Murderous Kira Remastered

The heart monitor was beeping, a woman giving birth was screaming. “One last push!” The doctor yelled. Her husband was holding her hand and encouraging her to push. Then there was a baby crying. “It’s a girl!” The Doctor cheered. The mother was crying tears of joy, they gave the baby to her and she smiled but when the baby opened her eyes it was red. The mother stared as doctors looked at what’s wrong they gasped but wasn’t scared, it might be a temporary color in the eye is what they said to her and not to worry, the father didn’t care if she had strange eyes, same with the mother,

“what are we going to call her?” The father asked. “I like the name kira.” She smiled weakly. The doctors and nurses were put of the room. Suddenly the heart monitor stopped beeping. She was breathing heavily, struggling as if something was choking her but nothing was on her neck. Doctors and nurses came rushing in and tried to help her. Some nurses took the father out of the room.

It happened so fast, he didn’t move. He started to cry and scream,  wanting her wife to be ok he asked the nurses if she was ok over and over but they didn’t know what to say. After what felt like hours doctors finally came out, they looked at the father and a woman came up and sat next to him holding his hand, is she ok?!” He yelled at her. The woman looked like she was going to cry, but. She told him, she died. Everything went dark for him and he got up and walked out of the hospital. They urged him to come back for his baby but he didn’t say a word. They called the cops and he went in his car, as he started the engine he saw security coming for him, he backed up running them over. He drives as fast as he can, luckily he didn’t run into other cars. He was in the woods, tears were in his eyes one moment he wiped them away the he was off the road. He hit the car but the crash was fatal.

The next day police found his body. When the hospital found out they didn’t know what to do with kira but there was one option. They put her in a orphanage and removed her files never speaking about her again.

Sixteen years later

Kira heard the teachers waking up the others up, kira had red eyes but she didn’t mind them but she did wish that people would stop staring at her, she didn’t have friends. Not because of her eyes but of her being antisocial. She wore a brown short dress with red pockets stitched on to it with khakis,she had brown hair. she also had a navy blue jacket on, her blankets weren’t good enough. The building was always cold but at least it was Saturday, she didn’t have to do work during Saturday but the orphanage decided to let the kids go to the circus, as a treat for them working so hard. Ironic they don’t give the kids good clothes but at least they’re giving the kids a nice day to relax. The trip was gonna be exciting, at least that’s what kira thought.

A few hours later the other kids went outside to play, kira thought it was silly playing outside so she draws instead, she draw really well, she can draw objects, animals, even people. She was very talented but she didn’t think so. She was drawing a realistic dog, she asked if she could use papers and pencils a few hours ago so she took them outside and draw, she heard kids whispering about her, it bothered her a little but she tried to ignore it. Then kira looked up and saw a boy looking at her, she blushed and looked down, she wasn’t good at talking to boys. He had brown hair and was wearing a long brown shirt with blue shorts. He smiled and complimented kiras drawing, she smiled “T-thank you…” “you’re welcome” He smiled back and made kira blush more. “My name is Earl, what’s yours?” “K-kira.” She smiled weakly. “That’s a very nice name.” He smiled. “Want to be friends?” Kira nodded slowly, she always wanted a friend. “Great! Do you want to go play?” She shook her head and got up. Earl blushed a little which made kira confused. He grabbed her hand and kissed her on the lips. Kira blushed madly thinking.

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD. She melt into the kiss and earl hold her close, she put her arms over his shoulders. The kiss got deeper, then Earl broke the kiss. “S-sorry…” “n-no I liked it.” She blushed harder and smiled, she surprised nobody else saw what happened. Earl smiled then they heard the bell. It was time to go to the circus, they walked to the train and earl and kira sat next together.

A few minutes later Kira got tired and rested her head one earl’s shoulder, suddenly a blonde haired girl came up to them. “Hi!” She said casually kira jumped up and looked at her. “H-hello?” She said confused. “I got to show you something real cool!” “Maybe later, we’re almost to the circus.” “Well it’s on the train silly!” Kira sighed and got up. “I’ll be back earl.” “Ok.” He smiled, they went to the back of the train, it was empty. “Uh it’s empty, what did you want to show me-” the girl took a switchblade out, holding it close to kiras neck. “Listen, if you want to live say that you don’t love Earl. Cause he’s mine!” Kira stayed quiet then punched her in the stomach. The girl got down put got up quickly, gripping the knife. “Ok, you want to play? We’ll play.” She slashes the switchblade at kiras face, it made a big cut on her cheek, she hissed in pain, when she looked up the girl charged at her trying to stab her, kira raised her hand, not realizing that her eyes were glowing, the girl was in midair, she screamed then kira put her hands down. She backed up not realizing that she was close to the door, the girl got up and pushed her out of the train. Luckily there was alot of land and she rolled down the rocky hill, which got her clothes torn up, she hit the grass. She yelled in pain, but tried getting up anyways. Her arm and cheek were bleeding. She heard a faint sound of circus music. She walked toward the sound but collapsed. She around but there was trees. She knew she was going to die in the woods but that doesn’t stop her. She got up again and walked slowly to the circus music.

She finally made it and didn’t see any of her peers. A woman working at the circus came up to her.
“Oh my! Are you ok?” She asked. “I’m fine.” Kira said seriously. “Oh but let me help you!” She didn’t trust anyone after what happened so she raised her hand and the woman was in midair, choking. “I said I’m fine!” Everyone looked at her in horror and ran. Then cops attempt to grab her, kira threw the woman in a tent and used her powers  to crush their necks. She just stared at the corpses, emotionless. Then she was knocked out.

She opened her eyes and saw four people, she was tied up. There was a girl with four arms, A boy about her age with green scaly skin, a tall man with big muscles and was only wearing pants, and a guy wearing a ring master outfit. “Who are you?” The girl asked. She stayed quiet, “we asked you a question!” The green boy yelled. “Calm down John.” The tall guy said calmly. “Well we know you aren’t human.” “I am human” kira finally said. “If you were are you just wearing contacts and playing some kind of prank?” The ring master voice was deep. “No, these are my real eyes and I didn’t know what happened.” They looked at her in disbelief. “Who are your parents?” Who they call John asked. “My parents died a long time ago…” the girl looked at her with sympathy. “I’m sorry.” She said. “But until we figure things out you have to stay here.” Kiras eyes widen. “N-no I have to-” “you’re not going anywhere.” The muscular man said in a stern voice.

Again, kira stayed quiet, but she agreed, they untie her and showed her to where she’s staying for now, when they left her alone she looked around and explore a bit, then the door opened, It was the same girl. And she brought her a dress. She got up and put the clothes on the bed, not saying anything, And left.

Kira was confused but looked at the dress. It was a blue vintages short dress and it had a black collar, it looked and smells nice so she put it on and looked in the mirror in her room she looked gorgeous. But she heard something under the bed, she slowly walk towards the bed and looked under it. There was a giant sharp sickle under it, it looked old. It must of fell. She put it back and jumped in bed and fell asleep instantly.

There was a knock at the door and she woke up, she opened the door and found John there blushing. “Uh you look nice.” He smiled “what’s your name? I didn’t get it before.” He asked “I’m kira…I’m guessing you’re John?” He stared at her shocked. “The tall guy mentioned it.” She smiled. “o-oh of course yeah haha…” He laughed nervously. “Anyways, it’s your turn to be on stage.” Her eyes widen. “W-what? No I can’t I-” “relax you’ll be fine.” He smiled, hoping it comfort her. Kira calmed down a little and nodded, they went to the circus tent and kira stand in the middle, she felt all the eyes staring at her, she stayed quiet.

Then the ring master came out. “Let’s introduce our new freak! Miss little witch!” The audience was quiet and confused. All they saw was a normal girl, then some guys got out some balls and blocks, kira looked at it, scared. But decided to go along with it. She raised both of her hands and all the balls and blocks floated in midair. The crowd gasped then cheered. She smiled and put her hands down, the balls and blocks immediately fall and the crowd roared in excitement, they demanded more. She thought for a second and had a idea. She closed her eyes hoping that what she was about to do works. She took a deep breath, she felt light like she was in midair, she opened her eyes and she was flying, the crowd cheered more. She felt confident and that’s when her life got exciting.

For two years kira performed at the same circus. It was fun, she was the star of the show. Her friend, John. Breathe fire and the girl with four arms tight rope walks on the high rope, her name was emily. And the tall muscular man name was axel, all he do is just lift really heavy stuff up. But one day everything changed, something bad happened. She may forgotten her old friend but he will come back.

Kira was putting on makeup. She wore a dark red lipstick and pink eyeshadow, she looked beautiful. As she got ready emily ran in her room and lay down on her bed. “Ohhh f**k…” “what’s wrong?” “You were right that sushi was bad.” Emily smiled. “Are you going to be ok?” Emily nodded. “Just a small stomach bug, nothing worrying.” She got up and walked out, after kira was finished putting her makeup on she watched Emily got up on the high tight rope, it was at least forty feets high.

Kira looked around and saw a familiar face, he had brown hair. That’s when it hit her, she panicked, it was earl. John calmed her down so she drank some water, she looked up and saw that emily was having a hard time walking on the tight rope, she looked back at earl and saw him kissing a blonde haired girl, that’s when her heart broke. He laughed and threw a can at emily. “Get on with it freak!” He yelled then saw kira, his eyes widen, she looked up and emily was about to fall, some kids threw peanuts at her. That’s when she fell to her death. The crowd went completely silent, there was a pool of blood around Emily’s corpse.

Kira backed up and ran to her room. She told herself that it’s all a dream and none of it was real, she heard a knock on the door. “K-kira…” it was John. He hugged her and they both cried, “tell me that wasn’t real!” He stayed quiet. “It sadly is real…” Kira gasped and everything went dark. She collapsed on the floor sobbing, then a man came in. It was earl, he smiled and walked toward kira. John pushed him and punched his face, “because of you-!” He couldn’t finish the sentence without crying. “She’s dead!” Tears stream down his cheeks, earl just laughed and took a gun out.

Kira stared at him, scared. “Oh be careful what you say.~” He cooed “I only want my girlfriend back.” He smirked. “I’m not your girlfriend!” John looked at him in disbelief. “Remember our kiss? You loved it.” He smiled more. “That was in the past!” She screamed. “Leave!” “Oh honey…I’m not going without you.” He pointed the gun at John and pulled the trigger. “NO!” John fell down and there was blood everywhere. “Now come with me sweetheart.~” She shook her head then he pointed the gun at her, she stayed quiet then smiled. “Do it, I dare you.” She had a plan, he looked at her then pulled the trigger without saying anything. But it didn’t hit her. It reflected and shot his leg. He collapsed holding his leg. She went under the bed and grabbed the giant sickle and before he grabbed his gun and stabbed him in the head. She looked at what she did and was horrified. She didn’t want to kill but had no choice, now for the last part, revenge. Kira grabbed a match and ran outside the circus, she saw barrels full of beer, she used her powers to crush them all and they got everywhere. Her boots got a little dirty but that didn’t matter. She light the match and threw it at the beer mess. She walked away as everything exploded, she walked in the woods. Never to be seen again.


    Great story if you can make a second part but if you cant make it can you make another great one. P.S keep up the great work

  • Tyler Dumpman

    Great story

  • Anahita Nyx

    Great story just need work on spelling and grammar. A part 2 would be amazing! Best wishes deary 😉

  • Mr. Puppeteer

    I didn’t enjoy this at all, grammar and spelling are terrible, the storyline was cliche as hell.

  • VoiceOfThePeople YouTubeChanne

    Great story! It was definitely better than the first one. Just watch for grammar. If you can get more familiar with grammar you could be a really​ great writer. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  • Autumn Lynn

    Good story, alot of grammatic errors, and it would have been better if you led up to Earl going crazy cuz out of no where he became a jerk it was too sudden.

  • KittyKitty Cat

    I loved it. 10 out of 10

  • Saryn Prime

    wow i have never read anything so…. (not trying to be rude here) but it was like reading a youtube comment without any punctuation. also… Really? Stabbing the head with a sickle…. wut? There is definitely room for improvement. Alot of sentence starters are samey.

  • Kira Le Fruitloop

    Very cliche, needs major grammar improvements, seems a bit forced as well, I didn’t really enjoy reading it. The storyline was rushed and didn’t make much sense, needs more flow. I can see this subject being good if you worked on it, don’t push it so fast. So it was a good start but you need to proofread and refine the plot, try to add more original stuff instead of using every cliche in the book. Don’t take it the wrong way tho, just trying to help and being a little critic

  • Haylee

    I did have trouble understanding this story due to the run on sentences and lack of detail. You started off strong, but it seemed like you didn’t have the same writers spark after the first paragraph. Good story though! Just needs a little improvement. 😺