I’ll Never Let Jeffrey Breath Again

I sat down watching tv. I didn’t watch the news very often, but I thought,maybe there might be news, so why not? As I watched, I heard a familiar name “Jeffrey Woods”. I looked up seeing a picture of him “Jeffrey Woods has gone missing” and I looked up, “Why the hell would he go missing?” I thought as I looked down, “That is weird, he was at the school a couple of days ago.”

I ignored it and turned off the news, I layed there on the couch closing my eyes going to sleep.

I dreamt of being alone in the middle of the forest. It was so dark and lonely or that was what I thought. I then saw a shadow and it started chasing me and I ran and ran, and the person grabbed me by the neck and stabbed me.

I then quickly woke up, and went to go get coffee. I walked into the kitchen, turning on the light. I sighed getting coffee. As I made my coffee, I heard what seemed to be tapping on the window.

I ignored it, thinking it was just a tree branch tapping on the window, it was windy after all.

Later on, I got in bed, falling asleep again, I then woke up to still hear tapping noises, “What the hell?” I thought getting up and walking to the kitchen.

There… there… was Jeffrey Woods knocking on the kitchen window with a cut smile on his face and pale white skin and black and white eyes… my heart sank.

As i screamed as loud as i could,i ran grabbing the phone and calling 911,i then heard the sound of glass shattering “f**k,f**k,f**k!!”

I ran upstairs, I then stepped in glass, I screamed in pain. There at the bottom of the stairs was Jeffrey. I limped away to my room slamming the door shut and locked it… there was a moment of silence… then… there was banging.

I screamed and cried, “Go away! Just stop and leave me the hell alone!”

I then heard police sirens and I sighed, “Thank god…” the banging stopped and I heard the footsteps and he seemed to had got out. They asked me questions and I refused to answer them.

I then went to the hospital where they got the glass out of my foot, and they said I was just dreaming.

Just dreaming?! Just dreaming?!

That was real!!

Oh well… Jeffrey can never mess with me again… that little b***h…

  • Savannah Echeverria

    The story plot was amazing. However, the spelling is a little off. The continuous dots don’t make it seem better, the spelling is all over the place and if you can’t even write curse words, then don’t write.

  • Sierraa

    I turned on the news because there might be news. I went to go get coffee, I sighed getting coffee as I made coffee. I looked up then I looked up, then I looked down.

    There’s wayy too much unnecessay detail in this story. Theres really no point to the dream, it didnt tie into the story in any way, and the ending is all over the place. Then there’s not detail where there should be. Like Why would you refuse and not answer the cops questions. And why wouldn’t Jeffrey mess with you again when you didn’t do anything besides call the cops and run from him. This story is kind of a mess and leaves you with more questions than anything.

  • IronMosquito

    Omg this was pretty bad but not the worst I’ve ever seen