Perfect Aryan

After World War Two the Nazi Reich was destroyed. My friend’s grandpa had served the Reich. Karl always talked about what his grandpa did. One day he said wanted experimented on people. We all understood why he would talked about it, but something seemed unusual. Ever since we meet he would raise his hand, like he was saluting. But we got use to it.

Five years later we were in secondary school. Karl started getting a little more serious. We sat near his table at lunch. We could hear him mumbling words that we could barely understand.

“Ein volk, ein Reich, ein Führer (One nation, one empire, one leader),” he repeated. We felt scared for him. So we told the school counselor about it. The next day he came to us. He looked different. He had lighter blue eyes. His hair a little more blonde. He had a mustache too. He told us we should come to his grandpa’s house tomorrow. “Of course,” we said, we couldn’t miss out on his grandmother’s cooking.

It took a long time before we got there. It was a huge house, but old. We went inside the house. No one was home, but the visitors. Karl behind us shut and locked the door.

“Don’t go down in the basement at night.” It was about seven-thirty. We tried to sleep, but we couldn’t due to the noise downstairs.

Finally I closed my eyes. But I opened them, there standing a bald man with no eyes. I moved quickly, to the other bed. Maximilian woke up, he saw the man too. The man bald with no eyes. Peach like skin, with a metal collar around his neck. We screamed loud enough to get Karl up here. Immediately, Karl came in shouting. “König, geh jetzt die Treppe runter! (King, go down the stairs now!)” The man slowly left the room heading towards the stairs.

We were scared, “Karl was war das? (Karl what was that?)” we said. Karl grinning he said, “Das war mein bruder (That was my brother).” We looked shocked. Then we asked this question, “What are you?” He said proudly, “Der perfekte Arier (The perfect Aryan).”

  • Kimberly Dunn-Price

    This could be so much better with some time and effort, I think. Too short too choppy. Probably the most non-descriptive Creepypasta I have ever read.