Darkia Diskow

Andrea was a very happy little kid. She always loved her family and always smiled of happiness. She was a big fan of the character Slender Man and dreamed that she could be his best friend one day. Later when she had grown up didn’t she really care about Slender Man anymore, because she knew he wasn’t real and that he is just made up to scare people. One day after school did her boyfriend Erlend and Andrea take a walk into the woods for fun. She stopped because she saw someone standing beside a tree. She started to be a little confused because she couldn’t see his face. She asked Erlend if he could see it too, and he did. Then they kept going, but Andrea still looked at him while walking, he was watching her. When they had gotten longer into the woods did both of them stop because they started to hear someone coming from behind, then both of them started to run. Andrea fell on the ground, then she saw to legs standing on front of her. She looks slowly up and it was the same guy she saw which had no face. Erlend kept running and left her alone in the woods. Andrea slowly gets up and walks backwards while looking at him and then runs out of the woods, and goes home.

On August 2th 2014, at school did everyone look weird at her. She walked up to Erlend and asked him if he knew who that guy we saw could be. Surprisingly didn’t he know what she was talking about and that made her more confused. Later she started to see more and more weird things even could hear voices. She tried to tell people at school what’s going on but no one believes her. She started to be picked on because of it, hated and also started to lose all of her friends. Her parents couldn’t understand her anymore, and she started to feel more and more alone. Everyday did she have a feeling someone is watching her. Plus she even had a feeling that she saw Slender Man, Ben Drowned, Eyeless Jack, spirits and a lot more. Afterwards couldn’t she stop drawing the operator symbol, she tried but she just couldn’t stop it. She started to dream that she killed people with a knife and laughs of them while looking at them screaming of pain and watches them bleed. Her parents tried to make her stop watching horror movies and ruined all the gory drawings she had drawn. At school she started to become bullied again, but this time a lot worse. Everyday beaten up in fights, but sometimes she had enough and runs into the woods, and hides there the rest of the school day. Afterwards on those fights did it for some reason started to feel amazing. It started to feel amazing to hurt people. She cried everyday in her dark cold room and started to feel like a monster. Erlend broke up with her because he thinks she started to be f****d up and crazy. She have asked for help but no one wants to help her. Things is going worse and worse everyday.

On October 4th 2014, at school another fight started. This time wasn’t she scared of them. They were 5 strong boys while she is 1. Then she got the feeling again and started to smile. The boys pushed, punched and kicked her, but she was still smiling. The boys had no idea why she is smiling, and then she started laugh. They kept hurting her, but she kept laughing. ”Is that all you got?” she asked. They were shocked that this time she isn’t crying of the pain, but laughing of it. Then she found scissors and started to cut and stab them with it. She enjoyed listening to them screaming of pain. The boys ran the hell away from her. She threw the scissor and ran home before anyone saw it.

She couldn’t sleep, she was to wide awake. It felt like she couldn’t close her eyes anymore while she did.

On December 10th 2014, did she find Slender Man’s pages in the woods. She found 6 pages, but she couldn’t find their others, so she decided to go home. Andrea couldn’t take it anymore. She thought she have been going to far with those feelings and now is even people at school scared of her. She went to the hospital by her own and asked for help. Her parents had no idea why she asked for help at the hospital when the doctors started to call them because they haven’t heard anything of what have been happening. Andrea talked to the doctors ones every week.

A half year later, on June 11th 2015, the doctors wanted to test her. She also had to be at the hospital for 8 days when they were trying to do tests on her. She took a lot of blood tests and the doctors have never seen a girl so scared of taking it before. When 8 days have been she could finally go outside again, but the bad news the doctors had was that they had no idea what her problem was and for sure they had no cure, and didn’t know how to fix her. Andrea goes more and more crazy in her head. Her mother tried to tell her she had eat soon because she haven’t eaten for days, but she keeps answering her ”My name is no longer Andrea and I don’t need green food like you”. Every time she holds a knife does she get the feeling back again. People is nervous about what is going to happen and wonder why she is acting like this. No one wants to f**k with her anymore, she is completely insane.

A year later, on March 5th 2016 did the cops come into the house and took her away from her family. The cops took her to a completely new family and she had no idea who they were. That was the last day she ever saw her real family. The reason is because they said she is might be a danger for the society. She was disappointed because she had even a plan to kill her family.

On March 6th 2016 night was she gone. Her parents had no idea where she is or where she could be. The only thing they knew is that they think she jumped out of the window and ran away some where. A kitchen knife was gone and it was blood in her room after she had left, and a letter. One of the cops picked up the letter and read it out loud.

I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry dad..,

Sorry for I can’t be a human like you.. Maybe I’m born in a normal typical family, but I’m nothing like the girl you always wanted. You don’t need me, and I don’t need you. I don’t want to be anything like you and you don’t worth me. I don’t care about you at all. I don’t care if you will feel so much pain that you want to scream for help.. Because you never helped me, never was there when I needed you. You are useless for me. Is it really that hard to see what I see and feel what I feel? Why are you even trying to help me if you don’t know how to do it? The only friend I got is Shadow. You probably don’t know who that is, but why should you even care. Oh yeah right, is because you still want to try helping me, fixing me. But you can’t, you can’t fix me. There is no cure. So how can you stop me? That’s a good question, because I don’t even know how to stop myself. If you want to find me, go and do it. Let’s see if you will survive. Come and find me, and let’s have some fun in our little bloodbath. It wont last long before my first victim is taking his first step into the bath..

~Darkia .D

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    Boring and really confusing

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