Mewtwo GX

Growing up I was a big Pokemon fan. I would save up my weekly allowance and go to the store to buy the newest set of Pokemon cards. There was one card I always had my eyes on, the Mewtwo GX. Many people would probably go for the Charzard GX or the original Charzard, but I already had a few Charzard’s. I would always get frustrated when ever I would find any card but the Mewtwo GX.

I remember when I was younger I had decided to buy a set of cards… I don’t remember which. When I got home I opened it and to my surprise I had found the Mewtwo GX but… it looked weird. I looked for the artists name but I couldn’t find it. I remember just shrugging it off and went to get my deck. When I went to go grab my new card I noticed it looked different like it had changed its pose but then again I never really took a good look at it so again I just thought nothing of it and went over to my friend’s house to play with my cards.

When I got there I showed her my new Mewtwo GX and she looked at it strangely. She then went to go grab hers. I waited a bit guessing she had decided to went to the bathroom as well but she didn’t come back into the room. So I got up and went to look for her. After about thirty minutes of searching it was like she just disappeared out of plain sight. I thought it was a bit strange that she had just left like that. Nether the less I just went to go grab her card. After I grabbed it, I went over to compare her card to mine. I sat down on her couch and started to compare them. Soon enough my mom came to pick me up. As I ran over to her I just… ran through her. I was confused on how I did that. Then I just fell… into this dark abyss.

I could hear them screaming. My mom was calling the police as I heard and I felt somebody pick me up. Then the sound just… stopped and I could see again!! But it looked like I was in a lab… The same lab that Mewtwo was created in. Being a bit confused on why I was here, I decided to look around but when I got to Mewtwo’s chamber he wasn’t there. I walked up to it about to touch it when something just… fell. I picked it up to see a photo of all my friends and I. As I looked at it there where Red X’s on their faces and a name of a Pokemon next to them. At this point I was scared. I looked at my part of the photo and saw Mewtwo. What the? Why is this happening. WHO IS DOING THIS?? WHY?

I am… your worst nightmare HAHAHA.

AHHHH…. what a weird dream…

Was it a dream? Or a nightmare!!