object. As is slowly moved, it became more clear. It was tall, skinny to the bones, it had long hair, and barely fitted through the door even while ducking under. The next motion was a little bit faster; exposing its arms, moving them into the room. Its hands glided the seemingly endlessly skinny arms around the room on the ceiling. Scared beyond belief I used every muscle in my body to move my leg, but it seemed like years before my legs started moving. “Boom,” my heart racing as my legs took motion and mind screaming in fear. Two steps, that felt like a million took me across the room while my whole hand slammed against the switch. I panicked and took another second to turn the switch up. In that last second I took my time to stare at the creature… it was gone. The lights turned on but the creature had left before that. Feeling fear, relief, and utter blankness afterwards I stood there.

I had always remembered that moment. The one time I saw her, but never got the look to see her face. She takes many forms and chances are you have seen her many times. But one day she will show herself to you. Don’t tell anyone… because I know who she is. I know why she didn’t attack me or tried to stop me. She will stay away for now, don’t worry everyone has seen her. Never speak of her, but share this story of her if you need to. Don’t talk to her either, or else. When you see her hide, because she’s not what you think…

She is death, and she will stay with you, until its your time.


Author’s Note: Thanks everyone for reading this story its my first time, let me know if you liked it so I can make more like this.

  • TheStoryTeller

    That story made me have the chills.I recommend it.

  • Killer bunny

    Good story and it creeped me out

  • Wolfman

    Pretty good for first time

  • Truthslayer101

    Damn, this is your first time?! Nice job. The only problem is that when you tell people not to talk about her, isn’t the story pretty much completely going against that?

  • ThineUnvengefulOne

    For being your first time this was amazing I was on the edge of my seat quite literally, I had goosebumps and I was emersed and really into it, keep it up

  • Loki

    I’m gonna have nightmares

  • R4bbit

    Really good story. Great job, hope you make another one

  • Kiawe

    I cannot finish this potentially chilling story for the misuse and abuse you place on the word “had.”
    Please PLEASE P L E A S E have someone check your grammar before posting.

    • JaneTheReader

      I can agree to an extent, but it shouldn’t matter too much, as it has a good story nevertheless.

  • Russ Dex

    Not bad, good job! 👍

  • H̷o̵r̴r̸o̴r̷T̴r̷i̷x̵

    Wow. For your first time this was very good. Although, there a few spelling and grammar mistakes. But, other than that it was really good. Hope you make more.

  • Jed

    2/5 A cool concept muddled by clichéd writing, and a corny ending.

  • JaneTheReader

    A good story, using common fears- nice one 👍

  • McMoots

    Most of the paragraphs are just copies of previous paragraphs, but reworded.

    Also, the same things are repeated within some paragraphs but just written differently.

  • TheOddFurryOut

    This reminded me of the time I saw a white figure in my room. I even heard the words, “I’m always watching,” too. I wasn’t able to sleep for the next three nights. This is what sparked my love for creepypastas.

  • Wasn’t the best but definitely not the worst. Work on your typos.