Hi! I’m not going to use real names in this so you can call me Olivia.

I was at a thrift store looking for something good and I found a copy of Pokémon X. I was skeptical but I had brought my 3DS with me so I asked a worker if I could play it for a sec before I bought it just to make sure it worked and she said yes so I saved and quit my other game and switched it for X. It already had a save file named STAR so I played that. It ran fine so I took it out and bought it. Later when I had taken it home I called my friend (her name will be Anna) to come over and check out my new game. She said she’d be over in a minute so while I waited I thought about wether or not to erase the save file STAR and I was just about to erase it when I heard Anna knock at the door. I opened it and she came inside. I took out my 3DS and deleted the save file without a second thought. I made a new file called Phoenix as I usually did on pokemon and I played it. Like I said it ran fine other than the occasional lag but nothing too bad and at least it didn’t crash on me. But when I picked my pokémon something odd happened. Instead of the Professor I saw the avatar of STAR and she said nothing. I supposed this was a glitch so I just picked my Froakie and got on with the game. When I got to Lumoise city I began to see STAR quite often. And when I tried to talk to her she simply said

Leave me alone

So I did. But after I beat the jym leader Lemont she actually walked up to me and asked if I wanted to trade. She only had one pokemon and it was odd looking, she had named it LOST and it was level 14. I traded it for my level 20 Staravia that, oddly enough, I had named Star. So then the message popped up

Goodbye Star!

But her message was

I am LOST help me

It was odd to say the least. I tried to talk to her after the trade but all she said was

Help me

Over and over again so I finally gave up and moved on with my work. I was going up to the Elite Four’s base to battle them when STAR showed up and challenged me to battle. I accepted and we fought. Star had evolved into a Staraptor and STAR had another pokemon after it. Only one though. I easily beat Star the Staraptor with my Greninja and STAR sent out her other pokemon. It was very disturbing. It lookes like someone had taken Yveltal and LOST and mushed them together. Not like Yveltal looked like LOST but it actually looked like someone had taken both Pokémon and superglued them together. It was creepy to say the least and it was named TRY AGAIN. I actually had to try several times to beat it but the last time it was named LOOK BEHIND YOU I did and I screamed. I saw the Pokémon! THE POKÉMON IN REAL LIFE! It terrified me and I immediately closed my 3DS and BOLTED out of the house. When I came back about an hour later I saw the Pokémon was gone so I went inside. My 3DS was open and on the egg hatching screen. But I had no eggs! It was scary. Very very scary. I hatched the egg and the game froze right before I saw what it was, and I saw a message repeating over and over again HELP ME PLEASE like a thousand times. I closed my 3DS and called Anna, she said she’d be right over and she was. When she got here I opened my laptop and looked up STAR. Naturally I got the listings of stars and the definitions of star but there was one link that plainly said

Star Robinson

Star. I clicked the link and it showed her Facebook page and… A missing person report?! It made more sense now… Lost… I clicked on her Facebook page for some reason and saw that her parents were Amy and Richard Robinson. I messaged them

Olivia: Mr & mrs Robinson?

Robinsons: Yes. Who is this?

Olivia: Someone who is interested in your daughter.

Robinsons: Our daughter? Why?

Olivia: Did she like Pokémon?

Robinsons: Yes…

Olivia: Did she have Pokémon X?

Robinsons: Yes.

Olivia: Did you give it to a thrift store recently?

Robinsons: Yes…

Olivia: O.M.G.

Robinsons: What?

Olivia: I… I have to go. Bye.

I logged off. This was WAY too wierd. I asked Anna to watch me play Pokémon and she agreed only because I didn’t look like I was showing off but I looked scared. So I played and Anna watched and just as she got up to leave I screamed and she looked at the screen. STAR was right in front of me. It was like a cutscene but way, way more realistic. STAR had a pained expression on her face and a pokeball in her hand. She handed it to me and collapsed. She faded away then I sent out the Pokémon and it was named LOOK BEHIND YOU so I did and saw… STAR. I saw STAR right behind me just like in the game. Only instead of a pokeball in her hand she had a knife. She walked up to me and I tried to scream but couldn’t. I tried to run but couldn’t. I was paralyzed. Anna tried to grab me and run but I was too heavy. She said “Sorry” and ran away. I forgive her. At least she’s alive. I had to watch as STAR walked up to me with an expression of sadness. And I also saw a Vaporeon named NO CHOICE. I watched as she stabbed me and collapsed then faded away… With my life…………….

  • Nyelli

    People who play (or used to) Pokémon go needs to read this!

  • Dean

    Interesting idea but a lot of mistakes that subtract from the experience

  • Lost Boy

    My only thoughts on this was try out different story styles, and double check for errors. Other than that, great job.

  • Alexia Steveson

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Mapped

    Pretty good, but I don’t think you can tell your story if you are dead…
    Other than that, pretty nice and scary 🙂

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Holy crap, my writing style has changed. So weirddddd