Sinners And Saints

Long ago there was a married couple, both of them were madly in love. Their names were Penny and Aiden. Aiden was raised in a deeply religious family, while Penny grew up with Atheists. Despite their opposite religious views they agreed on one thing, they loved each other. One day while driving home Aiden fell asleep at the wheel exhausted from work. He woke up in Heaven while his wife remained on earth. He watched his wife grieve over time and eventually start to move on as Aiden resided with the angels. One day Penny got sick. It slowly progressed until she ended up in the hospital for surgery. The chances of survival were slim. So patiently Aiden watched and waited to see if it was time for his wife to join him.

“So come one Jimmy tell me the good news brother.”, Aiden said while smiling. Looking back at Aiden, Jimmy replied, “Okay my daughter Verona, she had a baby! And named him after me! How great is that?!”. Extending his arms Aiden hugs Jimmy congratulating him before reaching back allowing one hand to rest on Jimmy’s shoulder. “You’re gonna be an amazing grandpa. I’m happy for you. And one day they’ll join us here.”,ย  turning Aiden looks at his surroundings. Clouds rest under their feet like ground as homes cover the land. Streets of gold pave the way around their world. Older angels walk by with their wings down as others choose to hover. Usually the recently added ones enjoying their new ability. Elegant symphonies echo through the air like aural honey. “I can’t wait for my wife to join me Jimmy, I’ve never loved anyone like I have her you know that?”, smiling widely. Jimmy smiles back and responds, “Hopefully soon brother.”. Aiden tells him he’ll be back soon and descends down to earth to check on Penny.

Watching the surgeons prepare themselves he looks at Penny as they put her under. Leaning down Aiden kisses her head as she goes to sleep. Walking off to the hallway he gets ready to fly back up before he notices another angel descending down. Running over to see who it is he notices it’s Marcus. “Hey Marcus what are you doing here brother?”, Aiden asks as he walks up to shake his hand. Marcus turns extending his hand and replies, “Preparing myself. We have an infant joining us soon brother. So get ready for the celebration. You going home?”. He nods his head and tells Marcus, “I’ll see you both soon then I’m gonna go back. I was here to check on my wife one last time before her surgery.”. Extending his wings Aiden accelerates into the sky flying towards the white light. Making it back to Heaven he looks for Jimmy.

Jimmy comes walking out of his home as Aiden drops down in front of him exclaiming, “Jimmy there you are! Okay so Penny is having surgery so now we wait.”. With his head down he replies, “Aiden I got bad news brother. While you were coming back we got word she didn’t make it.”.

His smile slowly drooping he replies, “Why is that bad news? Wait where is she then?!”. Jimmy sits down and gestures towards Aiden to sit down with him.

Jimmy, where is my wife?”, Aiden asks with fear in his voice. Staring at the groundย  for a moment Jimmy looks teary eyed and responds, “She’s in Hell. I’m so sorry brother.”. His eyes widening Aiden steps back and stumbles backwards falling down. Jimmy jumps up and tries to pick Aiden up as he burst into tears. “Penny! No! It can’t be!”, struggling to his feet Aiden stands up wiping his face turns towards Jimmy and narrows his eyes. “I’m going to save her.”

Stepping back Jimmy whispers, “Are you crazy? You can’t do that! There’s no escape from Hell its impossible!”

“I’m not gonna be anywhere without my wife. She’s my soulmate Jimmy. I have to try.”

Looking around Jimmy leans in and says, “Follow me.”

Walking into Jimmy’s house they head towards his bedroom as he opens a large wooden cabinet. Inside lay a plethora of weapons. Crosses with pointed ends, a sawed off shotgun made of gold, throwing knives, vials of holy water, and one large golden ball. In disbelief Aiden stared not knowing what to say. Jimmy turns towards Aiden and says, “Been preparing for war. Didn’t know when it was gonna happen but I think you might need this more than me right now. Now you know how everything works but this golden ball right here. This is full of oil made by the Archangel Saint Michael himself. It’s only to be used to come back to Heaven in emergencies. Very rare and hard to get a hold of. But its only good for one use and one person. Whether it be saint or sinner you’ll come here. This might help your wife but I don’t know about you brother honestly. How this plays out will be upon you, God watches us all. If it be His will, may things fall into place.”

Staring mesmerized by everything Aiden looks at Jimmy and says, “How did you get your hands on something like that?”. Jimmy smiles and responds, “Well I didn’t die and come here right away I had to fulfill a purpose. In reward I was granted one thing and received this. Thought it might come in handy someday. And today it is.”

Opening a drawer Jimmy pulls out a large satchel and begins to load it with weapons along with the golden ball.

“Now for this to work you have to crack the ball open and anoint someone with the oil. And after that it’s all gravy.”. Wrapping the satchel around him Aiden then takes hold of the shotgun and straps it to his back. Putting his hands on the side of Jimmy he leans forward hugging him, “Thank you brother. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Be careful and be quick. May God have mercy on both of you.”

Letting go Aiden walks out of Jimmy’s house as the trumpets sound. Looking to the side he sees Marcus arriving with an infant. A celebration begins as Aiden is able to sneak by without notice. Jumping down to earth he drops by the hospital and sees his wife on the hospital bed flat lining. The surgeons working drastically to save her as he looks at her lifeless body. Turning Aiden spreads his wings flying until he comes across a house in Mooncrest.

Dropping down into the second floor he sees a family mutilated as the Grim Reaper stands nearby. Kneeling down the Grim Reaper shakes his head at a teenager and says, “My goodness Rebecca, he really did a number on you girl.”

Running over Aiden grabs the Reaper by his black cloak and pins him against the wall. “You sent my wife to Hell!”, Aiden screams. The Reaper pinned against the wall replies, “Hold up now I was just doing my job calm down!”. Throwing the Reaper to the ground Aiden begins to punch the skeleton’s teeth out as his jaw begins to crack. Raising his bloodied fist back Aiden screams, “Open the portal! Now!”.

Covering his face the Reaper replies, “Okay okay okay!”. Staggering to his feet the Reaper slams his scythe down as the ground crumbles apart. Immense heat flows upwards as the floor crumbles open. Screams of tortured souls spill out as Aiden looks downwards. Turning back to the Reaper, Aiden looks back and falls down into the abyss as the opening closes. Sitting down for a moment the Reaper rubs his jaw as his teeth reemerge and his crack disappears. Looking down at the teenager the Reaper says, “I really hate this f*****g job some days.”

Flying down headfirst into the lake of fire, Aiden’s face begins to grow hot as he pushes through the pain. Thick dark clouds hover above as the bottom comes into sight. Jagged and broken forms of ash covered rocks seem to reach the sky. Swerving to avoid them Aiden hits his right shoulder on one sending him spiraling down. His right wing bent he tries to extend it while flying downwards, grabbing onto it trying to manually pull it out he looks up in time to slam into a demon.

Rolling onto the black floor in pain he sees the large creature facing down. Slowly raising itself it turns it’s glistening red eyes towards Aiden. Panic setting in Aiden grabs a pointed cross out before rolling back over and climbing onto the demons back. With one hand on it’s head he slams the cross through the back of its neck repeatedly until the pointed end begins to get stuck in the ground on the other side.

Blood squirting across his face and neck he finally stops as the creature lay in a pool of blood limp, its neck severed into two chunks of meat holding onto the body. Jumping to his feet he looks around and lowers his left wing. His heart practically breaking his breast plate pounding in fear he runs trying to find a safe place to collect his thoughts. Running by a jagged rock he drops to the floor for a moment looking around searching for a place to start. Broken bones cover the burnt floor as the smell of brimstone flows thickly through his nostrils.

Flames burst through broken cracks in the ground as creatures of various sizes walk freely dragging poor souls. People naked and beaten scream for their life as they’re dragged across the floor. As they walk they all seem to be following the same path towards two large rusted doors. An enormous demon with a large key stands guarding it. Hugging the rock Aiden peeks the corner as he sees the guard turn to unlock the door, demons drag the victims down the dark hallway. As the line ends the guard slams the doors shut locking it shut.

Looking around to check if its clear Aiden takes a deep breath while gripping the pointed cross. Stamina slowly building he begins to creep along the wall approaching the beast. It faces another direction with its massive arms hanging lowly near the ground. Aiden raises himself up and begins to silently jog gaining up to a swift run. He jumps on the demons back and stabs it in the back of its neck attempting to recreate the earlier kill.

The demon reaches back grabbing Aiden and slings him down into the floor. Looking up dazed he rolls over before It’s giant foot slams the ground where he once was. Turning over he slams the cross into its foot. The beast unaffected grabs Aiden by his shoulders and picks him up to its eye level as his feet dangled in the air. It’s claws digging into his flesh the demon stares.

It’s eyes glowing with rage as it releases one hand to swing at Aiden’s chest leaving large slits across. Aiden screams in pain as blood begins to flow down his stomach. Reaching into the satchel with his free hand the creature grabs his arm and pulls it up squeezing until his forearm begins to snap. The creature smiles showing it’s crooked fangs as it refuses to relinquish it’s grip. Aiden kicks the creature as hard as he can in the chest as the air escapes it for a moment. His fractured arm gets loose from its grasp as he grabs another pointed cross from his satchel and strikes the demon in the eye.

Rearing back roaring the demon holds onto Aiden as it reaches for the cross. Aiden reaches for a vial of holy water and puts the lid to his mouth ripping the top off as the demon pulls the cross out. The creature roars, steam with a aroma of rotting meat blast across his face. Aiden shoves the vial into it’s mouth and catches a chance to escape with the demon loosening his grip. Dropping to the ground he slams onto the floor as the demon reaches for the bottle of liquid fire burning into his throat.

Aiden quickly lowers to the ground pulling the cross out of its foot and swings upwards stabbing the demon through the bottom of its jaw shattering the bottle inside it’s mouth. Its jaw drops to the floor as it’s throat begins folding backwards into it’s esophagus. It’s chest and stomach begin to boil into mush as it’s organs spill out onto the floor. The creature slams down into the floor with a heavy thud as it reaches out once more for Aiden. A pile of intestines and skin bubble in a large puddle mixed with blood where the creature once stood. Reaching into the mush Aiden pulls the key out. Wiping the fluids off he slides it into the keyhole and turns it opening the large doors.

Stumbling in holding his torn chest with his good hand the blood creeps through his knuckles as he looks around. A large dimly lit hallway with metal doors adorning both sides. The doors a mixed color of brown rust and faded blood stains. He begins to walk down looking for his wife as he listens for her voice. The sounds of people begging for mercy is all he hears echoing through the hallway. Making his way further down he hears a familiar sound cut through the voices, Penny’s.

Running he pauses every few seconds to listen what direction to go. Going down a dark corridor he stops when he hears his wife’s voice scream from behind a door. Coming to a halt he kicks the door open to see his wife naked and bruised, strapped to a table steel table. A demon stands over her with a hand caressing her left breast smiling, an old bone saw in his other hand. Looking up at Aiden in shock the demon roars, “Angel!”

Aiden pulls the sawed off shotgun and fires blowing the demons hand off holding the saw. A small piece of bone is revealed through the socket as blood squirts into the air. An alarm begins to blare in the background as Aiden fires again hitting the demon in the stomach sending it to the ground. Aiden stands over the demon and screams, “This is my wife!”

Pulling out a pointed cross he drops and stabs the demon near the throat and slides it down to it’s crotch. He then stabs it on the left side of it’s stomach and slides it to the right forming a cross symbol. Aiden then aims the shotgun into the center of the cut and forces it in aiming upwards as the demon chokes on its blood. Pulling the trigger the tip of the demon’s head splatters across the wall with bits of internal organs.

Raising up he turns to see Penny crying. With the alarms blaring he rips the straps off of her as she hugs him sobbing into his shoulder. “Aiden! Oh my God I’m so happy to see you!”. Pushing back for a moment she kisses him and then embraces him once more. “Penny I never thought I’d see you again! I’m so grateful to see you but we don’t have a lot of time I need your help, others are coming.”

Leaning slightly back she asks what she needs to do. Demons come running down the hall as Aiden sits on the table. Penny pulls Aiden’s bloody right wing out fully as Aiden clenches his teeth. Penny reaches into the satchel, demons begin to swarm the hallway they lie in. Reaching the door Aiden jumps up as Penny hides behind him. She crouches shaking in fear and slides the shotgun out of the demon’s corpse. She throws it over her shoulder as Aiden catches the soaked weapon in his hands. Fighting through the pain he fires blowing limbs off in random directions.

Reaching into the satchel he pulls out a large vial of holy water and throws it forward as it slams into the chest of a demon surrounded by other demons. He raises his gun and fires as the vial explodes releasing the holy water onto the crowd. Roars bounce off the walls as the creatures claw at their burning skin. Turning towards Penny, Aiden grabs the golden ball and tosses it towards her.

“Break it open and pour it on you, you’ll go to Heaven!”. Turning back he reloads and continues firing at the endless amount of creatures pouring into the hallway. Staring at the ball she looks back at Aiden and yells, “But what about you?!”.

Blood splattering onto his face from a head shot he says, “For you I’d do anything! Now go now!”. Tearing up Penny shakes her head no as Aiden runs out of ammunition. Aiden flips the gun and begins to slam it into entering skulls, he looks back screaming, “Go Penny! Now!”

Tears running down her face Penny raises the ball and drops it as she leans backwards shaking. A light shines above her as her arms go to her sides. Penny shoots into the sky as her soul escapes out of hell.

“Clear!”, the doctor shouts as a pulse shows on the EKG. Penny’s body retains life once more on the hospital bed as the surgeons relieve a sigh of relief. Looking back at the broken ball Aiden dives to reach for it as demons jump on him. His wings swirl out as the demons grunt in pain. One of them looks down noticing in his wings are throwing knives shoved in with the pointed ends outwards. Spinning in a circle the demons innards spill out onto Aiden as they drop to the ground.

Scooping up some oil he rubs it across his head as more demons come rushing in. They jump on top of him as the scenery changes. Brimstone and hell fire is exchanged to bright lights and soft melodies.

Looking around he sees the celebration still going for the infant. Straining to get to his feet Jimmy comes running up to him and helps him to his feet. “Brother are you alright? What happened?”, he exclaims. The pain burning in Aiden’s body get the best of him as he loses conscience. Opening his eyes he looks as Jimmy yells, “Aiden!”. Jimmy hugs him while Aiden looks around confused.

“What happened brother?”, Aiden asks. Jimmy leans back and says, “You’ve been out for a few days brother. But we got you patched up. Oh and there’s a surprise for you!”. Looking down at his tended wounds Aiden struggles to sit up and says, “What are you talking about?”. Helping him up Jimmy says, “Penny. She survived the surgery. I went to check on her for you, she went to the chapel in her hospital upon waking from surgery. Unfortunately infection got to her and she ended up passing away. They couldn’t save her.”.

Tearing up Aiden yells, “How is that a surprise?!”

Jimmy smiles and says, “She gave her life to God in that chapel before.”

Staring at Jimmy he hears a familiar voice from behind. Turning he sees Penny with a warm smile extending her wings.

  • Rose Morrison

    Very good story, but very rushed. Would be better if expanded, and edited to remove the spelling mistakes. I hope this author does more as they are very promising.

    • Ray Ramirez

      This was one of my first stories it was kinda sloppy lol but told some people id post it to see what they thought. Thanks though ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh I forgot to mention it’s a chapter from my first book which is probably why certain things didn’t make sense. The angel becoming a grandpa has a story, the infant passing away and coming to heaven has one, the grim reaper has a story, and the girl he found dead in the house has a story to it. This one just happened to connect to all of them.

      • Anita Hardin

        Dude, I have chills after reading this story! That was just incredible and I would do anything to read the full book you’re talking about! I would love to read the expanded stories of all those characters. I love this story as much as I love your AMI series! โค

        • Ray Ramirez

          Hey thank you! It’s not complete yet and even when it’s done it wouldn’t be acceptable for this site since not all the stories are horror. Some are just emotional and some have somewhat happy stories in it. If you’re really interested I could email you some.

          • Anita Hardin

            Oh hell yes I’m interested! I would absolutely love that! My e-mail is [email protected]
            I can’t wait to read it all!

          • Ray Ramirez

            I’ll email ya in a few

          • Ray Ramirez

            Did you recieve the first chapter I sent?

          • Anita Hardin

            Yeah, I emailed you back to let you know I was ready for chapter 2, I guess you didn’t get it. Very nice beginning, I can’t wait to continue reading! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Rose Morrison

    Knowing the back story now, I am eager to read the book. Sounds so promising and piques my interest. The back stories sound so interesting.

    • Ray Ramirez

      The first book focuses on an entire town with every single chapter being unique and entirely different. I was about 40 chapters into it when my old phone broke so I had to start all over. So there’s still a lot I have to rewrite, for instance that one I mentioned about the infant coming to heaven was called Infant’s Burden. A woman is in the process of giving birth and loses her baby, instead of showing the mothers greif it shows how the infant meets an angel and is told they’re coming to heaven instead of staying on earth with their mother. They don’t understand who God is as they’ve only known the person who called themself “mom”. It basically shows its not just hard for a mother to go through that, but for a baby that waited that entire time as well that couldn’t even meet their mother.

      • Rose Morrison

        Sounds even more brilliant. What a great concept. I would love to be your editor!

        • Ray Ramirez


  • Crystal LaShae Broadnax


    • Ray Ramirez

      Well thank you!

  • Elizabeth Kim

    I am so glad I stumbled onto your page, when I first came upon it, it seemed that everything you posted was highly rated so I looked at what seemed like independent stories like this before delving into any series. I agree with the first commenter, this would have been amazing if it were expanded a bit but it was still a wonderful read (it may have just appealed to my bias towards all things theological ha) !! I’m very much looking forward to reading more from you ๐Ÿ™‚ and after looking at the comments, I would be super interested in reading the whole book this very promising chapter came from, and if it is still not complete, am wondering if you would mind adding a subscriber to your list?? Haha
    hoping to hear back soon, I’m completely hooked ๐Ÿ˜‹

    • Ray Ramirez

      Hey, thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate that! I still haven’t completed it, I’m about 30 chapters or so into it, but if you’re serious about reading them, my email is [email protected]. Message me and I’ll send you whatever you would like to read.