Killer Jaz and Ticci Toby – Part 7

Slenderman, Jeff the Killer,  and Ben Drowned clean the whole house. I help a little bit with it. Then Toby comes up to me and kisses me on the neck turning me on. I smile and moan a little bit. He smiles then he gets smacked in the head because of Ben and Jeff messing around. “BOYS!! DON’T MAKE ME SMACK U BOTH AND SEND U TO UR ROOMS TO CLEAN THEM!!!” They both stop and get scared. I smirk at the feeling of Ticci Toby kissing my neck. I moan with pleasure. He picks me up and carries me to my room. Every hears roughness coming from my room. I come out and smile at everyone that are starring at me. Toby comes out and kisses my neck. I giggle a little bit. Then Eyeless Jack realized that I’m kinda sad to be with Ticci Toby.

After the whole house is clean Jack pulls Toby out of the house and into the woods. “Toby, Jaz isn’t really that happy to be with u.” Jack says with a sad face. “I have noticed. She loves u and me being with her is just making her depressed. The deal is off.” Toby says excited but sad at the same time. Then Toby goes into the house and pulls me outside and we walk for a while till we get to a tree. “So Jaz me and Jack can tell that u are depressed while dating me. So I’m here to break up with u and I broke the deal with Eyeless Jack.” He says before kissing me one last time.

I then smile insanely big at him and hug him. Then I run back to the house and run right into eyeless jack and I kiss him. He smiles then kisses me back. I jump into his arms and make out with him. “U happy now jaz? “Eyeless Jack says with a loving and s**y voice then I nod. We keep kissing till Jeff the killer comes up to me and taps me. I look at him then he says,” Jaz the whole house is clean.” I then say, “what about ur room?” He runs and cleans his room then I laugh.

  • Chantal

    Part 1 was “alright” but this whole thing turned into some 12 yr old girl who fantizes about some weird sh** like seriously. U are fantasizing over some weird crap.

  • Izzy Walker

    im sorry but some of this wont be updated till further notice