Killer Jaz and Eyeless Jack – Part 8

Ben Drowned is nowhere to be found and he is supposed to be cleaning his room. Jeff the killer cleaned his room and now is washing the bath tub. I go out side and see Eyeless Jack sitting on the porch.

“Hey babe,” I say smiling. He smiles then says to me. “Hey hot stuff,” I laugh at what he said. He also laughs the gets up and pulls me close. I look at him then he takes his mask off and kisses me. I kinda look surprised but I let it happen. Ben Drowned comes back and sees me and Eyeless Jack making out.

“You two need to get a room,” he says annoyed then I take him by the throat and pin him to a wall. He gets super scared. “You left before you could clean more stuff,” I say very angry. I almost kill him but Slender man comes from behind me and stops me. I drop Ben and step away. Ben runs into the house and cleans everything he is supposed to clean.

Slender man looks at me then eyeless Jack. “Both of you need to work together to get laughing Jill,” he says with a tone I have never heard from slender man before. Jack gets up then says, “Where is she?” Slender man tells Jack and I where Laughing Jill is. We both go get her. We find her in an ally way. I look at her and she’s crying slash laughing.

“Laughing Jill? Slender man needs you,” Eyeless Jack says. She gets up and comes with us.

  • IronMosquito

    I still find this hilarious. Dear god…