Forever Halloween (Pamela Johnson)

(I’m sorry for my bad grammar.)

Pamela Johnson.

Once a brave young girl.

She had everything you could wish for.

An amazing family, great friends and always good grades at school.

But her luck wasn’t there for long…

It was on her sixteenth birthday.

The exact same day as Halloween.

She felt really lucky, to be born on that day.

Her friends recommended her, to go trick or threating instead of a party.

So, she went one day before out, shopping for a costume.

Soon after the girl finished, she thought about a surprise visit in one of her friend’s house.

She wasn’t really interested in their complains, about suddenly appearing at their homes.

Her expression turned into a happy smile, as she stood in front of her best friend’s house.

She took a deep breath and pressed the door bell.



She pressed it again.


No one was coming.

“Weird… she usually opens the door after only one time ringing…”

Her head spinned to the car park next to the house.

“Looks like no one is home…


Why is the door open…”

In that moment, her curiosity overtook her senses.

She wanted to know, what was going on.

“You know what.

That’s not funny anymore.

I’m coming in!”

With these words, the girl opened the giant door and walked right in.

“No showering noises, huh…

That’s really supposed to be a prank!”

The teen ran through the hallways, straight into her best friend’s room.

“Stop this s**t, Melanie!

I know, that you are just messing around with me again-”

Her voice turned silent, as she saw the sight of pictures hanging all over the walls.

It weren’t nice pictures.

It were photos.

People, which she didn’t even seem to know.

Most of them were crossed out.

Suddenly, in all the chaos of red crosses, she saw her own face on one of the photos.

It was circled.

The teen froze onto the ground, not able to move.

“What the Hell, Melanie…

what is this nonsense?!”

What did she do to theses people?

Did she kill them?

Was she going to kill her too?

Many questions flew through her head.

Suddenly, the noise of a nearby car, got her out of her mind.

Thinking of the worst, the girl ripped the only window of the room open, and jumped outside.

She started to run.

It felt like an eternity.


Maybe, she was already running for hours?


Maybe, she was already far away from her home?

Before she could think of more, she realized a huge rooftop from far.

Wait… wasn’t that her house?!

Yes, of course!

She squeaked in joy, as she ran into the front door, greeting her parents.


The next day, she decided to ask her friend about the photos, while they were trick or treating.

As soon, as they passed the first house, she grabbed Melanie’s arm and pulled her into an empty alley.

“Yo Melanie… I just… um…


Sorry that I broke into your house again! I just wanted to make a surprise visit-”

“You did WHAT?!”

“I… um…”


She looked onto the ground in shame, not noticing the footsteps which were coming towards them.

“So she knows…”

Wait… wasn’t that Sandra’s voice?

The girl looked up.

Her friends followed them…?

“…what are you talking about…”

Were the photos really THAT bad?

Before the teen could think more, she got suddenly kicked into her stomach and fell to the ground.


What the hell-”

Another kick.

this time in her back.

Her so seemed “friends” formed a circle around her.



Pain was the only thing the girl felt.

Every kick hurted more and more.


She whispered, as blood ran out of her mouth.

“Sorry Pamy.

It’s necessary…


We would have gotten rid of you anyways.”

These were the last words the teen heard, before her life faded in front of her eyes away.


A few days after…

Melanie was sitting in front of her TV, still thinking about the death of her childhood friend.

The one, which was always so kind to her.

Even with her mental disorders.

A sigh came out of the killer’s lips, as she stared onto the screen.

All of the sudden, she heard a noise behind her.

It sounded like painful breathing.

Her head spinned around, but soon turned back, when she realized, that nobody was there.

“Stupid imagination…

It’s always the same-”

A cold hand grabbed her neck from behind, and turned her head around.

One silent scream came out of the girl’s lips, as she looked at the person.

It was Pamela.

But something, except the fact, that she was supposed to be dead, was really odd.

Her skin was grey, almost blue.

Her mouth was formed into a smile, which remembered on a Jack-o-lantern’s one.

But her eyes, were the creepiest thing.

They were shining in a bright red colour.

“H-hey Pamy… I missed you…”

The girl tried to get out of the tight grip on her neck, but failed.

“Look… I don’t know what’s the problem… I mean… It’s still my birthday!”


This couldn’t be real.

“N-no… you are wrong… it’s not your birthday anymore-”

She stooped, as the grip on her neck got tighter.

“I know, I know.

It’s unfair, that only I had such an amazing day!

Because of that…

It’s time for YOU to have finally some fun!”

She suddenly bursted out in insanely laughter, as she gripped her killer’s neck even more tighter.


Happy Halloween!”

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Needs work

  • Bonnie Manz

    It really didn’t make sense. It was confusing trying to understand the plot. Your grammar and spelling needs a lot of work.