Ghostly Train Ride Story

There is story about a train that will stop and bring you inside when you tried to follow the railway or stand in the middle of the rail at nightfall in Friday 13th. But this train only stops, when you are worthy to join the ride. This train will give you a short trip inside the ghostly train and put you at the place where you came from. But sometime, it will take you forever until the end of the day.

A good story will be more interesting with some secret recipe, lie. Like other urban legend and myth, I tried to think that it’s just local stories to make children away from the railway, or someone who curious about anything creepy. Some people just tried to make story that using train are creepy and causing horror, especially at night. The newest story told that, not only Friday 13th, but every day after 11 P.M. They say, you will get a ticket before they invite you to join the trip. More and more lying added and make the urban legend become a challenge for people in my town. Some people said, many of them not return after practice the challenge.

My opinion about this urban legend still become my idealism to not believe it, until last year, a friend of mine disappear when try to proof this story. That time, I still have a contact with him until time in my phone show 11 P.M. The last text he gave me before I lost contacts with him:

“Hey dude, I find a train ticket in my pocket. I see my name texted in this ticket. Hahaha.”

After that day, nothing founded in the location. When I tried to show them the last contact between me and my fried, police suspected me as a criminal who cause this problem. Nightmare starts to swarm around my mind day after day since my friend vanished from this world. Every time I hang out, people turned his face, or staring me like a bad people.

10 month since I decide to locked in my house. 2 days until a year since my friend gone without any clue to be found. I start to bored and hate this condition, that I planning to redeem my sin. I decide to search my friend, in the same time when he disappears, Friday 13th. After pack everything that will useful like food and drink, I leave when the clock display 9 P.M.

I start my expedition from nearby train station, tracked down until 2 hours later, I reach the location where my friend’s last position that time. Along the way, I still not find any single clue about my friend. Tired and exhaust, I sit in the side of the railway to open my drinking water. Not far from my location, I saw a small sheet of paper on the ground. When I tried to take that, that paper vanished. At least, I still managed to realize those paper are train ticket in blue color with name of someone I know, Bella. She is Bob’s girlfriend. Bob is the name of my friend of mine who disappear last year.

A moment later, I feel my pocket warming, an abnormal warm. When I try to search what happen, I find a ticket in red color, a train ticket with my name texted on it. Something not right about this thing, something like dark spell cursed this ticket. The detail of the ticket makes me more feeling horror. Scared, I crumple the ticket and throw it to my back.

5 minute passed after 11 P.M., when I decide to come home, a light came from the left side of my face. Something coming, a train with pure black color covering it wagon. The trains stop in front of me, right before the last wagon passed my face. The door open, mists come out from inside the train. A voice without master came out from inside the train.

“Do you have the ticket, Sir?”

My body can’t move, breeze wind surround me, a silent pain crawls inside my soul. Only a single word that can speaks out from my mouth.

“No.” A moment later, the voices continue to speak.

“So, you throw out your ticket?”

“What a pity, but still, a wise choose of you, Sir.”

After that, the door closed and the trains begin to moving forward. From this day, I learn two things about this real urban legend. First, there is 3 ticket types as I know to enjoy this ghostly train, yellow, blue and red color. Second, always read the destination and trip duration. The reason I throw out that ticket, because detail of the ticket texted one way ticket, lifetime duration, and the destination is “To the end of your life”. Just my perception, that my friend, Bob, is get the ticket without read the detail. He invited Bella, his girlfriend to join the challenge. Both of them get the ticket, but Bella realized and run away after throw out his ticket behind her. The story about one day trip is a lying, only one time in life that they serve to their passenger. Always watch the detail of the books you want to buy before you regret that moment you buy those things.

  • Brandon Barrett

    The story made very little sense and there was a ton of errors. I could barely finish reading the story, the amount of errors literally gave me a head ache.

  • Rose Morrison

    Agreed Brandon. A huge amount of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and even tense changes made this piece virtually unreadable. It gave me a headache too! Please, please, please get yourself someone to edit your pieces in future.

  • zakaryspinx

    Im so sorry but i couldnt finish it, and therefore wont rate it. I get the feeling the writer may not be great with english, and i cant bring myself to rate the story when I really cant tell how good the story really is.

  • Simon Craig

    While English seems not to be the author’s first language, the story is very good. It’s easier to read than some old English stuff.
    Great little tale.

  • Simon Craig

    While English seems not to be the author’s first language, the story is very good. It’s easier to read than some old English stuff.
    Great little tale.