Hello S**y

I was always a lonely guy but my friends would always get girls and I got tired of being alone. My friends started teaching me how to pick up on girls and how to get them to be with you. I got my words down and got in the right mood but I promised myself I’d never lie to a girl to get with her. A simple plan but the terrifying part is I like dark things.

My friends and I started the night hoping from club to club and getting a little tipsy along the way. The girls loved me and I felt good helping some girls not feel so lonely but while my friends were getting busy I only wanted a few kisses. I wanted a girl to bring home at the last club we went to so everything went smoothly for me. The last club was called “The Dancing Moon” and it had the most girls out of all the clubs combined.

The night started coming to an end and we arrived at the last club. I was scared though, not because of the girls but I kept getting this feeling like I should run. We walked in like we owned the place and started talking to girls but the girl I chose was way too hot for me. “Hello S**y” I said sweetly, She never said her name but she was nice and had this dark thing about her how she could just look at a guy and he’d run.

I thought it was really funny how grown men would run from her until I saw what they saw. When she laughed and looked at me I saw her eyes with something dark inside of them but I couldn’t run. The guys started walking their girls back home and I tried to get out as quick as I could until I heard “Baby you wouldn’t leave me alone for the night would you?!” it was the girl from earlier.

I stood there for a short while till I saw the look on my friends face, the look like don’t you let her go. I turned around and motioned at her to come, I was scared but maybe it was all in my head. On the walked home she held on to me and laughed with my friends but I stayed silent. My spine kept shaking every few steps and I told her it was the cold but in reality it was my fear trying to tell me something.

We walked into my room and laid down, I mentioned how beautiful she was and she started kissing me. My body shot me up and got away from her, she laughed and through me back on the bed than bite my neck. I felt calm until I started noticing she had been biting on my neck for a little longer than I’d like. When I realized what she was doing I realized all my fears were telling me the truth, she was sucking my blood out of my neck. I got up and covered my neck but she grabbed my leg and started chewing on it like a mad dog, ripping and tearing at it.

I kicked her off and ran to my friend’s house, luckily he answered the door. My friend was pissed at first but when he saw the blood he understood. He rushed me to the emergency room and the doctors said they’ve seen this happen lately. I was laying in a hospital bed when I heard the news say a woman serial killer was on the loose and the photo matched the girl who bit me. A nurse walked in and leaned over me checking my i.v until I saw her injecting the bag with something black.

I started to feel extremely numb as the girl who bit dressed up in a nurse outfit leaned over to my face and said “Baby you wouldn’t leave me alone for the night would you?”.

  • 123KidZ

    Frightening in the thought of taking on something that u may be feared of or not.

  • SalamanderCloud7

    Do you have a SC?

    • Jackson Snooks


      • Rebecca


        • Jackson Snooks

          yes im jaxthereaper

  • KnC

    Your stories have great premises. However, they need elaboration. They just feel rushed.

    • Jackson Snooks

      I will try better my friend

      • KnC

        Just so you know….the only reason I said to elaborate, is because, I want more. Your stories are great short reads. Keep writing though, because they’re getting better and are awesome stories…..talented for sure.

        • Jackson Snooks

          thank you it means a lot i have a pokemon series coming out that has a lot of detail in it. thank you for feedback it helps my stories

  • Tyler Fish

    This was a really good story! I enjoyed every bit of it. I love the plot twist at the end especially. You definitely should make more stories. You obviously have talent.

  • Puddin Tane

    Could use some editing before final release. Spelling and grammar.

  • Jed

    1/5 Scary concept, but this author doesn’t seem to know how to write sensibly or subtly.

  • BlackOnyx

    I loved this