Lips Sealed

Noise makes my head aching. I thank myself to be patient to my wife’s noisy mouth. She keeps babbling about some unimportant things. Surprisingly, our daughter doesn’t like her too. We moved in from another place with no neighbors, only us. Only the big dark house that I live till now. “It’s okay here, Dad. I get to play with Winnie more,” Wilma, my daughter, smiled at me, revealing those stained teeth and brushed Winnie’s hair.

I just nod at her, ignoring Winnie’s crumpled hair and lost arm. Wilma smiled at me and headed toward her room. My wife again babbled about the lawn that I didn’t mowed yesterday. I was busy working on some papers that I forgot about the lawn.

“For God’s sake, Richard! All it takes is 20 minutes to finish mowing! Why can’t you do it?! Did you read newspapers again? You s**k, Richard, YOU ARE USELESS!” and rolled her eyes and headed back to the kitchen. Just as she finished Wilma got out from her room with a serious look on her eyes, and smiled when she saw her mother “Mom…”

“Yes, dear?”

“Winnie’s headless…can you buy me another doll?”

“Why? What did you do to her again? Did you know how much that cost? How much did I spend? I won’t buy another doll again.”


“I’ll buy you one,” I butted in.

“NO Richard–”

“Dad, it’s okay” Wilma said with a smile. I suddenly felt weird goosebumps by the way she utter a word. Something’s different. My daughter has changed. She’s not the innocent and happy girl that I know. The tiny baby that I held 7 years ago with my arms has grown weirdly.

“I’ll make one” she said.

My wife sighed. She stepped forward and brushed her fingers on Wilma’s hair, receiving a silent growl. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Mom. Will you help me later?”

“Of course, anything for my baby.”

My wife may not have seen it, but I did. I saw how Wilma smirked devilishly and looked at me with a sly smile while hugging her mother. I turned around, and headed toward to the lawn. I guess I have no lawn no mow. My wife already fix the tall grasses and filled it up with water. My wife is such a good person, not just her mouth. Those word piercing in my heart when she says to me that I’m useless, lazy, liar, worthless, yet she didn’t know what I’ve done for her. I returned inside and went to my room.

We don’t share the same bed anymore as before. I lay there as long as I could. I checked my clock and its already 7 in the evening. My wife will call us now for dinner.

……………. Why can’t I hear no call? I got up and went outside the room.

I tend to avoid my shaky breaths as I saw my kid in front of my wife, standing and holding a scissor¬† in her hand. She turned to me and smiled, “Dad would you like to join?”

I hear my wife’s crumpled screams so I quickly went up to them and shocked in what I saw. My wife’s mouth was sewed by a pink thread. Excess blood was purposely put on her cheeks and ink was drawn in her eyes. Her long shiny hair was now gone, replacing a shiny head full of scars.

“How do you like what I made Dad?”

I frowned “NO.”

I walked out and I could heard my wife’s sigh. Something was missing. When I got what I wanted I headed back and Wilma’s eyes glowed when she saw what I was holding.

“I was not satisfied, Wilma. It’s not enough,” I smiled, and smiled more when I my wife’s crumpled screams got louder. I held the thing close to her mouth and clasped it, my wife’s eyes got bigger and screams getting louder. I love the reaction so I stapled her mouth more. I’m satisfied in the blood dripping in her mouth so I stapled her left cheek. She just screamed so I staple her left cheek, ears, forehead, and nose.

Her breathing’s gone terribly rapid and I laughed as Wilma’s excited shriek filled my system. I love what my wife is doing when I staple her. I raise her shorts and stapled her smooth thighs. Her milky skin is now replaced with a red color. I didn’t realize that Wilma has a knife and slashed her mother’s shoulders.

We kept doing that in joy, until we are out of space, and stooped until we cannot hear the satisfying screams anymore.