My Monsters

I know a story my father always told me before I went to bed. I always loved it when he told it because every time he did there would be a new person added to it.

It was about a boy who lived in a house on the highest mountain. He was lonely but he had these monsters to keep him company. There was Dave, Richard, Bomble, and the one he recently added, Abraham.

I couldn’t wait for the story this time, I wondered what new monster was coming to play. These stories helped me not be afraid of the dark. Or anything in fact. My father tucked me in and kissed me on the cheek.

“Good night Rachel,” he said.

I alerted him about my story. I never slept without him telling his story. He turned around and smiled as he walked closer.

“I never forget your stories darling.”

He told the story.

“There once was a boy who lived high in the mountains. He was a lonely boy. But, he had his monster friends to keep him company. He had Dave, Richard, Bomble, Abraham, and now he has Devin.”

I was excited to hear what Devin’s special power was. All of the monsters had a special power that they use to protect the boy. Dave had telekinesis, Richard had super strength, Bomble had freeze breath, Abraham had super speed…

“Devin has shape shifting, which he can use to help the boy hide from the evil beings of the outside,” my dad finishes.

“Dad, what are those beings?”

“They are evil monsters, the ones that turned evil and only want to take the boy and eat him,” my dad responds.

I got scared, I knew it was just a story but I couldn’t help but think of the monsters munching on the boy’s insides.

“Don’t be scared sweetie, the good monsters will watch over him like they do over you.”

My father finishes the story like he always does, with a happy ending. He kisses me goodnight and leaves the room.

I wake up to an annoying sound of arguing. It was my parents. My mom always used to drink a lot but I think this was something different. They were screaming back and forth about bills and not having enough money.

My mom then let out a scream and the night grew silent. The door then opened, my dad’s hands were red. He picked me up and walked me downstairs.

“Shh don’t be scared sweetie, my monsters will always protect you from the evil beings on the outside. But we all have monsters to protect us, and I will show you yours.”

  • NamelessNation

    I liked the story and am looking forward to part two.

  • OwenTurner

    Wait? “I will show you yours”. I don’t get it

    • Kidofeed HD

      The meaning of the story is that society has their monsters and it takes opinions to call them either evil or good. In your mind you could call your monsters your friend but deep inside you know that they are slowly eating your insides. When he says “I will show you yours” it means that later on in the main character’s life she will feel greif and then start to put that on herself and break down. Her monsters are the things that you can come back to weither they are good or not, to you they are your friends. You have to really dig deep into the story to find the message. Thanks for reading!