I’m not good at writing. Actually I am, but it’s not me. My name is Aric Riddle and I can’t control them anymore. I’m possessed or multi personality or something. I don’t mean to hurt people. I’m the lead person the dictator in my head. They are many that come and go.

It started when I was 5. When my dad went psycho and tried to kill us. He pointed a gun at my head and that’s when he became in control of my body. The insane version of me. There was a pencil in my pocket because I’ve been doing homework. When dad called me in his bedroom, he had my mom on the floor and he pointed a gun at me and yell at me to sit. I did as I was told them. My dad got in my face and was making threats to my mom then he took over. He calls himself Aj. He lust for murder and pain. He took out a pencil and stab my dad in the knee cap. He tried to fight me off of him as I stab his other knee and his left elbow, but my mom tore me away. She took off to my grandpa house and called the cops. My dad got away from the whole thing and survive with missing legs and a f****d up elbow. Aj wishes he can do it again, and do more to him.

It’s been just me and Aj for 5 years. He took control when I get into fights and had my back when people made fun of me. He was my only friend in elementary school and he taught me how to control the others. Another one formed when I was lost in the woods. This one is less of a scary one and more of my own survival guide. I call him Primitive Aric because he created the necessary stuff to survive. Well it was getting dark and he took charge. First he made a fire using the drill technique and made a small shelter and caught a few squirrel to eat. He was in charge. The longest I’ve ever let them watch was about two weeks after my mom found me. She was mad and relieved that she gave me my first phone. Primitive Aric always want to be free and always complains about the mess up society we make up and doesn’t grasp the concept of why we pay for taxes and that stuff.

Once my mom gave me my first phone, I think it was a Samsung Galaxy S5 or something like that, when Co2 came. He is a gamer. He will play random game like candy pop to RPG. He got a few fan follow him. He also came out with his name because he is a big fan of H20 YouTube channel that he give himself a YouTube channel and that he gets depressed because he has 14 subscribers. I caught him trying to end my body. He tried bleach and hanging himself but I can usually catch him before self harm is done. One of my personality wants some attention, so I have to go. If you want more stories about my little buddies just let me know.

  • Nakayla Hardwick

    I honestly really like this idea, I kinda want more of this, noiceeeee