Jeff The Killer – Part 1: Dead to Me

My name is Jeff, and It all started April 19, 2017. I was walking home from school with my friends, Liam, Mikayla, Miranda, Allison, and Paul, and something across the road caught my eye. There wasn’t anything over there, so I convinced myself that I was seeing things and just kept walking, but it felt like something was wrong. I passed it off as paranoia Since I’ve had PTSD ever since I witnessed my mother’s murder. When I got to my house I asked my friends if they wanted to come over, and they said yes. So we went to my house and played video games for a while. Afterwards, I asked them if they wanted to stay for the night.

Now all of our parents were friends, and they all had gone on a trip together. Since they would be gone for two weeks, they said yes. Then, they all went home and got some stuff for the sleepover. While they were gone I found something I had never seen before. I found My attic door.

I didn’t even know I had an attic! Once my friends got back I showed them, and Paul said “Woah! Dude we have to go up there!”

“No way! What if there’s poisonous spiders or bats?!” I said.

“Or maybe there’s some creepy perverted guy!” Liam said in a mocking tone.

“Stop teasing him,” said Miranda. I didn’t know what to do, so I went and got some flashlights.

“Are you guys coming?” I said as I pulled down the ladder.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going,” said Paul.

“Not without me!” said Liam.

“Sounds like fun,” said Mikayla.

“Let’s see what’s up here!” said Allison.

“Wait for me!” Miranda said, with a small tremble in her voice. When we all climbed up the ladder, it was just darkness. I turned on my flashlight and looked around.

I saw a chain hanging from the ceiling and pulled it. A dim light covered the room and showed boxes, a bike, a few totes, and a safe. We looked through the boxes and totes and found some pretty good stuff; We found some money, $346.67 to be exact, A football, a BB gun, and An old phone.

Next, we went over to the safe. It was a tall, old, dusty safe, and it used a combination like what was on our lockers at school. we all tried some combinations, but none of them worked. I went down to my shed and grabbed a crowbar. It was hard to pry open, Because it was built well. When we finally got it open there was only one thing; A knife.

I picked it up, and Liam said, “Dude, that’s creepy. Why does your dad have a knife locked up in a safe?”

“I don’t kno-”

“Jeff?” said Miranda, “JEFF?”

I then said, “I know why. He killed my mother. THAT SON OF A ***** KILLED MY MOTHER!!!!!!”

They all stopped and stared at me. Without a word I climbed down the ladder, the knife in my hand, and asked them to leave. once they did I went to do the laundry, and I accidentally spilled some bleach and slipped on it. The bleach went all over me and turned me completely white. Everyone made fun of me at school after that so I dropped out two weeks later.

The day after I dropped out, my dad got home. He called my name and I quickly ran upstairs to my room and grabbed the knife. I came downstairs and said, “Dad?” and then he said, “I’m in the kitchen.”

I walked to the kitchen and tackled him.

“Why?” he said, and I replied, “YOU KILLED MY MOTHER YOU SON OF A *****!” I put the knife up to his throat and said, “WITH THIS KNIFE!!!”

He had nothing to say, for he had done it. I sat there for a second and then I said, “YOUR DEAD TO ME!!!!”, and then I slit his throat. It felt good… no, it felt REALLY good. It was almost… fun. So to this day, I still kill people, just for fun. People even came up with a name for me; They called me Jeff The Killer.

  • Megan Elizabeth Baker

    April 19th is my birthday! I AM JEFF THE KILLER!! *evil laugh*

  • Jed

    1/5 Utterly nonsensical; the fact that this story has a 4/5 rating overall on this website gives me chills.

    • Noah Stites

      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy my story. Please inform me what you didn’t like and I might change that in future chapters.

      • Jed

        1. Mispellings.

      • Jed

        2. It’s a cheesy, cliché, and standard run of mill story.

      • Jed

        3. It’s extremely rushed to be a part 1.

      • Jed

        4. There’s no personality in any of the characters.

  • Noah Stites

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback! I will write Chapter 2 soon.

  • Noah Stites

    I could… Yes, I will. (Thank you by the way)

  • $hadow of $tar

    1st creepypasta I read
    Not going to stop reading this thing XD

  • VBlackitty

    Interesting version of the original story of Jeff 👻