All people have some type of Happiness. Some people’s happiness can be found in something peaceful like coloring or making music. To others it may be writing stories or singing. Some people smoke or drink for happiness. To a few, it can be their significant other.

See, my story begins when I was fifteen years old. I was growing up in troubled neighborhood with some problems here and there. I was just an ordinary girl, nothing special to most, except to my parents. I went school, getting okay grades and didn’t have many friends. Well, the only skill I had was probably read people and feel emotional attachment. I’m not good at drawing, writing, nor singing which is fine by me. Well, today I went to school and y’know being myself, I just stayed out the way of people and I thought I was doing a pretty good job until this boy stopped me. His hand gripped my shoulder a little tighter. I looked up to him and his eyes were dull. His solemn expression softened up.

“Uhh, sorry?”

“It’s cool.” I squeaked.

He smiled and pushed his hair back.

“You’re so quiet!”

That remark only made me shrink down more. That’s something I hate about myself. I don’t talk to anyone and again don’t have many friends. I try to talk but I’m very shy. I just nodded. I felt myself getting hot. I quickly turned around and felt him grab onto my shoulder again. What’s his deal?

“Well you’re not going to say goodbye?”

I just looked down.

“Erm, I, Well-”

He chuckled and interrupted me.

“Woah kid, it’s fine if you don’t, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

His eyes lightened up but in a way, menacingly like. He seemed baffled and looked sheepish now. He went on his way and I was on my way to Social Studies, the bell rang. Dammit, late. I ran to class now. I arrived and my hair was messy now. I sat down and smoothed it out.

“Why were you late, miss?”

I was catching my breath. Oh great, what do I say? I just said a stupid excuse.

“Err, I went to the bathroom.”

How stupid! I’m sure the teacher could tell I was lying but dismissed it. He continued on his lesson which was WW2. All the while, I was thinking about why that kid stopped me. There was no reason to. Minutes passed which felt like days to be honest. I looked up at the clock every few minutes until the bell rang. I hurried out of the class and on my way down the hall. I swore I saw his gunmetal blue eyes glance at me as I passed by. I turned around, but it wasn’t him.

I headed into my class and saw him again.

“Hey you!”

I forced a weak smile. He was never in my class, why now?

“Um, hi.”

“You finally spoke!!”

I cringed. I hate that. Oh well, let’s see what he wants.

“You’re in my class?”

“Yeah, I went to the office and had my schedule rescheduled. So, I’m in your class now. Cool, huh?”

“Yeah, uhm, who even are you?”

“Oh, name’s Tim. You?”

“I’m Alyssa.”

He smiled and his eyes shined with mischief.

“Well, nice to meet ya, kid.”

He seemed like a preppy guy. Not much into sports, from what I can see. He dressed in dark clothing like me. He seemed like the type of guy who wasn’t into the new trends. He was different. In my point of view. He noticed me eyeing him down.

“Hello? Ya there, Alyssa?”

I snapped out of it. I looked at him and saw his soft eyes.

“Hmm? Yeah.”

I nodded and put my hair in front of my ears. I was flustered. The bell rang and we took our seats. I sit towards the middle of the class and he followed me and sat in the corner of the class. I felt a little nervous and even a little paranoid. Then again, that’s how I am. I tend to overthink, but a lot of the time, I’m wrong. Time passed by and the end of the day rolled around. I didn’t see Tim after that. I went home and trudged to my room. My dad greeted me.

“How was school?”

“It was okay. I met someone today.”

“Oh? Cool. Glad you made a friend. What’s their name?”

“His name’s Tim. I wouldn’t say friend yet though. He bumped into me and then we had class together.”

“Oh, don’t be so mean. He’s probably new to the school, Alyssa. You should guide him around. Try and open up, dude. People probably think you’re weird because you don’t talk.”

“But, I don’t like to talk. I’m shy.”

He dismissed that.

“Oh, shut up! You’re not shy. It’s in your head.”

“Fine. I’ll try.”

I left to my room. I don’t remember much after that.

Next few weeks, I tried to open up. He was so happy when I talked to him. He was being very patient with me. There was a question in my mind and it was: What were his intentions? Why did he bump into me? It didn’t seem clear to me. He helped me out when I was stuck. I tried to help as much as I could, but I don’t know how to express my feelings very well. The more and more I hung with Tim, the happier I seemed to got. I stopped stuttering around him, I was still shy, but when I was around him, I felt happier. Why? I don’t know. He had this vibe that I really liked. I didn’t like him or anything like that, it’s just that he made me smile, even when I didn’t want to. I started to trust him more and more as days flew by.

“Hey, Alyssa?”


He started playing with the edge of his shirt.

“I noticed you opened up to me. I’m glad you did. I can tell you trust me. Right?”

I froze on the inside. Why would he even ask if I trusted him? Ok, I’m not an idiot, but who asks that? I smiled and nodded.


Something told me to just stay on my toes around Tim. A few days later, I was heading to the water fountain on the other side of school. There is a wall like structure so that you can’t see what goes on behind there. People use it to make out with each other. Ugh. It’s between the men’s and women’s restroom too. I drank a little and I noticed this short guy coming out. He looked at me and stayed where he was. I finished and started to head out to class, but he ran and had me in a chokehold and covered my mouth. I was paralyzed. I tried screaming, but stopped, no one would hear me.

“Shh, be quiet. I won’t hurt you.”

He was a little smaller, but it surprised me on how strong he was. I am a weakling which made it easier for him to take me down. I started to breathe quicker. He opened the bathroom door and took me in. I started to cry and uncovered my mouth.

“Shhh, don’t cry, I haven’t done anything. Don’t make a peep and maybe I’ll be nice to you.”

He cupped my chin and forcefully made eye contact with me. He wiped my tears with his thumb. I tried jerking away, but that only made him grip me harder. He took my wrist and dragged me into a stall with him.

“It’s been so long since I felt love. Can you give me some?”

His eyes shined with trouble. He was definitely older than me; a junior or a senior. He started to undo his belt. All I could do was whimper.

“No, please.”

I was sobbing between my words.


He started to take off his shirt which revealed a geometric tattoo of a mountain range on his chest.

I heard the door open and our stall door being slammed.


It was Tim. But, how did he know I was in here? I scrambled to get away but the guy grabbed onto my ankles.

“Tim!! Help me!!”

Tim wasted no time and got under the stall and crawled to the other side. He saw me look at him. My eyes were pleading for help. The man’s brown eyes were filled with anger. Tim ran up to him and punched him. The man let go of me and I ran out of the stall. I don’t know how long Tim could keep it up for, but I ran away with tears falling trying to find someone. I found a campus supervisor. I dragged her all the way to the bathroom where Tim had the man pinned down to the ground.

“Thank you Tim.”

Tears of gratefulness ran down my cheeks. The school Deputy took him away. I ran to Tim and hugged him. I buried my head in his chest. I couldn’t speak because I sounded like a revving motor. He pet my head and told me it’d be ok.

“It’s fine, kid. He didn’t hurt you did he?”

I shook my head. He walked me out of the bathroom and the office contacted my parents. I went home and the last thing I saw was Tim’s heart breaking frown.

My dad was furious. Not at me, but at whoever the kid was. I didn’t know who it was. He was really thankful Tim saved me. I was thankful myself. He made me happy.

“I’m glad you’re ok.”

I started to tear up. I didn’t want to talk about this. I experienced it and that should be enough. I felt that I shouldn’t talk about this anymore.

“Yeah, um, can we not talk about this right now?”

My dad understood and nodded. He hugged me. I broke down. He told me I’d be ok.

“I promise to keep a better eye on you. I’m sorry that you had to go through this.”

“Ok. Whatever.”

I was mad at the world. I felt like dying but I’m sure if I died, that there is no happiness there. Tim made me happy. I finally went back to school. I heard everyone whispering about me, and looking at me. I just avoided everyone as usual. I saw Tim smile at me.

“Hey you.”


He knew I still felt bad by my body language.

“You need anything?”

I blanked off. I heard him but I didn’t listen.

“Yeah, I’m cool.”

He leaned towards me and squeezed me.

“No you’re not. You’re talking in a monotone voice. I’ll do anything to see you happy again.”

“I’ll be ok! Trust!”

He smirked at me and pushed his hair back again.

“I know you will. Because guess what?”


He went into his backpack and pulled out a couple of tickets.

“I couldn’t stand to see you so miserable. I want to lift your spirits. Wanna come with me to the concert?”

I’ve never been to a concert before. I looked down at the Metallica tickets and my hand shook. I lunged towards Tim and gave him a hug.

“Thank you! I’d have to ask first though.”

He shrugged.

“Well of course, ha.” He replied nonchalantly.

Some of the teachers knew what happened. I really wish they didn’t. I don’t need pity. So all day I was receiving pity, and sorrowful looks and I’m sorry that that happened to you. I didn’t need that. I just needed to feel happiness again.

Later that day, as I was walking home, I felt followed. I felt a bad vibe through the air. I remember heading home and Tim inside my house.

“Uh Tim!?”

“Oh hello! You came home a little earlier than I’d like you to. But since you’re already here, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Come with me.”

He grabbed my hand, which was sweaty. I had a million questions running through my mind. Too quick for me to at least ask one. He seemed to know his way around, despite not being here; to my knowledge. He guided me to my room and closed the door.

“Tim, where’s my dad?”

His eyes widened like he just remembered something.

“Oh! He’s…kinda knocked out and tied up at the moment.”

I had chills running down  my spine now.


“Look, I want to tell you something. That should be the least of your worries right now.”

I was shaking with fear now.


“You make me the happiest person on Earth. I came over because I have a few confessions to make. I don’t want you mad, I want you happy. Well, do you want to hear the good or bad news first?”

I hesitated on what I should say. Moments later he spoke.

“Alright, bad news first it is then.” He sighed.

“Do you remember the other day when he attacked you?”

I shuddered. I can only imagine on what he’s going to say next.

“Well, about that. It was staged.”

That broke me. I felt all sorts of mixed emotions. Melancholy, rage, hurt, and confusion. This can’t be real.

“What do you mean it was staged?”

“I talked to the guy beforehand, planned it out, followed you when the day came, I told him I’d bail him out, and save you.”

“Why would you do that?! What kind of person does that!?” I cried.

He looked past me and then at the floor and muttered.

“I wanted to be your hero. I thought if I could save you, I could win your love over. I wanted to be your hero.”

He started crying and in all honesty, I didn’t know if I should comfort him or not. But he said he wanted to win my love over.

“What? You wanted me to love you?”

He seemed annoyed. He put his hands up in the air and scowled at me.

“Well, that leads me into the good news! I am in love with you!”

“Tim! If you loved me, did you really have to hurt me?! I trusted you! How could you?”

I start to cry again. He opened his arms for a hug and leaned towards me. I backed away.

“No! Don’t touch me!!”

He was in grief. It was all over his face. He seemed to back up into a corner of a wall and slide down. He curled up into a ball.

“I’m sorry. I wanted you to be happy. You were my Happiness! No one else! I thought if I saved you and I was the hero, I could get the girl. I invited you to the concert so I could make you even happier!”

“Don’t you think there were steps that you’ve could’ve taken before this?! Did you think that would work!? Why would you try hurting me?!”
“I said it was STAGED!”


I ran out of the house. I heard him screaming Alyssa at the top of his lungs. I abandoned everything. My dad, my clothes, everything at the house. To this day, I can still hear him screaming for me to come back. It makes me Happy that I felt wanted for a while.

  • Puddin Tane

    Nice concept, but it needs work. You need to read this aloud to yourself so you can see where your mistakes are. It seems a bit rushed at times. Especially the end. Otherwise it was a pretty good story.

  • Jed

    1/5 An OK dramatic concept executed very poorly.

  • Burlierbard

    The end was not well.