River of Blood

Breaching through the mind with mass terror
Consuming your thoughts within
Dead bodies flowing through the red
Your very mind caving in
Satan is watching from the hills above
Planning for the next strike
The river itself turns from blue to red
A dark message from the third Reich

The very sight can bring a man to his knees
A soul crushing image
The enemy on the other side stare with smiles
Snipers hiding in the foliage
Lost friends flowing down the stream
Nothing left but limbs
To who is responsible deserves 1000 deaths
He will know when I find him

Camp fires burn as we mourn the fallen
Misery and Satan go together like a rhyme
We hope they suffer from what they’ve done
We will finally succeed this time
They will suffer to their last breath
buried alive under the mud
They will pay for every soul
every soul lost at the river of blood