Oh, Senpai!

Oh, Senpai. I will do anything for you! I will not tolerate another girl, however.

Oh Senpai, how do you not see that we are meant to be with each other forever?

I know where you are at all times, who you are with. I do admit, though, I am even jealous of your mother! She gets so much more attention than me!

Oh, Senpai. I just want to sit with you during lunch and share your sweet rice cakes that you always eat last, after eating your salmon sushi.

Oh, Senpai, I wish I could have, but you have been mean and very naughty.

You talked to her, Kashi-chan, my best friend of all people.

Oh, Senpai. Watching your tears flow down your cheeks makes me joyous. That I got to you. You hearing of Kashi’s death, which I will dutifully explain in detail to you.

I did this all for you, Senpai.

I had led her to my house. It was easy since she had wanted to come over for a while now. My mother and father were killed a long time ago, so I was all alone, again.

I took the white cloth around her eyes after I had stepped in the door behind her. She wanted to scream, I could tell, but I shoved another clot in her moth. she cried and whined, it got so annoying!

I dragged her to my basement and had a little chat about what happened. I told he about you, Senpai. About how much I love you. And how I wouldn’t let anything get between us. She lied though. She said there was nothing between you two. But I saw that kiss, that one touch, that move you made on her that night she came to your house.

You shouldn’t have done that Senpai.

And Kashi is going to pay for your actions.

She did.

I touched your arm, today. I got such a chill from it. In one of my classes, I sit behind you, so I passed a note into your desk before class. You haven’t seen it, yet, but I know you will.

Wait, what’s this?

You are around a boy?!

Why did he touch your hand like that, and why are you blushing?! I gave you a note and you haven’t even read it yet! I hope this stops when you see my note.

And when he dies…

I did it, Senpai! I got your attention! No don’t run away just because of my uniform covered in blood!

wait no, it wasn’t me! I didn’t hurt those girls and boys! I’m just a witness!

No don’t take me away now! I just had him…

He visited me in prison today. I wasn’t allowed to move though.

He seemed… happy. That I am gone.

I confessed though. Sort of…

I find ways to write Senpai on my soft walls, usually in my sweet-scented blood.

Oh Senpai, help me out of here, I love you. I want to be with you, nw. If you love me, I won’t be naughty anymore! I wont hurt anyone else! Only if you say you love me…

Fine then.

Just you wait…

You’ll get what you deserve soon enough.

  • Samson Horne

    I read this solely based off of the title because I watch anime LOL. A very good short story though I like to point if you you put on it

  • Loli waifu is Lifu


    • Konner


  • Konner

    This was… Odd…
    Very… Very… Unoriginal.
    Eh. Nicely written.
    2 stars.

  • Brandon Barrett


  • Chaiya Monroe

    Mehhh, it was confusing and odd.

  • Sabrina

    I respect the author for the simple fact that this is a community of writers sharing whatever the hell they want. It was like a fun, dark roller coaster ending up in a black tunnel. Short, sweet, and bloody.

  • Urang Leo

    Reminds me of my ex

  • Bugaboo

    I am sorry if you didnt like it… I will try harder to improve my skills… I was just trying something sloppy and new.. Im sorry… Please forgive my sloppiness…

  • Richard Cutright

    Pretty good lol. Certainly creepy and that’s the goal right? As with many, there are a few typos, but they were few and fairly easy to get passed without having to pause to make sense of. I suppose some may have a valid point that it isn’t wholly original, however true originality is incredibly rare, and immeasurably difficult to acheive. Someone else probably already thought of it lol. 3/5* 👍

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That was pretty ominous actually.