One Late Night

I woke up face down on my desk. As I went to get coffee, I passed my co-workers office. “Wonder what happened to Robert. He just disappeared.” As I went to the kitchen, I realized the place was deserted. They left me. I thought but at least I was getting paid overtime money that I didn’t really work for. I made a rich and sweet brew to get me through some time. But when I got to my office, the lights were turned off. I wasn’t alone. I wanted to say who is it but I was always a quiet guy.

I saw a flashlight in Robert’s office and forced the lock open. I took the flashlight and a battery. I needed to find more. I went to the bathroom and saw one in the toilet. I looked around for the last one and saw it in some corner. I put them all in and as soon as I did I got a call. The dark creepy voice said, “I see you.” And then hung up.

Was this a prank from a female co-worker or was it real? I went back into Robert’s office. When I did, I saw a note hidden with his email and password. Once I’d got in, there was a message wrote up. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it told about how his grandma was an evil women and had done many bad things. I took the phone on his desk and dialed 911. Dial tone. I tried again and it happened again. Dial tone. Then the noise of a piano playing came on.

I freaked the hell out! I peeked out the door and saw a lady with gray skin and a black dress. It must’ve been her! But what was I gonna do? I didn’t know how to fight and I wasn’t armed. The music got closer. And closer. And closer. The music started to slow down and eventually stopped.

I want to leave, but the doors were locked. When I returned, the chalkboard had the words: “She’s afraid of light.” After reading that, I realized why the flashlight was there. I looked around for keys and found a zippo and keys to the emergency exit. I took the keys. As I thought I could leave, the door at the end of the hallway was locked.

The music played again and she walked down the hall. I set fire to her with the zippo and she disappeared. When I got back, there was a complete blackout. I used the flashlight for light. I walked to the entrance and the door was unlocked. I looked back to get one last look, there was nothing. As I went out the door, she jumped on me! I was never heard of again.

  • Stephen White

    If he was never heard from again, how are we reading this?

  • Netor Ananab

    I remember that game! Seriously though, I didn’t enjoy this story all too well, it was sort of… Dull? Too rushed maybe? It had a lot of typos too. Could have been great.