This isn’t exactly what you would call a creepy story, but its a background for who you know as “Revenge”. Revenge is a dark angel created by God to protect his children. One day Revenge found his favorite.

Revenge rescued a girl one day from her abusive mother. The mother had many random men going in and out of their house at all times, and as you can imagine, a few of them took advantage of the teenage daughter. The mother did nothing to stop what was going on, so Revenge did.

Revenge showed up on a rainy night, getting revenge on the mother for what she had caused the daughter. When he was finished he went to leave his normal statement for her, “They can’t hurt you anymore,” but he stopped when he seen her. He had never seen a human being this beautiful before. Revenge waited till the girl woke up, and as you can figure it horrified her when she seen the faceless figure in a black robe. Revenge tried to tell her he wasn’t going to harm her but of course, with no mouth, he couldn’t speak. The girl finally calmed down and handed Revenge a piece of paper so he could communicate. He told her who he was and what he did, the girl looked a bit scared but somewhat relieved.

The girl introduced herself, her name was Victoria. She had long black hair and blue eyes, a very small figure.

God seen that Revenge had fallen in love with the human, so he gave Revenge a human form so he could be with her. Revenge as a human was named Matthew after the first book in the new testament of the Bible. He had shaggy black hair that laid perfectly over his still black eyes. His skin was still pale white, always dressed in black.

When Revenge/Matthew went to find Victoria in her new foster home she immediately knew who he was. This was a love you couldn’t mistake.

Revenge/Matthew still did his job as he was created to, but when he wasn’t, he was with Victoria.

It took some getting used to with being in love with a dark angel, waking up to a black obis for eyes, sometimes not understanding human actions, so on. The biggest struggle was Matthew going out in public. Imagine seeing someone nothing but black darkness for eyes and bleach white skin. You’d be a bit creeped out wouldn’t you? But Matthew and Victoria didn’t care, she loved him for who he was and he wanted to do anything to make her happy.

Here’s where it gets good again. Victoria was being abused by her new foster family, so of course Revenge took care of it. To go into detail, Revenge tied them to chairs and beat them mercilessly, breaking bones and ripping flesh. Inc he was finished he lit the house on fire with them still alive inside, taking Victoria and her belonging with him.

Seeing that Revenge is Gods protector of children (children being 1-17 years of age) God provided them with a place for Matthew/Revenge and Victoria to stay by themselves. They’re still together to this day, their love is truly one of a kind.

Oh yeah, remember, even if you’re a kid/teenager, and you harm another, he’ll be coming for you.