My Husband Already Died – Chapter 1

Most people don’t believe that you should move on after you’ve lost your true love. They believe that you should remain married to that person, even if they are no longer with you.

But have you ever heard of moving on by accident, not knowing that your true love is already deceased? The one you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with? The one that you stayed up dreaming of one day having a future with, is already dead? Well as creepy as it sounds, it can be true, and sometimes, that person can become jealous of you. Jealous of the person you are with right now.

This has happened to me. You might think I’m crazy the entire time you read this but I don’t care. Please know that this story is being written in dedication of the husband I’ve never met, but the one I love, and the one I have felt around me for quite some time. My husband, Reece Mollet.

I wasn’t a very outspoken person growing up, so obviously I was kind of outsider. I was kind of the girl that everyone wanted to know, the interesting girl. I wasn’t really a loser or anything, but I kind of gave off the vibe anyway. I guess you can say I was very quiet, I was slightly timid and jumpy, but what saved me from being bullied was my looks.

From what most people say, I was cute, sweet, and just kind of minded my business. I didn’t want to be a part of the bigger crowd. I had a small circle. My friends Emma, Haylee, and my closest friend Brandon, always hung out together at lunch, in the library on Fridays looking at scary stories just for fun.

One day, we found this book in the very back of the shelf titled “Ghost and Stuff”. The name was kind of lazy if you asked me, but the dark cover gave us a feeling that it may just be scary enough. We giggled at the fact that Haylee was terrified of ghost and she said she didn’t want to read it or be apart of it.

“Are you guys crazy? I’m not playing with that stuff, ghost are real!” she warned. Brandon teased and we climbed up to the attic where we read the scary books. Haylee bailed so it was just me, Emma, and Brandon.

Brandon flipped through the book and from the look on his face it might have been a mistake to get the book.

“What is it, B?” Asked Emma.

He looked at me and Emma, and said, “This book is meant to call spirits.” I thought he was joking because really, what kind of school has books like this? Not that I believed in ghost at the time, but it was odd, dark, and not what most schools would even allow students to be apart of.

I snatched the book from Brandon and skimmed through the pages. There were weird ritual instructions and old-timey languages which may have been Latin written all about it. My skin chilled and grew goosebumps.

“This is…kind of strange” I said. I closed the book and asked if we can get another book. Knowing Brandon, he snatched the book back and he accused me of being chicken. I denied it.

We went ahead and read some of the rituals. We didn’t really do one then, but Emma and Brandon were becoming interested. I tried to warn them that maybe we shouldn’t do it. Just to be on the safe side.

“You guys are crazy, I am so not calling any ghost, okay?” I was really creeped out by it at the moment and left down back to the library. Brandon followed up behind me concerned.

“Hey cutie, I didn’t mean to scare you…” he apologized.

“No it wasn’t you, I just… I felt weird about that book that’s all.”

We walked to class together and we were talking about maybe getting the book again after school, and then maybe performing one of the rituals just for the fun of it. We thought, it has to be fake since it’s in the school library. No school would ever allow such a thing.

After school, me, Emma, and Brandon got the book and we took the long way home. We were reading through the book, laughing and poking fun at the “after life” or whatever.

“What if this actually works?” said Emma.

Brandon looked at her and smirked replying, “Then I guess the ghost will follow us home, and haunt us to our death so we can join them in the after life,” he said sarcastically. Emma called him a smart a*s and we laughed some more.

We finally made it to my house and we decided on the ritual to do. We agreed to do the “Ouija” ritual. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much a game that you use to call spirits and ask them questions. This ritual was the game minus the board. The spirit is supposed to summon one of the players, and answer the questions being asked.

I’m not going to add in everything needed to do this ritual for the safety of all of you, but you needed a certain color of 7 candles, and you needed to circle them around the person who was willing to be summoned.

Brandon was brave, and as we got the ritual started, things began to flicker on and off. The power went out and by this moment, we wanted to quit the game, but the game required to be finished to the end.

The image I will never get out of my head, was how Brandon’s eyes rolled in the back of his head. It wasn’t slow like how a normal person would do it, but it went fast before you can even blink.

Me and Emma screamed. “Brandon!?” I asked. He didn’t answer. “Brandon, stop playing around”. His eyes were still rolled in the back of his head, and I was tempted to make a run for it, but I was too terrified to move. Brandon’s mouth opened, demanding questions from either one of us, me or Emma.

Emma asked first, “Who are you? Are you still Brandon?” she said this with a shaking voice. When Brandon, or whoever it was that had summoned him answered, he didn’t sound like Brandon anymore.

“Your admirer,” it answered. Eyes still rolled back he slowly turns to me and smirks. At this point my heart was racing too fast and I felt squeamish and dizzy. He kept staring at me, and the whites of his eyes were a cloudy grey now and it was as if he were staring into my soul.

“Get out of my friend! Who ever you are, please leave!” I choked. The candles around him blew out on their own, and the power finally came back on. Brandon’s eyes went back to normal, and he fainted. Me and Emma woke him up and asked if he were okay.

“I never want to play with this thing again!” he shouted. We all agreed and that night we were all horrified and stayed the night with each other. Either Brandon played this role good or he was really summoned by the ghost. We hid the book under my bed which at the time sounded good. We just didn’t care. We were going to burn it, but since it belonged to the library we weren’t able to do that, and we were unable to return it until Monday morning.

Saturday night, both Brandon and Emma went home safely, and we video chatted to keep each other company.

“Maybe Haylee was right guys, we shouldn’t play with the after life,” said Emma. We changed the subject and went on in a joking matter about ghost and spirits. After we were done talking, I called Haylee and told her everything. And for someone who didn’t mess with the after life, sure did know a lot about it.

She was telling me how some ghost do fall in love for sure, with someone who is alive, and sadly, some ghost just don’t know that they are dead. She explained to me that if the spirit was really in love with me, that it would do anything it could to get to me, even if it meant possessing the people around me, tricking me, and playing games.

“This sounds dumb, Haylee” I laughed. She didn’t laugh she said she was being serious. My laughs turned to silence after I heard something fall in my closet.

To be continued…

  • tsundrei

    A few grammatical errors (like your “ghost” is meant to be “ghosts”, plural), but is overall interesting and an amazing start to a wonderful series 😊😊

  • Chaiya Monroe

    I need more

  • Lupita Avelar

    I think you meant to write possessed not summoned. You summon a ghost and the ghost possesses a human. You can’t really summon a human or posses a ghost.

  • Cole

    I really think you started out tremendously well… Had a very good hook to get people to continue reading just within the first paragraph